Realizing This Is A Wuxia World After Cultivating For 300 Years

Chapter 222 - Daoyi Palace Daoist Three Yang

Chapter 221 3,000 Years Ago, Devouring Star Gods (2)

Suddenly, the wooden statue let out an extremely strange laughter. It was extremely terrifying

At the same time, its mouth suddenly split open, forming a huge crack that spread to the ears.

Immediately after, the statues mouth kept opening and closing as it laughed loudly. “Ye Yun, you actually thought of such a method. Hahaha, ridiculous, ridiculous!!”

Before he could finish his sentence


The wooden statue trembled violently, and purple-black bugs crawled out of its open mouth without warning.

It was dense and seemed endless.

A moment later, countless purple-black bugs had already gathered into a ball of mud on the ground of the netherworld palace.

The ball of mud kept squirming, and the countless bugs on it quickly reformed into a human form. Soon, it turned into a dried-up old man.

It was Ye Yun.

He had succeeded. Through the connection between the pollution of the Immortal True Essence, he directly crossed thousands of kilometers and reformed his body on Lifelesss side.

“As expected, the two of us are the closest to God!” Ye Yun chuckled and moved his body slightly. “This new body is not bad.”

“Tell me, what did you encounter?” the wooden statue asked with a smile.

“A Fire Dragon thats at least in the Half-step Golden Immortal realm.” Ye Yuns expression instantly darkened, and then he recounted his encounter during this period.

“Hiss!” The wooden statue gasped in shock. “That Demon from the Lower World is actually so powerful. I originally thought that he was only a Half-step Golden Immortal.”

“You guessed that he was a Half-step Golden Immortal previously. Have you never thought about where his Immortal True Essence came from?” Ye Yun asked in a low voice.

“Does this have anything to do with whether hes a Half-step Golden Immortal?” The wooden statue asked curiously. “Could it be that theres a fixed number of Immortal True Essence?”

Clearly, he did not know that there was a fixed number of Golden Immortals, nor did he know how much of the Lower Worlds Immortal True Essence there was.

“I dont know if theres a fixed number of Immortal True Essence, but theres definitely a fixed number in the Lower World.” Ye Yun sneered. “Old wooden statue, do you still remember the Half-step Golden Immortal who was torn apart and devoured 3,000 years ago?”

“Of course I remember,” the wooden statue said. “At that time, we were ordered to fight on that planet together. Unexpectedly, there was actually a Taiyi Mystic Deity among the natives who almost killed all of us.

If not for the fact that we found a Half-step Golden Immortal who had lost consciousness and was almost on the verge of death in the core of the planet and devoured his corpse to obtain an undying characteristic, we would have been killed long ago.”

“Do you really think that hes an ordinary Half-step Golden Immortal?” Ye Yun said in a low voice. “After we ended the battle, we broke through to the Taiyi Mystic Deity realm at an extremely fast speed.

This is all thanks to the power contained in the corpse of that Half-step Golden Immortal. How can the power of a normal Half-step Golden Immortal be so easily refined?”

“Indeed, the power in that Half-step Golden Immortals body is very close to natural essence energy. Its extremely easy to refine.” The wooden statue asked curiously, “Ye Yun, what are you trying to say?”

“Do you know about the Star Gods?” Ye Yun suddenly asked.

“What?” the wooden statue asked suspiciously.

“Dead things worshiped by others for a long time will have a chance to awaken a spirit and become a god. You should know this, right?” Ye Yun asked again.

“Naturally,” the wooden statue said. In a way, that was how he was born.

“Revered God once told me that if a star can experience the changes of civilization and gather the consciousness of all living beings, it will have a chance to give birth to a Star God.” Ye Yun opened his toothless mouth and smiled. “And the original Star God was a Half-step Golden Immortal. This is one of the sources of the Immortal True Essence.”


The wooden statue almost fell off the altar and said in shock, “3,000 years ago, we actually ate a newly born Star God?!”

