Realizing This Is A Wuxia World After Cultivating For 300 Years

Chapter 211 - The Strange Three Buddhist Monasteries

nd pointed. Immediately, a flame flew out from his fingertips.

In the blink of an eye, it transformed into a seven-inch Fire Dragon.

The Fire Dragons eyes were also red, but the gaze in them was very lively. After shaking its head and looking around, it flew in front of Cui Heng and bowed respectfully.

“Greetings, Immortal Venerable!” The Fire Dragon bowed respectfully.

“Howl?!” Huo Er suddenly popped its head out of Hui Shis clothes. It glanced at the new Fire Dragon and shook its head in confusion before turning back into a tattoo and lying down.

Pei Qingshu was dumbfounded. He looked at the fire dragon that was bowing in disbelief and said in shock, “Master, this, this is actually a living creature?!” Although he had seen Huo Er before, it had acted relatively stupidly and did not look like an intelligent creature.

However, apart from not being in human form, this Fire Dragon already behaved like a human.

It was simply a true intelligent creature.

Moreover, this living being was created right in front of him!

“This is the work of creation!” Pei Qingshu felt an unprecedented shock in his heart.

From what he knew, such a method of creating life should only exist in myths and legends.

It was too shocking.

Could it be that Master was already powerful enough to compare to the God of Creation?

What level of existence was Master?!

Although Zhang Shuming and Hui Shi were also very shocked, they had been by Cui Hengs side for a long time and were already used to this feeling. Their tolerance was not low, and they did not show too much emotion.

“Your name will be Huo Si from now on,” Cui Heng said to the fire dragon. “Go.” “Yes, Immortal Venerable!” Huo Si bowed and left. It turned into a scarlet light and disappeared into the horizon.

This was a Nine Fire Flame Dragon with late-stage Golden Core Dharmic powers.

Moreover, compared to the previous three Fire Dragons, it should be the Nine Fire Flame Dragon with the strongest spirituality and the most complete intelligence.

Especially in terms of intelligence, it was much better than Huo Er.

By sending out such a Nine Fire Flame Dragon, it could roam around the remaining eight Immortal Sects at any time and grasp the movements of these Immortal sects.

It could also fly to the place related to the collapse of the Heavenly Unity Sacred Sect.

To investigate.

It could be said to be killing many birds with one stone.

“Masters divine power is boundless.” Pei Qingshu could not help but sigh.

“Theres no need to say anything.” Cui Heng chuckled. “Before we go to the Daoyi Palace, bring me to Linjiang County to take a look.” “Yes, Master!” Pei Qingshu was rather happy when he heard this. He had always been rather proud of managing Linjiang County in an orderly manner and allowing the people to live and work in peace. However, no one had the right to praise him in this aspect.

But it was different now.

He finally had a chance to perform in this aspect!

“Master, should we inform… Empress Feng, youve already arrived in the Great Zhou?” Pei Qingshu asked again.

Empress Feng was the current Empress of Great Zhou.

Li Mingqiong

Pei Qingshu originally wanted to say Junior Sister.

However, before he could speak, he realized that his master had yet to acknowledge Li Mingqiong as his disciple. It was very inappropriate for him to call her Junior Sister.

“Let me take a look at the Great Zhou first.” Cui Heng smiled. He did not agree or refuse.


Great Zhou Imperial City.

Pei Yuezhi came here nervously.

Actually, as a direct descendant of the Linjiang Pei family, coming to the Imperial City was a very ordinary matter. It would not attract attention at all.

In the past, he would often come over.

But this time was different. He came with a letter from his great-grandfather.

Before Pei Yuezhis great-grandfather, Pei Qingshu, left Linjiang County, he had instructed earnestly that if he did not return, he must send this letter to the Imperial City and hand it to a palace maid called Yu Wei.

The letter was sealed with wax. It must be an extremely important letter.

Pei Yuezhi knew very well that his great-grandfather was going out to meet a mighty figure suspected to be a Fifth Realm Immortal. He was a big shot that only existed in legends.

His life and death were unknown.

That was why he had given such instructions.

After Pei Qingshu headed to Guanzhou County, earth-shattering phenomena appeared in the world. Dark clouds covered the sky and lightning kept descending.

The core should be in Guanzhou County.

However, even in Linjiang County, he could clearly feel the terrifying destructive power.

After the phenomenon, Pei Yuezhi waited for a few more days, but there was still no news of his great-grandfathers return. This made him extremely sad, and he hurriedly headed to the Imperial City.

Perhaps the path of saving Great-Grandfathers life was written here. Perhaps after the Empress saw it, she could help and save Great-Grandfather!

With this in mind, Pei Yuezhi planned to send the letter over as quickly as possible.

After arriving at the Imperial City, he immediately handed the sealed letter to the palace maid, Yu Wei, through the secret contact information Pei Qingshu had left behind.

Hence, that night, this letter was sent to the Empresss bedchamber in the Great Zhou Imperial Palace.

The Empress was still lying lazily behind the


Yu Wei respectfully held the letter in her hand and raised it above her head. “Your Majesty, theres a letter from Deva Pei. The person who sent it is a direct descendant of the Pei family. The situation seems to be rather urgent.”

“Huh?” The Empresss puzzled voice came from behind the screen.

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