Realizing This Is A Wuxia World After Cultivating For 300 Years

Chapter 222 - Daoyi Palace Daoist Three Yang

between us. Although I have some cultivation, theres no need to bow so respectfully.”

“…” Daoist Three Yang seemed to be stunned when he heard this. He paused for a moment and first raised his head to look at Cui Heng. Then, he stood up and looked at Cui Heng in confusion. He frowned and said, “Senior, arent you a Dao God Envoy?”.

“Of course not.” Cui Heng shook his head gently and smiled. “My surname is Cui. I came from the Lower World.”

“The Lower World?!” Daoist Three Yang was clearly stunned. His expression became even more confused as he frowned and said, “Senior, Ive always been familiar with the ancient books. Dont scare me.”

Although Daoist Three Yang was only a Half-step Golden Immortal now, he knew very well what kind of power a true Golden Immortal should have.

Therefore, the moment he sensed Cui Hengs aura, he knew that this was an extraordinary figure.

He could not be provoked. He had to be respectful!

Otherwise, the entire Daoyi Palace might be finished on the spot!

How could such a big shot who was countless times stronger than a Golden Immortal appear in the Lower World?

Could this be a successfully nurtured Star God?

However, that Star God was first contaminated 7,000 years ago and then dismembered and eaten 3,000 years ago. How could such a powerful existence be nurtured?

“Perfected Zhang.” Cui Heng did not explain to Daoist Three Yang. Instead, he took a step back and said to Zhang Shuming, “Its your time now.”

“Yes, Exalted Immortal.” Zhang Shuming nodded first, then cupped his hands and bowed to Daoist Three Yang. “Disciple of the Lower World Daoyi Palace, Zhang Shuming, greets Ancestral Master.”

“…” Daoist Three Yang was stunned again. He looked at the respectful Deva in shock.

At this moment, he suddenly had a ridiculous feeling

The Daoyi Palace in the Lower World actually had a disciple at the Deva Realm?

Was it that ridiculous?

“You, youre really Shuming?!” At this moment, the Human Immortal who had noticed Zhang Shuming earlier suddenly stood up and looked at him in shock. “You actually came to the Upper World. Your cultivation seems to have improved a lot!”

“Xingfa, is this your disciple from the Lower World?” Daoist Three Yang turned to look at the Human Immortal and was even more shocked.

What was going on?!

The master was still a Human Immortal, but his disciple was already a Deva?

“Patriarch, Shuming is indeed my disciple in the Lower World. He has also taken over as the Sect Master of Daoyi Palace in the Lower World,” Daoist Xingfa said respectfully.

“Senior, this…” Daoist Three Yang was completely confused and could only look at Cui Heng in confusion.

“Master, Ancestral Master, its like this…” Zhang Shuming hurriedly explained the reason why he met Cui Heng, followed Cui Heng to the Upper World, and came to Daoyi Palace.

After hearing everything, the square in front of Daoyi Palace was silent. Many disciples were dumbfounded as they looked at Cui Heng in extreme shock.

It turned out that the Ancestor of the Immortal Dawn Sect who caused the Immortal Tribulation a hundred years ago was this seniors disciple.

It turned out that the Demon who had caused the Nine Immortal Sects to panic was also this senior.

It turned out that this senior had already destroyed the Heavenly Unity Sacred Sect and directly turned the Nine Immortal Sects into the Eight Immortal Sects!

It turned out that the Empress of Great Zhou and Linjiangs Deva Pei were both this seniors disciples…


After Zhang Shuming finished talking about Cui Heng, Cui Heng was already an Immortal-like existence in the hearts of many Daoyi Palace disciples.

He was omnipotent.

Even Daoist Three Yang was shocked to the extreme. After some careful consideration, he said to Cui Heng, “Senior, I already know why youre here.

“But the sects books are the foundation of our Daoyi Palaces inheritance after all. Its also the lifeline that has been passed down for ten thousand years. There are even many core secrets of our Daoyi Palace…”

“I can help the more than hundred Human Immortals here condense their Martial Dao True Intent and step into the Earth Immortal Realm,” Cui Heng said with a smile. He did not intend to force things. That would be a disadvantage and was completely unnecessary.

“All, all of them? Condense their Martial Dao True Intent…” Daoist Three Yangs eyes widened. He subconsciously turned to look at the group of Human Immortal disciples and realized that they were all tense and looking forward to it.

“If youre still not satisfied, I can help all the Earth Immortals here condense Deva blood,” Cui Heng continued. “At the same time, I can help all the Devas condense their Dharma Idols and become Heaven Immortals.”

When he heard this, Daoist Three Yang was already stunned.

“I see that there are still three Devas here. Why dont I help them refine their Dharma Idol as well and help them step into the Mystic Deity realm?” Cui Heng said with a smile.

To him, doing these things were very simple.

He only needed to mobilize a trace of Dharmic powers to complete it.

It was very simple. “By the way, I saw that you…” Cui Heng looked at Daoist Three Yang again.

“Senior, Senior, you, dont say anymore.” Daoist Three Yang waved his hand and exhaled. “Please follow me.”

“Thank you, Daoist Priest.” Cui Heng revealed a satisfied smile.

Then, the two of them left Daoyi Palace Square.

Leaving behind many dumbfounded and extremely shocked Daoyi Palace disciples. They even suspected that they had hallucinated just now.

Otherwise, it would be too bizarre.

Zhang Shuming, who was left behind, immediately became the focus of everyone.

There were many books in Daoyi Palace.

And they were all stored separately.

There was a library on each of the nine peaks.

Inside were countless books that the Daoyi Palace had accumulated for 10,000 years.

Now, Cui Heng and Daoist Three Yang have arrived at the library of Tianyi Peak.

However, before entering the library, Cui Heng suddenly looked at Daoist Three Yang and chuckled. “Youre actually not the original Daoist Three Yang, right?”

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