Realizing This Is A Wuxia World After Cultivating For 300 Years

Chapter 219 - Heavenly Saint Supreme Venerate

Chapter 218 The Border of Heaven and Earth, Heaven Saint Palace (2)

Even though they had already recovered a moment later, these people were still so frightened that they broke out in cold sweat. Those with slightly weaker spiritual will were even so frightened that they half-knelt on the ground.

They looked up at the sky in horror.

What was that feeling just now?

Li Mingqiong slowly landed. She stood firmly on the ground and slowly opened her eyes.

She felt that her physical condition had never been better.

She had abundant physical strength, a clear mind, a physique that was strengthening every moment, and a soul power that was so huge that it was almost endless. This was her current state.

The Soul Golden Core was formed.

Whether it was in terms of realm or strength, she was already equivalent to a Late-stage Golden Core cultivator.

Although she was not a cultivator who had truly refined a Golden Core and stepped into the Late-stage Golden Core realm, she should still have many advantages over the Golden Immortals of this world.

Of course, the most important thing was that from today onwards, Li Mingqiong could live peacefully for at least a thousand years.

She no longer had to worry about dying suddenly.

“Mingqiong, how do you feel?” Cui Heng asked with a smile.

“So powerful! Master, youre so amazing!” Li Mingqiong felt the condition of her body and couldnt help but praise, “Ive never felt so good before. My entire body feels clear and comfortable.”

This was the joy of breaking through.

Especially since she had been stuck at this realm for decades and had to suffer immense mental pressure every day. The pain she had suffered all these years was huge.

Now that she had released her restraints, she was naturally overjoyed. She felt an unprecedented sense of clarity and comfort.

“Next, spend some time consolidating your cultivation, and youll be able to completely stabilize.” Cui Heng nodded slightly and smiled. “Lets go. Follow me out to meet Qingshu.”

Li Mingqiong was very excited now. She could not suppress the smile on her face no matter what. She said happily, “Yes, Master!”

“By the way.” Cui Heng seemed to have thought of something. He turned to look at Li Mingqiong and smiled. “How did Qingshu address you? Is he your Senior Brother or are you the Senior Sister?”

“Master, originally, he always called me Junior Sister.” Li Mingqiong smiled faintly when she heard this, and her eyes flickered with pride. “However, before this, he sent me a new letter. Its written clearly in black and white, and he called me Senior Sister.”

“Hahaha, alright!” Cui Heng nodded and smiled. “Thatll do then.”

Then, the two of them walked out of the reception hall.

He saw Pei Qingshu and Yu Wei waiting outside.

“Master!” When Pei Qingshu saw the two of them come out, he hurriedly went up and asked, “Master, that powerful soul power just now is…”

“I was helping your Senior Sister break through.” Cui Heng nodded and explained, “Now that your Senior Sister has formed a Soul Golden Core and obtained the Immortal Golden attribute, her realm is comparable to a Fifth Realm Golden Immortal.”

“Fifth, Fifth Realm?! Golden Immortal!” Pei Qingshus eyes widened when he heard this. He looked at Li Mingqiong in disbelief and said in extreme shock, “You, youre already a Golden Immortal?!”

“Its all thanks to Masters help. Otherwise, it would be impossible for me to achieve what I have today.” Li Mingqiong shook her head gently and smiled. “Junior Brother, actually, as long as you work hard in the future, you will definitely achieve something.”

“Junior Brother?” Pei Qingshu was slightly stunned.

Then, he noticed that Cui Heng had identified Li Mingqiong as his Senior Sister.

Pei Qingshu opened his mouth and tried to explain.

However, he thought of his previous letter and could only shut his mouth.

However, he could not help but think to himself, “That little brat Yuezhi, Ill definitely spank his butt when I get back!”

While Linjiang County was enjoying itself.

In the depths of the mountain where Huo Sis spiritual perception was located, there was only silence.

After Ye Yun sensed that there was a “Half-step Golden Immortal” outside, he fell into a manic and panicked state.

He could not wait to tell everyone this news and gather his strength to destroy this Half-step Golden Immortal.

This was not only to protect the power of the Immortal Sects, but also to prevent himself from being corroded by this strange power and also to become an undying Golden Immortal.

However, he had just returned from there not long ago. If he went over directly, it would easily make the Supreme unhappy.

If that happened, he would be finished.

