Realizing This Is A Wuxia World After Cultivating For 300 Years

Chapter 207 - Huge Harvest Fire Dragon Heads to Heavenly Unity

ch or even a Buddha.

This was the aura of a Mystic Deity. In Buddhist sects, it was the aura of a Bodhi True Fruit expert.

However, it also felt a little unreal.

“So its a Split-Soul Possession.” Cui Heng saw through the mystery with a single glance and said indifferently, “Come over. Otherwise, with your cultivation, not to mention a hundred miles, even if its thousands of miles away, Ill still be able to take you easily.”

The person in the distance clearly trembled when he heard this, but after a moment of hesitation, he still flew over.

This was an old man who looked to be in his seventies or eighties. His hair and beard were white, and his face was filled with wrinkles. He wore a robe with star patterns as he flew over from afar.

“Minor Immortal greets Immortal Venerable.” The old man could clearly tell that Cui Heng was the leader here. Pei Qingshu was standing behind Cui Heng with a respectful expression.

Now, the old man regretted his decisions to death.

He did not expect that his action of only coming to investigate the situation and see if a new Mystic Deity had been born before deciding if he could rope the other party in or destroy him would lead to encountering an unimaginably powerful and terrifying existence.

Actually, Cui Heng had already deliberately restrained the Nascent Soul aura on his body.

After all, the pressure of a Nascent Soul cultivator was enough to make the entire planet tremble.

If he did this in the Heavenly Void World, it was difficult to predict the consequences.

However, even so, the old man still felt that Cui Heng was an extremely powerful and indescribable existence.

In the face of such an existence, he only dared to call himself a minor Immortal.

“Whos the sub-soul attached to you?” Cui Heng asked directly, not even bothering to ask about the old mans identity.

“This…” The old man hesitated for a moment before answering truthfully,” Its the Ancestral Master of my Heavenly Cycle Star Pavilion, one of the Nine Elders of the Immortal Sects.”

It was precisely this wisp of soul that had increased his strength from the Heaven Monarch Realm to the Mystic Deity Realm, allowing him to possess the strength of a Fourth Realm Immortal.

“Its indeed identical to the characteristics of the Unparalleled Demon.” Cui Heng saw the strange undying characteristic on this wisp of soul and instantly made a judgment.

At the same time, his Nascent Soul cultivation also increased slightly.

“Immortal Venerable, our Ancestral Master is not a Great Demon!”

The old man could not help but retort. Although he knew that he might be killed on the spot, he still did this for the sake of the sects reputation.

“Is that so?” Cui Heng chuckled.

Actually, he was not talking about the person in the Heavenly Cycle Star Pavilion.

But he did not explain.

After all, in terms of the so-called “demonic nature”, there was indeed no difference between the two.

“If Im not wrong, the reason why the Nine Elders of the Immortal Sects havent attacked is because theyre fighting to suppress some kind of abnormal state?” Cui Heng looked at the old man with a smile.

His gaze was enough to see through the old mans soul and clearly see the wisp of soul that was attached to it.

It emitted a faint golden light that vaguely had the charm of Immortal Golden nature, but it was more of an aura of madness and anger.

However, this aura was wrapped in the power of the sub-soul and could not leak out, nor could it interfere with the outside world. For the time being, it did not affect the old man who was possessed by the sub-soul.

“Please forgive me for not being able to comment.” The old man cupped his hands.

“Theres no need for you to explain.” Cui Heng smiled and looked into the distance. “After the results of my trial, perhaps Ill ask him myself.”

In that direction, the Nine Fire Flame Dragon was grabbing Sun Wanshi and flying through the sky.


This Nine Fire Flame Dragon was the second one Cui Heng had condensed.

His name was Huo Er.

It was condensed when Cui Heng reached the Grand Completion stage of the Golden Core Realm. Then, it followed Hui Shi to the Heavenly Void World. Its spirituality had never increased much.

Therefore, it seemed a little stupid.

Even after Cui Heng arrived and gave it more spirituality and Dharmic powers, raising it to the Late-stage Golden Core realm, it was still used to howling and liked to talk.

In fact, it already had the ability to speak human language.

However, in order to figure out the way to the Heavenly Unity Sacred Sect, Huo Er could only keep asking Sun Wanshi. This made things difficult for Huo Er.

It felt like it was the most bitter dragon in the world.

It actually had to keep talking.

Fortunately, Sun Wanshi was already completely frightened. He did not dare to play any tricks at all and only told the truth.

Huo Er quickly followed the directions and found the base of the Heavenly Unity Sacred Sect.

Then, it released Sun Wanshi.

The sudden freedom made Sun Wanshi overjoyed. In his ecstasy, he flew back to the sect without hesitation.

However, he happened to meet his master, who had just returned to the sect.

It was the master who left him a note and ran away.

The master and disciple looked at each other.

The old man was the first to ask. He frowned and looked at Sun Wanshi in surprise. He said in a low voice, “How did you come back so quickly?”

“I, I ran back by myself!” Sun Wanshi pretended to be calm and did not mention the Nine Fire Flame Dragon. “Master, it was indeed too dangerous in Guanzhou County, so I…”

“Whats that on your back?!” The old man suddenly shouted sternly, “Its the burn mark of flames, and its very new… Not good!!”


At this moment, a dragons roar resounded in the sky above the Heavenly Unity Sacred Sect. The blue sky instantly turned into a crimson sea of fire!

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