Realizing This Is A Wuxia World After Cultivating For 300 Years

Chapter 191 - 72 Years of the Great Zhou Dynasty (2)

ndpa, I want to be with you!” Hong Shen clenched his fists, his eyes red. “I know martial arts too. I can kill people too. I can kill the bad people!”

“The bad guys are too powerful. Grandson, youre still not a match for them.” Hong Kangs feet were still flying as he smiled bitterly and said, “Theres no hurry. It wont be too late to kill that person when you grow up. Cough, cough, cough!!”

“Grandpa!” Hong Shen panicked.

“Im fine, be quiet!” Hong Kang lowered his voice.

“Grandpa…” Hong Shens face was covered in tears which melted into the rain.

This grandfather and grandson were not from the Great Zhou.

Instead, they were from a small family in the neighboring country, Great Qi.

The Hong family.

A few days ago, an Inner World expert from the Heavenly Unity Sacred Sect found the Hong Family and said that the Hong Family had been reported to be hiding suspicious people. In order to hunt down the demons of the Outland, they wanted them to cooperate with the investigation.

But this was a charge thatd come out of thin air.

The Hong family did not have many people. There were only about 20 people in total. They lived in the mountain village and rarely interacted with outsiders. How could there be anyone suspicious among them?

At that time, Hong Kang could tell at a glance that the Inner World expert from the Heavenly Unity Sacred Sect must have heard that the Hong Family had hidden a secret treasure and wanted to use the excuse of hunting down Outland demons to snatch it away.

As expected, the Inner World expert revealed his true colors when he searched the Hong Family.

After realizing that he could not find the secret treasure, he flew into a rage out of humiliation and started killing.

The Hong Family was only a small family, and the strongest was only a Xiantian expert like Hong Kang.

How could he defeat an Inner World expert who came from an Immortal sect and cultivated high-level martial techniques?

Hence, Hong Kang could only take advantage of the chaos and escape with his grandson, Hong Shen.

After the Inner World expert from the Heavenly River Sacred Sect discovered that the two of them had escaped, he determined that they had taken away the Hong familys secret treasure and chased after them.

Fortunately, Inner World experts could not fly yet, so he could only use movement techniques to pursue them.

Hong Kang and Hong Shen used their familiarity with the terrain to escape for thousands of kilometers. There were several times when they were caught up, but they were lucky enough to dodge the danger and finally arrived at the border of the Great Zhou Dynasty.

Under the almost crazy search of the Eight Immortal Sects, the Great Zhou Dynasty almost became the only pure land in the world.

Especially Linjiang County, where the Pei family was located. It was a place that countless martial artists who had their families destroyed dreamed of reaching.

“Soon, soon, well be there soon!” Hong Kang comforted himself.

Actually, he could already feel his vision starting to blur. His heart was thumping, his head was throbbing, and there was a metallic taste in his throat. His entire body was extremely sore.

Even the Xiantian True Qi that could fully nourish his body in the past and theoretically last forever had almost completely dried up at this moment. It was impossible to recover them.

This was a sign that his body was about to collapse.

Ordinary martial artists would have long been lying on the ground, unable to move.

But he was still running. With his tenacious will, he carried his young grandson and ran in the rain.


But at that moment, a loud crash came from ahead, and towering trees collapsed, piling on top of each other, blocking Hong Kangs path. Hong Kang instinctively turned to run in the other direction, but then there was a series of loud bangs. Gigantic trees collapsed, once again blocking the eastern path ahead.

At this moment, Hong Kang seemed to sense something and finally slowed down. His feet stepped into the muddy rain pit, and he looked at the dark forest in front of him. He took a deep breath and said, “Cant you let us


“Old thing, youre dreaming.” A middle-aged man who looked to be in his forties walked out of the dense forest. He sneered gloomily, “Hand over the Hong familys secret treasure and Ill leave your corpses intact!”

“Then, youll have to come and get it yourself!” Hong Kang gritted his teeth and dragged his body, which was about to collapse, into a stance. He roared, “Grandson, run!”


Suddenly, an earth-shattering thunderclap erupted. Lightning that was like a golden divine dragon tore through the sky, illuminating the dense forest on a rainy night.

Two figures could be seen walking over slowly.

It was a young man, and an old priest.

The two of them walked in the heavy rain, but the rain deliberately avoided them and only fell three feet away.

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