Realizing This Is A Wuxia World After Cultivating For 300 Years

Chapter 199 - We Must Create Value for Immortal Venerable Cui (2)

Chapter 198 We Must Create Value for Immortal Venerable Cui

“Why do you suspect that this person is a Human Immortal from an Immortal sect?” Tang Huaiyi asked.

“Tell me how you discovered this Human Immortal, what you did, and where that Human Immortal is now,” Song Zhong added.

Although the two of them were only Human Immortals and had only reached the Human Immortal Realm after consuming the Human Origin Immortal Pill and were relatively weak, they had already obtained the support of Hui Shis True Essence and could unleash strength close to that of an Earth Immortal in a short period of time. Naturally, they were extremely confident.

They already had the confidence to resolve any trouble at the Human Immortal realm.

“Reporting to the two Immortals, its like this…” Wang Qian hurriedly explained what he had seen and sensed with his divine power to Tang and Song, then told them some of his guesses.

“Its indeed possible. There are three types of Human Immortals in the world. They are either from the Imperial Court, the Nine Preeminent Families and 24 aristocratic families, or the Immortal Sects,” Tang Huaiyi said. “We should confirm this persons identity.”

“However, its not appropriate to act rashly now if we dont know who our enemies are, lest we force people who can be friends to become enemies.” Song Zhong reminded very cautiously.

“Thats right, we should pay attention.” Tang Huaiyi nodded. After thinking for a moment, he said to Wang Qian, “How about this? Pay attention to the movements of thatYoung Master. Tomorrow, Ill secretly observe with you and see if hes real or fake.” “Thank you, Immortals!!” Wang Qian finally heaved a sigh of relief. He was only a small Deity Realm expert and had only awakened three innate abilities. Compared to a Human Immortal, he was too weak. Ever since he discovered the “Human Immortal”, he had been on tenterhooks. Now, he could finally relax.

After all, the two people in front of him were Human Immortals from once wealthy families. Now that they had obtained the support of the Linjiang Pei Family, it would definitely not be a problem to deal with a Human Immortal.

Of course, the best outcome was that the “Human Immortal” did not belong to the Immortal sects. Everyone could get along peacefully and not fight. They could even rope him in and fight the Immortal sects together.

After Wang Qian left, Tang Huaiyi and Song Zhong remained in the restaurant, preparing to discuss countermeasures.

A foreign Human Immortal made them uneasy.

After all, a Human Immortal had unknowingly infiltrated Linjiang County and was only discovered now. This in itself represented a very serious problem.


Although there were also people from the Inspectorate keeping an eye on him previously, they only treated him as a suspicious person and did not think that he was a Human Immortal.

It was only when Wang Qian reported the request for help that they noticed.

If this person could actually sneak into the Great Zhou Dynasty and reach Linjiang County, what about Earth Immortals, Devas, Heaven Immortals, and Heaven Monarchs?!

Thinking of this, the two of them shivered.

“If this person is an enemy and not a friend, I suggest we capture him alive and send him to Linjiang City for Deva Chen to deal with,” Tang Huaiyi said in a low voice.

“I agree.” Song Zhong nodded, his expression very solemn. “The problem reflected in this matter is definitely not as simple as a Human Immortal infiltrating. We have to take it seriously.”

“Its not too much to take such things seriously.” Tang Huaiyi looked outside and said, “The eight Immortal Sects are simply going crazy right now. Any negligence might cause us to be consigned to eternal damnation.”

“Brother Tang, do you really believe that the eight Immortal Sects are only doing this to find Deva Chen?” Song Zhong suddenly changed the topic.

“Of course I dont.” Tang Huaiyi sneered. “Its not like there havent been trouble in the Lower World in the past. When have the Immortal sects been so crazy? No, its not so much madness as panic.”

“Thats right, I also think that theyre panicking. It should be that after the Heavenly Cycle Star Pavilion described Immortal Venerable Cuis power, they frightened the few Immortal sects.” Song Zhong said with lingering fear, “The battle outside Langya County that day was too shocking.”

“Its more than shocking. Its earth-shattering.” Tang Huaiyi nodded heavily. “Raging lightning descended from the sky. The ground within a 50-mile radius collapsed, and the endless mountains were blasted into powder by the lightning.

“What Heaven Monarch? What Buddha? Theyre not worth mentioning under such peerless divine might. If Immortal Cui comes to the Heavenly Void World, the Patriarchs of the Nine Immortal Sects and the three Buddhist monasteries will have to kowtow and pay their respects.”

“Deva Chen said that Immortal Venerable has already come,” Song Zhong said excitedly. “As long as Immortal Venerable Cui reaches us, well be safe.”

“No, I dont think so.” Tang Huaiyi shook his head and said in a low voice, “Brother Song, think about it yourself. What are we to Immortal Cui? Do we have any close relationship with him?”

“…” Song Zhong was speechless. He thought about it carefully. In his relationship with Immortal Cui, it seemed that the only one they were close with was Deva Chen.

With just this, there was indeed no need for Immortal Venerable Cui to protect them. Song Zhong took a deep breath and asked, “Brother Tang, what do you mean?”

Tang Huaiyi said, “We have to show our value and let Immortal Venerable Cui see our worth. Only if we have enough value can we make Immortal Venerable Cui acknowledge us and protect us.”

“Brother Tang is right!” Song Zhong nodded repeatedly when he heard this, but then he became worried and said helplessly, “But were just Human Immortals. To Immortal Cui, were just ants. What value can ants have?”

“Brother Song, dont underestimate yourself.” Tang Huaiyi shook his head and smiled. “Heavenly Chen once said that his main goal in coming to the Heavenly Void World was to understand the situation of this world. This must be a mission given by Immortal Venerable Cui.

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