the copper coins scattered in the coffin all lit up with a faint silver light.

Cui Hengs currency interface increased.

[Currency: +20]

“The upgrade package is only 79 coins away.”

The corners of Cui Hengs lips curled up slightly as he revealed a happy expression. The feeling of gaining something was always wonderful.

At the same time, he was also wondering what the System was using to judge the value of the items for conversion.

From the two conversions just now, it seemed like they were both objects with traces of human creation. Furthermore, after conversion, the items themselves did not change at all.

Cui Heng looked around and said, “There is the least amount of copper coins converted, and the numbers are almost negligible. The coffin itself and the stone slabs are also very low in number. Jade and porcelain are the most common. The more exquisite they are, the more currency rewarded. Could it be that it depends on the level of workmanship?”

He could not be sure now. He could only make some guesses on the value of the items based on the final amount.

Finally, he looked at the copper coin in his hands and observed the words on it.

Great Jin!

This made Cui Heng think of something.

“System, is this world Jiang Qiqis world?”

[Respectable host! Your novice period has expired. Please recharge and upgrade to an all-rounded cultivation package. The System will continue to protect your path to Immortality!]


Cui Heng cursed in his heart, and then he put away the copper coin and left this tomb.

However, he did not return to the surface, nor did he continue to sink further down.

Instead, he continued to use the Earth-Repelling Technique to roam the underground, searching for more graves.

Although he did not know the specific rules of the Systems currency conversion, he could at least confirm that burial items could be converted.

His top priority was to find a few more graves and collect the coins needed to upgrade for the package.

Underneath this dense forest, there seemed to be a group of graves.

It didnt take Cui Heng long to find five ancient tombs, but three of them had been turned upside down by the tomb raiders, with only a few remaining intact.

He only converted 30 coins in total.

All five graves added up to only 10 coins more than the first one he had encountered.

Fortunately, there were many graves here.

Cui Heng quickly found seven more graves.

[Currency +0.3]

[Currency: +15]

[Currency +0.2]

[Currency +0.5]

[Currency +21.3]

Although most of the tombs had been raided, there were still some remaining. Cui Heng finally saved up more than 80 coins.

He was very close to obtaining the upgraded package.

After a period of searching, Cui Heng found another tomb of a considerable size. Just from the items outside the tomb, he had converted another 0.5 coins.

When he entered, he found that the size of the tomb, the number of burial items, and the rarity of the burial chamber, far exceeded all the tombs hed raided earlier.

He even found many books and seals in the tomb.

Most importantly, it had never encountered a tomb raider before.

“Convert!” Cui Heng ordered the System.

[Currency: +58]

The gains were astonishing!

The owner of this tomb was definitely someone with an extremely high status when he was alive, perhaps even a noble.

However, even with this kind of identity, the deceased still didnt have any special protection in the tomb.

There were only some traps.

This caused Cui Heng to feel slightly puzzled.

What effect could such ordinary traps have on powerful cultivators?

“Lets see whats written in these books.” Cui Heng walked to a bookshelf.


At this moment, Cui Heng suddenly heard an explosion from outside. The tomb chamber shook violently, and the bamboo slips on the bookshelves fell down.

Then, loud laughter came from outside.

“Its open! Its open! Hahaha! Brothers, look! Were rich! This is really King Lus tomb. Were rich!”

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