Realizing This Is A Wuxia World After Cultivating For 300 Years

Chapter 202 - Nine Elders of the Immortal Sects

ked him.

In his opinion, with this precious mirror, it would be more convenient for him to investigate the situation in Guanzhou City, and his chances of success would be higher.

When I enter the ancient mystic realm, I will definitely find a divine medicine that can transform my body! Sun Wanshi thought.


In an inn in Guanzhou City.

Cui Hengs slightly closed eyes slowly opened. He looked in the direction of Sun Wanshi and his master and said in a low voice, “Nine Elders? Are they referring to the nine Mystic Deities who obtained the Immortal True Essence 3,000 years ago?

If thats the case, theyre indeed still alive. After such a long time, have they already stepped into a new realm? Are they already comparable to the Nascent Soul realm?

The description of me given by the Heavenly Cycle Star Pavilion is only based on a portion of my strength when I was at the Grand Completion Golden Core Realm. However, for the Nine Elders to be so nervous, it means that they shouldnt have the strength of the Nascent Soul realm.

Then is it the mid-stage or late-stage Golden Core realm? In order to deal with me, they need to gather all the Heaven Dew Crystals in the world. What use can this have?

This thing that has gathered the countrys luck and fused with some of the spirituality of the will of all living beings can be used to nurture the spirituality of Dharma treasures or magical creatures. But what else can it be used for?”

When Sun Wanshi left, Cui Heng had left an almost undetectable mark on his body.

The effect of this mark was similar to the Golden Core Divinity hed created at the Grand Completion stage.

He could treat the mark as an extension of his divine sense.

This way, there would be no secrets in Sun Wanshis conversation with his master.

Cui Heng understood everything.

The biggest gain was information about the Nine Elders.

From the conversation between Sun Wanshi and his master, he roughly understood that the Nine Elders might not have stepped into the Nascent Soul realm.

However, the Nine Elders should have grasped the method to gather the power of the Heaven Dew Immortal Crystal and were confident in using this method to destroy the so-called “Sky Demon”.

Although the “Heaven Demon” described by them had only displayed a small portion of Cui Hengs strength and was only at the Grand Completion Golden Core Realm, it was enough to prove that these “Nine Elders” definitely had some unknown powerful methods in their hands.

“What is this method?” Cui Heng instinctively became curious.

This was a characteristic of cultivators at the Nascent Soul realm. As long as one cultivated to the Nascent Soul realm, they would become curious about the unknown. It was almost instinctive.

The higher the level of the unknown, the stronger the reaction towards the unknown.

“When Hui Shi or Pei Qingshu come, I can ask them about the situation.” Cui Heng nodded slightly and retracted his gaze. He thought to himself, “I can put my trip to Daoyi Palace higher on the list of agenda.”

The Daoyi Palace already had a Taiyi Mystic Deity 3,000 years ago, and his cultivation level was above the Nine Elders.

Now, the Daoyi Palace was being crazily suppressed and targeted by the Nine Immortal Sects. Perhaps it was because something had happened to this Taiyi Mystic Deity.

Even if there was no problem, he had most likely fallen out with the Nine Immortal Sects. Otherwise, they would not have ended up in this situation.

In this way, it was possible to learn some secrets from this former Taiyi Mystic Deity.

At the same time, it could increase his cultivation of the Nascent Soul.


Song Zhong did his best to rush back to Linjiang County. He went straight to Naxian Hall to look for Hui Shi.

At this moment, Hui Shi was discussing the overall structure of the Naxian Hall with Pei Yue.

“Mr. Song, why are you back?” Pei Yuezhi was a little surprised to see Song Zhong in a hurry.

He was only an Inner World expert. Although he was the steward of the Naxian Hall in name, he still respected Song Zhong and Tang Huaiyi.

“The matter in Guanzhou City has been settled, but theres another important matter,” Song Zhong explained. He didnt directly say what the important matter was because he had been taught by Tang Huaiyi before he came and knew how to report the situation.

“Important matter?” Pei Yuezhi was slightly stunned when he heard this. Then, he glanced at Hui Shi beside him and smiled. “I still have some other things to deal with. You guys chat first.”

With that, he stood up and left.

“…” Song Zhong was a little embarrassed when he saw this. After Pei Yuezhi left, he lowered his voice and said to Hui Shi, “Deva Chen, is this fine? After all, this is the Pei familys territory.”

“It doesnt matter. Actually, he should already know my identity, but he didnt do anything. This means that its the will of Deva Pei.” Hui Shi waved his hand and smiled. “Mr. Song has returned in a hurry. Do you have news of Immortal Venerable?”

“Thats right, Immortal Venerable is in Guanzhou City!” Song Zhong nodded.

“Thats great!” Hui Shi immediately became excited and said happily, “Follow me to pack my luggage. Well immediately go to pay our respects to Immortal Venerable. Ive gathered a lot of information and am just waiting to report it to Immortal Venerable.”


After Pei Yuezhi walked out of the Naxian Hall, he pondered for a moment before making a decision.

He summoned a servant and said in a low voice, “Prepare the carriage and bring me a box of my great-grandfathers favorite fruits. Then, send me to Heart Nourishing Courtyard in the south of the city.”

The Heart Nourishing Courtyard was the residence of Deva Pei. It was the backbone of the Linjiang Pei family and the core of their operations.

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