Therefore, after coming back to life, Ye Yun waited for another ten days before activating the golden teleportation array arranged by the Central Palace.

Accompanied by strange lights and shadows formed by complicated colors, as well as the distortion of his body and soul, he arrived at this place that had been entangled with him for more than 6,000 years.

This was an empty place. Other than the teleportation array under his feet, there was nothing else. It was as if it was the border of the world and nothing else existed.

However, Ye Yun could clearly see a guide.

In the void, an invisible path guided him forward.

As long as he took a step forward, he could naturally cross the endless void and leave this void to arrive in front of a huge palace.

This palace was resplendent and magnificent. Every inch of it was exquisite, as if it contained the truths of the world.

There were strange flowers and plants growing around it, and their fragrance assailed the nose. The world was even enshrouded in a scarlet and golden light.

It was truly the land of Immortals and Gods, the Palace of Longevity.

There was a plaque hanging on the main entrance of the hall with three words written on it.

“Heaven Saint Palace.”

Although Ye Yun had been here many times, he still felt a little emotional every time he came here.

This was the place that had completely changed his fate.

6,500 years ago, this place was still called the Heaven Unity Palace.

It was here that he refined his Dhama Idol with the help of Divine Lord Tianhe and successfully stepped into the Fourth Realm Immortal level, becoming a Mystic Deity.

He could finally become one of the core members of the Heaven Unity Palace.

In the thousand years after that, he received one mission after another here, constantly conquering the local forces of the Heavenly Void World.

He became stronger and more cold-blooded.

In the past thousand years, more than 30% of the living beings who died in the Heavenly Void World were killed by him.

However, as long as he could obtain the recognition of the Supreme, even if it was just a simple reward, Ye Yun felt that everything was worth it. He would have endless motivation.

And all of this had changed 3,700 years ago.

Ordinary disciples of the Heavenly Unity Sacred Sect only knew that at that time, Divine Lord Tianhe no longer responded to their prayers.

As for Ye Yun, he had personally witnessed Divine Lord Tianhes death.

Yes, 3,700 years ago, Divine Lord Tianhe, who had dominated the universe for more than 5,000 years, a Golden Immortal Divine Lord with an undying body, died in the Heaven Saint Palace.

Before he died, he imparted the Immortal True Essence in his body to his son, allowing the Young Divine Lord, who was originally only a Mystic Deity, to leap to the level of a Half-step Golden Immortal.

This “Young Divine Lord” successfully digested the Immortal True Essence a hundred years later and became a true Golden Immortal.

He was known as the Heavenly Saint Supreme Venerate.


However, Heavenly Saint Supreme Venerate was different from his father. He did not care much about the Heavenly Unity Sacred Sect, nor did he continue to answer the prayers of his believers. He even ordered the Heavenly Unity Sacred Sect to turn into a martial sect. Otherwise, he would cut off all support.

Ye Yun could only do as he was told.

Moreover, at that time, his lifespan was already at its end and he did not have much time left. He was no longer in the mood to argue.

However, later on, Ye Yun and the other nine Mystic Deities obtained a huge opportunity on the planet connected to the Heavenly Void World. They obtained a portion of Immortal Golden nature and even possessed a strange lifespan. Their thoughts changed. They felt that they were the ones who had taken down more than half of the Heavenly Void World. Nearly half of the supplies that the Heaven Saint Palace needed for thousands of years were provided by them.

This Heavenly Void World should be the inheritance left behind for them by Divine Lord Tianhe.

No one could touch or occupy it!

Whoever dared to do this would die!

Now, a “Half-step Golden Immortal” of unknown origin had suddenly appeared.

Of course, they had to gather all their strength to destroy him.

Fortunately, the Heaven Saint Palace also treated the Heavenly Void World as a restricted territory and would do their best to clean up all external disturbances.

To Ye Yun, this was a power that he could use.

Hence, he knelt in front of the door of the Heaven Saint Palace and kowtowed respectfully. “Ye Yun of the Heavenly Unity Sacred Sect seeks an audience with the Heavenly Saint Supreme Venerate. A Half-step Golden Immortal has invaded the Heavenly Void World!”

His voice was very loud and clear.

Soon, an indifferent and cold voice came from the Heaven Saint Palace. It was as if there were no emotions in it, making one unable to help but feel fear.

“Come in and talk.”

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