Realizing This Is A Wuxia World After Cultivating For 300 Years

Chapter 196 - Prosperous Great Zhou Arrival of Acquaintances

the Purple Extreme Palace, and so on.

However, both of these were usually hard to come by.

Moreover, it required a lot of effort to investigate.

Usually, the most common was contact with ordinary new things.

Although the feedback was relatively weak, the advantage was that there were enough of them. As long as he observed the crowd carefully, it would be many times faster than hiding himself and comprehending the Dao. Therefore, when Cui Heng and the others journeyed to Linjiang County City, they did not fly over directly.

Instead, they traveled in the manner of ordinary people.

Walking, riding, accommodation…

Going to different places, meeting all kinds of people, experiencing different customs and cultures…

This was Cui Hengs cultivation method.


Guanzhou County was the richest among the 16 counties under Linjiang.

However, Cui Heng did not expect it to be so prosperous.

The entire Guanzhou City was the size of two Changfeng Prefecture Cities in the Lower World. There were all kinds of shops on both sides of the street. There was no need for the shop owners to shout at the entrance and countless customers would walk in.

There were too many people on the streets. It would not be an exaggeration to say that they were rubbing shoulders and sweating profusely. With such a large number of people, there was almost no shop that did not have customers.

A lively and joyous atmosphere filled the entire street, making people feel like it was a festive occasion.

Although this was the main road after entering the city, and it was relatively spacious and the most prosperous, the other streets outside the main road were also filled with people.

There was almost no deserted place in the entire Guanzhou City.

Not to mention Hong Kang and his grandson from the Great Qi Kingdom, even Cui Heng, who had “seen the world”, could not help but be surprised.

It was too prosperous.

Such a huge population and big merchants simply exceeded the concept of an ordinary ancient society.

In Cui Hengs opinion, even Lu County, which he had reformed, could not be compared to the Guanzhou City in front of him because it had not been developed for long.

The people in Guanzhou City should be the people with the best livelihood he had seen since he transmigrated.

There was no other.

“Young Master, many people here have different accents. Theyre very different from before. Many of them should be outsiders, and there are many martial artists.”

After Zhang Shuming carefully observed his surroundings, he said to Cui Heng, “Im afraid theyre all people who escaped from the Immortal sects. Guanzhou County belongs to Linjiang County. For some martial artists with low cultivation realms, it should be just right for them to come here.”

When walking in the mortal world, addressing Cui Heng as Exalted Immortal was too ostentatious, so Cui Heng let Zhang Shuming and the others temporarily change their manner of address to “Young Master”.

“Compared to my Great Qi Kingdom, this place is simply a paradise on earth,” Hong Kang said with a trembling voice. “I originally thought that the peace of the Great Zhou Kingdom was already rare in the world. I didnt expect Linjiang County to be so prosperous.”

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