Realizing This Is A Wuxia World After Cultivating For 300 Years

Chapter 190 - 2 Years of the Great Zhou Dynasty

people Uncle Immortals.

The current Naxian Hall was already beyond his ability to manage.

Fortunately, Hui Shis performance had always been good. Even the two new Human Immortals were obedient to the rules of the Naxian Hall.

However, Pei Yuezhi felt a little uneasy. For this reason, he specially found Hui Shi to ask.

“Sir Chen, what do you think I should do now?” Pei Yuezhi said with a conflicted expression. “Now that the reputation of the Naxian Hall has become even more resounding, martial artists from all over the world are swarming over. Even Human Immortals have come. I cant take it anymore.”

“Young Master, do you mean to stop the recruitment?” Hui Shi smiled. He had already seen through Pei Yuezhis thoughts.

“Of course we cant stop. This is a situation that the Old Ancestor wants to see.” Pei Yuezhi shook his head and said, “If we stop the recruitment at this time, Im afraid people will think that our Pei family is afraid of those eight Immortal Sects. The Old Ancestor will definitely be unhappy if he finds out.”

At this point, he paused and asked in a low voice, “Actually, I wanted to ask, Sir Chen, how did you make those two Human Immortals listen to you?

Although this is the Linjiang Pei familys territory and they have requested to come under our protection, its only right that they follow the rules of our Naxian Hall. However, they are Human Immortals after all. These are people who have attained the Immortal Dao.

People like us who have yet to attain the Immortal Dao are like ants in their eyes. Sir, how did you get along with them?”

“Thats simple.” Hui Shi nodded and smiled. “Ive always been good at convincing people with logic. Ill explain the facts and various situations to them clearly before reasoning with them. As long as they still want to seek protection here, they wont act rashly. Dont worry, Young Master.”

“Convince people with reason?” Pei Yuezhi could not help but be puzzled. “Is it that simple?”

When Hui Shi left Pei Yuezhis side, it was already night.

He returned to his residence.

However, after returning to his residence, Hui Shi did not return to his bedroom to rest. Instead, he went to the guest hall, as if he was waiting for some guests.

After a while, two old men came to visit.

They were all in their sixties or seventies. Their hair and beards were white, and they looked like Immortals with extraordinary auras.

“Greetings, Deva Chen!” The two old men bowed respectfully to Hui Shi.

“Theres no need to be so polite.” Hui Shi stood up to welcome them and smiled. “The two of you took the initiative to look for me. I assume youve prepared and brought the things.”

He could be considered an old acquaintance of these two old men.

He had seen them before in the Great Jin.

One of the two old men was called Tang Huaiyi, and the other was called Song Zhong. They were from the Tang family of Mao County and the Song family of Guichuan. They were both Human Immortals who had stepped into the True Origin Realm.

Some time ago, they had gone to the Great Jin to collect Heaven Dew Crystals, but they were all captured by Cui Heng.

At that time, they were among the many Human Immortals on the side of the aristocratic families.

When Cui Heng allowed the Human Immortals from the aristocratic families to return, Hui Shi watched from the side.

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