However, because her body was too weak compared to her soul, if she often fought intense battles or fought more often, it was possible that her body would collapse when she released the power of her soul.

She would die on the spot!

Even if there was no intense battle, such a weak body carrying such a powerful soul still had great hidden dangers.

If her body suffered some damage, it was also possible that her body would completely collapse.

She would still die on the spot. In other words, although Li Mingqiongs current situation was not like Pei Qingshus lifespan, she could die at any time.

She didnt even know when she would die.

After Cui Heng finished his inspection, he retracted his hand and explained the results to Li Mingqiong.

There was no fear in Li Mingqiongs eyes, only a trace of surprise. She smiled and said, “Thank you for explaining, Master. I can also sense this situation. I can feel that I might die at any time.

Actually, in the past few decades, every now and then, Ill prepare a will. If I have any new thoughts, Ill write another one.

In the event that I died without any warning, it would not cause chaos in the royal court or the entire Great Zhou.”

Cui Heng was silent for a long time. He stared at the disciple in front of him and praised, “Not everyone can face their death so calmly.

Its really rare for you to have such a state of mind. Its enough to show how firm your will is. You should be able to walk this path.

Next, Ill open up this path for you.

Are you ready?” When he was checking Li Mingqiongs body just now, Cui Heng had already thought of how to solve this problem.

Since the strength of the body and soul was not compatible, he only needed to increase the strength of the body and make it capable of carrying a powerful soul.

Then, it was the normal cultivation steps.

However, this was equivalent to erasing Li Mingqiongs previous efforts to explore this path, causing her martial cultivation to become ordinary.

Therefore, Cui Heng chose another method.

That was to continue following the path that Li Mingqiong had explored.

In essence, Li Mingqiongs situation was an extreme improvement to her “Dharma Idol”. That extremely powerful soul was the Heaven Immortal Dharma Idol that had been strengthened countless times.

In other words, she had cultivated herself into a “super Heaven Immortal”.

It was similar to but different from the path Pei Qingshu took.

The former strengthened his body, while the latter strengthened her soul.

Cui Hengs idea was very simple.

That was to transform this overly powerful soul into the foundation of Li Mingqiongs cultivation.

This way, she could change the state of “a weak body carrying a powerful soul” to “a powerful soul controlling a weak body.”

He planned to use the Golden Core technique as a reference and let Li Mingqiong refine her soul into a Soul Golden Core. She would use this as the foundation of her cultivation.

As such, Li Mingqiongs soul, which had already reached the Taiyi Mystic Deity realm, would further sublimate and possess the Immortal Golden nature, stepping into the so-called “Golden Immortal” realm.

At that time, her weak body would no longer be a burden to her soul.

Instead, it would be nourished by the Soul Golden Core at all times. Soon, it would naturally rise to the Mystic Deity realm and continue to become stronger.

“Master, Im ready.” Li Mingqiong closed her eyes gently and took a deep breath. “Please begin.”

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