Realizing This Is A Wuxia World After Cultivating For 300 Years

Chapter 220 - 3000 Years Ago Devouring Star Gods

Chapter 219 Heavenly Saint Supreme Venerate

To Ye Yun, he had already been to the Heaven Saint Palace many times. He was very familiar with everything inside. But every time he came in, he was still very nervous, afraid that he had done something wrong.

Especially after the Heavenly Saint Supreme Venerate succeeded the throne.

This feeling was becoming more and more obvious.

Therefore, after entering the Heaven Saint Palace, Ye Yun was still very careful. He paid attention to his every word and action.

Finally, he arrived outside a large hall.

Then, he stopped.

“Heavenly Unity Sacred Sects Ye Yun greets the Supreme.” Ye Yun knelt on the ground outside the hall and kowtowed respectfully, not daring to slight him at all.

“Just now, you said that you wanted to report the invasion of a Half-step Golden Immortal from the Heavenly Void World.” A cold voice came from the hall again. “Tell me, who has the guts to do this?”

“Yes, Divine Lord!” Ye Yun kowtowed again. His attitude was still extremely respectful, but his mental state had clearly relaxed a little. “Its like this…”

Then, he told him about how the Nine Fire Flame Dragon first found the Heavenly Unity Sacred Sect, then found him after it was destroyed. He also told him about how he, a Taiyi Mystic Deity, had been crushed by it and had to self-detonate.

The main point here was the ferocity and strength of the Nine Fire Flame Dragon. He emphasized that he was indeed no match for the Fire Dragon. The real mastermind was very likely a Half-step Golden Immortal.

In the end, the blame was put on the Fire Dragon and the Demon from the Lower World.

That Demon was most likely a Half-step Golden Immortal expert.

He was plotting against the Heavenly Void World.


“I remember that at the previous meeting, you guys had been discussing that Demon from the Lower World. Is he really very powerful?”

Heavenly Saint Supreme Venerates voice came from inside. “At that time, you insisted that the Evil Demon from the Lower World could not be a Half-step Golden Immortal. Now, youve changed your mind?”

“Divine Lord, last time, I was only listening to the description of others and made some mistakes in my judgment. Please forgive me,” Ye Yun explained. “This time, I experienced it myself. Theres no mistake. That Fire Dragon is too strong. I was grabbed by its dragon claw and didnt even have a chance to break free. In the end, I could only self-detonate and barely escape. Such power is at least at the Half-step Golden Immortal realm.

“And the Evil Demon from the Lower World is not a Fire Dragon, but a human. A powerhouse who has the ability to control Fire Dragons and even killed the Great Demon who escaped from the core of the planet.

“Its definitely impossible for such strength to be lower than a Half-step Golden Immortal. In fact, I even suspect that the demon from the Lower World is also a Golden Immortal Supreme?”

After saying this, Ye Yun closed his eyes and lay on the ground. He did not dare to make a single sound as he quietly waited for Heavenly Saint Supreme Venerates reply.

Now, he was extremely flustered.

He was a little worried that his words would anger the Heavenly Saint Supreme Venerate.

After all, in the past 3,000 years, there had only been one Golden Immortal Supreme in the world.

It was the one in the Heaven Saint Palace.

There had never been a second one.

This meant absolute authority and absolute status.

If he was told that there was a second Golden Immortal in this world,

Actually, it was very easy to think of it as challenging his authority and questioning his status.

Of course, this also had a high chance of stimulating his killing intent, allowing him to mobilize powerful strength to go to the Heavenly Void World to kill this Demon from the Lower World.

This was also Ye Yuns final goal.

However, this time, no one spoke for a long time.

Ye Yun could not help but feel a little flustered.

After a long while.

That voice came from the hall again, and it said with a hint of ridicule, “Ye Yun, I know what youre thinking. You want me to send out or form a powerful force to kill that so-calledDemon from the Lower World, right?”

Ye Yun immediately trembled when he heard this. He immediately nodded and said, “Yes, yes. Divine Lord, please calm down. I, I was telling the truth just now. Theres no deceit at all!”

“If its fake, you would have become a pile of rotten bugs by now.” The voice inside sneered. “I dont care about your thoughts, but you have to investigate clearly if this Demon from the Lower World is a Golden Immortal.”

“Yes, yes, thank you, Divine Lord!” Ye Yun nodded repeatedly. He was really frightened by the murderous tone of the Heavenly Saint Supreme Venerate just now. Now, he felt his scalp tingle.

“Get lost!” An indifferent and cold voice came from the hall. “The next time you come to see me, investigate the matter clearly first. Hmph!”

The last snort was like a thunderclap that struck Ye Yun, almost causing his soul to dissipate on the spot.

As soon as he finished speaking, he had already scrambled out.

The Heaven Saint Palace returned to its usual quiet state.

Only the voice in the hall was still echoing. “Golden Immortal? How is that possible?! Under this starry sky, there are only four sources of Immortal True Essence. How can there be a fifth Golden Immortal?

“If that Fire Dragon is really a Half-step Golden Immortal, then it has at least six sets of Immortal Golden nature.

“Thats impossible. This is a Golden Immortal, a Supreme. Its a rare pinnacle realm of cultivation. Its a fixed position in the Immortal ranks!

“How can there be so many?!

“Its absolutely impossible!

“Unless, unless its the mysterious existence that once contaminated a portion of the Immortal True Essence…”


Ye Yun returned to his cave abode from the Heaven Saint Palace with an extremely ugly expression.

His face was originally just a skeleton. Now, there was a hint of fear, making him look even more terrifying.

He was terrified.

This was because he knew what would happen if he offended the Heavenly Saint Supreme Venerate.

2,000 years ago, one of the Nine Elders of the Immortal Sects had angered the Heavenly Saint Supreme Venerate because of his careless words. In the end, he was beaten into a ball of purple-black mud on the spot and scattered into countless Heavenly Void Evil Bugs.

Although the Heavenly Saint Supreme Venerate was unable to kill the Nine Elders of the Immortal Sects who possessed the characteristics of immortality, he could easily beat them into such a state and then apply restrictions to make them unable to revive.

One of the Nine Elders, a Taiyi Mystic Deity, was imprisoned in the purple-black mud for 500 years. When he recovered, he was about to go crazy. He only barely returned to normal after recuperating for 300 years.

“I was still too anxious this time. I cared too much about the Heavenly Void World and was too careless.”

Ye Yun examined his previous actions and secretly regretted it. “I actually didnt make any preparations and directly went to look for the Heavenly Saint Supreme Venerate. Im simply courting death.

“If not for the fact that the Supreme really cares about that Evil Demon from the Lower World whos suspected to be a Half-step Golden Immortal or True Golden Immortal and is also very concerned about the situation in the Heavenly Void World, Im afraid I would have become a ball of purple-black mud and been imprisoned.”

Thinking of this, he could not help but shiver.

The scene of the matter with nine other people 3,000 years ago flashed involuntarily in his mind.

“Ever since then, our bodies have become something formed by these purple-black bugs. “Are we really still cultivators? Are we still human?

“Or is this retribution?”

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