Realizing This Is A Wuxia World After Cultivating For 300 Years

Chapter 207 - Huge Harvest Fire Dragon Heads to Heavenly Unity

Chapter 206 Alternative Breakthrough, Pure Yang True Body

In the past 150 years, Pei Qingshu had never been so happy.

He had endured humiliation for the first 80 years and cultivated silently. 70 years ago, he appeared out of nowhere. In the recent decades, he had worked hard to govern Linjiang County and fought against the Immortal Sects.

All of his emotions dissolved and turned into dense joy at this moment, overflowing in his chest.

Nothing was happier than obtaining the recognition of Immortal Venerable, no, Master.

Oh right, he could finally let that wretched girl call him Senior Brother!

After all, he was acknowledged by Master first!

Pei Qingshu was filled with joy and actually smiled foolishly like a child.

If others saw him like this, their eyes would definitely pop out.

“Alright, stop smiling foolishly.” Cui Heng patted Pei Qingshus shoulder gently and smiled. “Ill check your body first. Your current lifespan is not normal.”

“Thank you, Master.” Pei Qingshu came back to his senses. He was not embarrassed by his silly smile just now. Master could be said to be his only elder. What was so bad about embarrassing himself in front of an elder?

“Your life source is flowing away rapidly.” Cui Heng quickly found the problem and said in a low voice, “Do you know the reason?”

“I dont know what happened either. This situation appeared after I accidentally broke through to the Deva Realm.” Pei Qingshu smiled bitterly. “Perhaps its because in order to obtain enough power, I reached a realm that shouldnt have belonged to me.”


Pei Qingshus current state was very strange. He clearly had the strength equivalent to the Peak of the Foundation Establishment realm, but his cultivation was still at the Early-stage Foundation Establishment realm.

What was even stranger was his lifespan.

He was only in his 160s, but he was already on the verge of death.

Ordinary Foundation Establishment cultivators had a lifespan of nearly a thousand years, and even Martial Dao Devas had a lifespan of more than 500 years.

This was only the normal lifespan. If he cultivated some longevity techniques or ate some life-prolonging pills, his lifespan would be even longer.

The Immortal martial technique that Pei Qingshu cultivated was created by Cui Heng using martial cultivation as the foundation and referenced Immortal cultivation techniques.

Even if the lifespan extension of this technique could not compare to a true Immortal cultivation technique, it should be stronger than ordinary martial arts. He should be able to live for at least 700 to 800 years.

How could he have such a short life?

The problem was that his strength did not match his realm?

As Cui Heng pondered, he carefully used his Dharmic powers to examine Pei Qingshus body. Through the layers of withered vitality, he sensed a force that had fused into Pei Qingshus limbs and organs.

This power was not as pure as Dharmic powers, but it was stronger than the Dharma Idol power of a Martial Dao Deva.

It seemed to be the result of forcefully fusing power equivalent to the Early-stage Foundation Establishment realm with Qi and blood to condense the blood of a Deva. Then, the Devas blood would continuously expand and transform the entire body, thereby cultivating a powerful body similar to the Golden Buddha Body.

To put it simply, Pei Qingshu had used this method to turn himself into a super Deva.

Ordinary Devas only had 12 drops of Deva blood at most. Then, they could use the blood as the foundation to submerge into the Dharma Idol and imprint nomological divine powers. But Pei Qingshus entire body was filled with Deva blood.

However, it was precisely because of this cultivation technique that although his body was incomparably powerful, it also caused his life source to be greatly destroyed.

Not only did his lifespan not increase, it had decreased.

At most, he could only live for three 60 years cycles.

In other words, 180 years.

Now that Pei Qingshu was almost 170 years old, he indeed did not have long to live.

After investigating this point, Cui Heng suddenly felt that his Nascent Soul cultivation had increased, and his Nascent Souls form had become clearer.

Moreover, the magnitude was not small.

Clearly, the path that Pei Qingshu had taken was also an unknown. It was an unknown path that he had explored on the basis of the Immortal martial techniques he had taught.

“If I can correct this path and continue developing it, it might not be a bad path.” Cui Heng thought to himself, “The first thing to solve is the problem of his lifespan.”

Lifespan involved the concept of the physical body. Extending ones lifespan meant sublimating the essence of the physical body or maintaining the functions of the physical body.

The former was usually brought about by a breakthrough in realm, while the latter was usually the effect of a longevity pill.

Simply put, as long as he could help Pei Qingshu break through, his lifespan would naturally improve. It might even increase by a relatively large amount.

After all, Pei Qingshus strength was already equivalent to the Peak of the Foundation Establishment realm.

If he broke through again, he would be comparable to an Early-stage Golden Core cultivator.

While figuring out Pei Qingshus cultivation situation, Cui Heng thought of a solution. He could continue to refer to the methods of the Fourth Realm of the Martial Dao Immortal World. At the same time, he could combine the concepts of the Immortal cultivation method and condense a Dharma Idol for him.

However, this Dharma Idol was not the same as the Fourth Realms Dharma Idol.

