Realizing This Is A Wuxia World After Cultivating For 300 Years

Chapter 199 - We Must Create Value for Immortal Venerable Cui (2)

iang were still gathered here.

There was also a lot of variety.

Cui Heng lingered at the breakfast stall and ate happily.

Before long, he had already eaten at 11 breakfast stalls.

Wang Qian and the others, who were observing from the restaurant beside the street, were confused. They had never seen a Human Immortal who liked to eat breakfast so much, and he even ate in different ways.

What was going on?

“County Lord, the two Immortals are here,” the registrar whispered to Wang Qian.

“Bring me over quickly!” Wang Qian hurriedly stood up to welcome Tang Huaiyi and Song Zhong. “Welcome, Human Immortals.”

Then, he brought the two of them to the window and pointed at Cui Heng, who was eating at the breakfast stall below. He smiled and said, “Please take a look. This is the unidentified Human Immortal.”

“Eating at a roadside breakfast stall?”

“This Human Immortal is a strange person.”

Tang Huaiyi and Song Zhong could not help but laugh when they saw Cui Hengs current state.

But the smiles on their faces quickly froze.

That was because Cui Heng quickly stood up to pay the bill and no longer lowered his head to eat.

This also allowed Tang Huaiyi and Song Zhong to see his appearance.

“Do you find him a little familiar, Brother


“Isnt that so? He looks familiar!”

“Why does he seem like…”

“I-Immortal Venerable Cui?!”

“I-Immortal Venerable Cui?!”

The two of them exclaimed at the same time, their legs going weak and almost kneeling on the spot.

They were actually unwilling to recall Cui Hengs face.

The reason was very simple. Because when they were in the Lower World, the power Cui Heng displayed was too powerful and exaggerated. Just thinking about his appearance made them feel fear.

Not taking the initiative to recall Cui Hengs appearance had almost become Tang Huaiyi and Song Zhongs instinct.

Although the fear in their hearts had lessened a lot after they decided to create value for Cui Heng in exchange for his protection, the instinct not to take the initiative to recall Cui Hengs appearance still existed.

This caused them to not recognize Cui Heng immediately.

The moment this person came out, they were incomparably shocked. The two Human Immortals knelt down in the restaurant and their entire bodies trembled in fear.

“I, I was actually trying to investigate Immortal Venerable Cuis strength just now!”

“I even thought of going over personally to ask about his identity if I couldnt investigate.”

“Treason, this is treason!”

“Were simply courting death! This is disrespectful to Immortal Venerable Cui!”

Tang Huaiyi and Song Zhong knelt on the ground and confessed one after another, their voices filled with fear.

This scene stunned Wang Qian, who was beside them. The county deputy, county lieutenant, and official registrar who came to help were also dumbfounded as they looked at the two of them in disbelief.

What was going on?

Why did the two suddenly kneel down?

Wang Qian was filled with doubts and could not help but ask the two of them, “Immortals, whats going on? Could it be that this person has some great identity?” “Its not just a huge identity.” Tang Huaiyi shook his head.

“Immortal Cui is taller than the sky, and more vast than the heavens!” Song Zhong emphasized.

Wang Qians eyes widened in shock. “C-could it be a Heaven Monarch?!”

Heaven Monarchs were known as the Lords of Heaven, existences that ruled over the will of the heavens. This level of strength was the limit of what Wang Qian could imagine.

“Heaven Monarch? To Immortal Cui, what is a Heaven Monarch?” Tang Huaiyi shook his head.

“They are not even fit to carry his shoes!” Song Zhong echoed.

This time, Wang Qian was completely dumbfounded and did not know what to do. The people beside him only felt dizzy and suspected that they were dreaming.

The two Human Immortals in front of them were clearly here to investigate the identity of the stranger. Why did they suddenly kneel down?

They even said that this stranger Human Immortal was even stronger than a Heaven Monarch?

There was an existence stronger than a Heaven Monarch in this world?

“Immortals, then, then what should we do now?” Wang Qian asked with a trembling voice. He was also a little flustered.

“Prepare a generous gift immediately…” Tang Huaiyi said without thinking before shaking his head.” No, well prepare a generous gift with you to pay our respects to Immortal Venerable Cui!”

“Yes, yes, lets prepare a generous gift together!” Song Zhong nodded repeatedly.

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