“Thats right!” Ye Yun nodded and said, “Do you still think there will be a lot of Immortal True Essence? Under normal circumstances, its definitely the limit for a civilization that hasnt even reached 10,000 years old to have one source of Immortal True Essence.” “Then how did that Demon from the Lower World come about?” The wooden statue looked at Ye Yun and said in a low voice, “What are you trying to say?!”


“Have you forgotten why we have to guard against the appearance of other cultivation methods in the Lower World?” Ye Yun sneered. “Because when a Star God is born, the laws of the world might naturally give birth to some cultivation methods that are different from ordinary cultivation methods.

These cultivation techniques are relatively crude at the beginning. Perhaps they can only be cultivated to the Deva Realm at most. However, the more perfectly they are developed, the more complete the nurturing of the Star God will be.

A hundred years ago, an Immortal Dawn Sect appeared. Now, theres a Fire Dragon suspected to be a Half-step Golden Immortal and an even stronger Evil Demon. What do you think this means?”

“But its only been 3,000 years!” The wooden statue became very excited and even a little frightened when he heard this. “Can another Star God be nurtured in 3,000 years?!”

“Its indeed impossible under normal circumstances, but have you forgotten who we sealed in the core of the planet?” Regret appeared on Ye Yuns face. “Theres also Immortal Golden nature from the Star God on him.”

“In other words, if the Star God uses that 10% of its Immortal Golden nature as the foundation to reproduce…” The wooden statue trembled. “Its indeed possible to reproduce a Half-step Golden Immortal or even a Golden Immortal in 3,000 years?!”

“If we dont stop them, he might not only be a Golden Immortal anymore,” Ye Yun said in a low voice. “Exalted God once told me that Star Gods can grow into terrifying existences that surpass Golden Immortals.”

“Ye Yun, lets immediately gather the other seven people for a meeting!” The wooden statue roared crazily and was extremely anxious.


The Nine Fire Flame Dragons could monitor the movements of the Nine Immortal Sects on its own outside, so there was no need to worry.

Therefore, Cui Heng had been living quite comfortably recently.

After arranging Hui Shi and Hong Kangs whereabouts, he studied every day.

Learning made him happy.

After helping Li Mingqiong break through to the Golden Immortal Realm,

His Nascent Soul cultivation had increased greatly again.

From his perception, the progress of his Early-stage Nascent Soul cultivation should be close to 10%.

The two explorations of new paths had benefited him greatly.

However, this could only be considered a two-hammer deal. After Pei Qingshu and Li Mingqiong, he no longer had such an opportunity.

The core cultivation methods were still learning and exploration.

Other than cultivating the spells that he had yet to learn, Cui Heng was also flipping through the books stored in Linjiang. There was all kinds of information about the history of this world.

This could help him understand many unknown things.

This would increase the cultivation of the Nascent Soul.

Pei Qingshu had provided many books, and Li Mingqiong was naturally not to be outdone. She would send people from the capital to send books to Cui Heng every day.

However, the dynasty changed frequently. Although it was more powerful and had more books than the Linjiang Pei family, its foundation was much weaker. Many books were actually not very valuable.

Therefore, after Cui Heng finished reading all the books of the Linjiang Pei Family, he had the intention to leave Linjiang County.

It was time to go to Daoyi Palace.


Cui Hengs departure was not grand.

He did not want to have any tedious farewell ceremonies, nor did he want to bring too many people over.

Hence, he only sent someone to inform Pei Qingshu of this news and left with Zhang Shuming.

When Pei Qingshu found out about this,

Cui Heng had already flown 100,000 feet into the sky with Zhang Shuming and headed straight for Daoyi Palace.

As for Li Mingqiong, because she needed to deal with the political affairs of the Imperial Court, she left seven days after breaking through.

So she knew even later.

Neither of them could send him off in time.

Cui Heng was also happy to be free.

He only had one goal now.

That is to explore more unknowns as soon as possible and break through to the Mid-stage Nascent Soul realm.

Above the clouds.

Zhang Shumings eyes suddenly lit up. He pointed at the layers of mountains below and said, “Exalted Immortal, its there. Thats Daoyi Palace!!”

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