Instead, it used a huge amount of Deva blood to fuse with the soul to form a Deva Sea of Blood. Then, using the soul to communicate with the power of the Heaven and Earth Laws and igniting the Sea of Blood, he could fuse his body with the Sea of Blood to finally form a Martial Dao True Body.

It was extremely powerful.

Moreover, this method of completely fusing his body with the power in his body was perfectly compatible with the outside world. The Martial Dao True Body formed after breaking through would be far stronger than ordinary Dharma Idols.

As long as his Martial Dao True Body was formed, he could immediately fight against a Taiyi Mystic Deity!

Hence, Cui Heng slowly lowered his palm from Pei Qingshus shoulder and retracted his Dharmic powers. He smiled and said, “Its not a big problem. Ive already thought of a solution.”

“A solution?” Pei Qingshu looked at Cui Heng in confusion. He shook his head and said with a bitter smile, “Master, theres no need to waste your energy. My destiny is reaching an end. Longevity pills are useless.”

“You rascal, you dont believe my words now?” Cui Heng scolded with a smile. Then, he stretched out a finger and condensed a Heart Imprint. He tapped Pei Qingshus glabella. “Just cultivate according to the Heart Imprints technique.”

At the same time, Pei Qingshu felt an endless amount of information surge into his mind. An incomparably clear path appeared in his mind.

The extremely huge amount of Deva blood in his body began to surge rapidly. All the power that had seeped into his limbs and bones was mobilized at this moment. They all gathered, as if they had transformed into an endless sea of Deva blood.

He was actually starting to break through.

Pei Qingshu had been stuck in his current realm for decades and had long accumulated enough.

Now that he had come into contact with the method to break through, he immediately broke through the shackles of his original realm and began to advance to a new level.


Cui Heng heard the sound of waves surging from Pei Qingshus body. Immediately after, his entire body was ignited with a layer of crimson blood flames.

The sea of Deva blood began to boil, dissolving into his soul bit by bit. Pei Qingshus body began to emit golden light, emitting a hint of immortality.


At this moment, a deafening bang sounded in the world. Layers of dark clouds suddenly gathered in the sky above Guanzhou County.

As it surged, one could vaguely see numerous golden snakes dancing wildly in the clouds.

This world-shaking phenomenon quickly spread in all directions with Guanzhou County as the core. In an extremely short period of time, it covered most of Linjiang County and half of Wuyuan County.

Countless commoners looked up at the sky and felt an inexplicable excitement in their hearts. Everyone felt that the blood in their bodies was about to boil and they were incomparably excited.

The martial artists were different, especially those who had stepped into the Xiantian realm and had already achieved internal and external resonance. They all felt great fear.

In the perception of these martial artists, a huge fireball suddenly appeared in the originally empty sky. It was as if it wanted to burn the laws, logos, vital energy, and Immortals and Buddhas!

It was as if everything would be buried in this flame.

There were also experienced Earth Immortals who felt that this should be a phenomenon that originated from Deva blood. However, they had never seen such a vast amount of Deva blood in their lives.

They could hardly believe their senses.

The few Devas and Heaven Immortals hiding near Linjiang County were all dumbfounded. They looked at the sky in shock.

“This, this is… a Heaven Monarch is about to break through?!”

However, this guess was quickly denied by them.

Because no one believed that this could happen.

It was impossible.

After all, ever since the appearance of the Nine Immortal Sects, there had never been a new Fourth Realm Immortal cultivator.

The realms of Mystic Deity and Taiyi Mystic Deity had almost become lost in history.

However, in the Heavenly Cycle Star Pavilion not far from Linjiang County, an old man with white hair and a wrinkled face looked at the sky in shock and muttered.

Mystic Deity, a new Mystic Deity? No, thats not right. It doesnt look like a normal Mystic Deity. What is this?

“No, I have to take a look!”


Accompanied by an earth-shattering thunderclap, golden lightning as thick as a bucket descended from the dark clouds and accurately struck Pei Qingshu, who was breaking through.

The lightning constantly destroyed his attempts to ignite his body and gather the Deva blood to brand the laws to form an alternative Dharma body.

However, every time it was destroyed a little, more Deva blood would surge up. It was like a vast sea that constantly mended the wounds and blocked the attacks.

After experiencing the bombardment of lightning, Pei Qingshus indestructible aura had weakened, but he now possessed an extremely firm and pure Yang aura. His strength had become even stronger.

Finally, after 81 bolts of lightning, Pei Qingshu completed his breakthrough!

His body, which had already begun to age, had become incomparably strong and young. From his original appearance of 40 to 50 years old, he had returned to his twenties.

At this moment, Pei Qingshus muscles were bulging, and his skin was emitting a faint golden light. He was filled with a ferocious and pure Yang aura. Compared to before, he was like a different person.

“Master, I broke through! I really broke through! Hahaha!!”

Pei Qingshu threw his head back and laughed. His voice was like thunder, shaking the surroundings, causing the citizens within a radius of more than ten kilometers to feel their heads buzzing.

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