Realizing This Is A Wuxia World After Cultivating For 300 Years

Chapter 225 - Qi and Blood Filling the Sky Boundless Essence

relatively remote place, far from the street market. The surrounding courtyards had been abandoned for a long time. Therefore, even if he smashed the door crazily, he would not disturb other people.

The current Pei Qingshu had transformed into a young man in his twenties. Perhaps it was because of the sublimation of the essence of life brought about by his realm breakthrough that his entire temperament had changed.

At this moment, he no longer had the vicissitudes of more than 160 years. Instead, he had become very energetic, as if he had really returned to his youth.

At this moment, he was furious and wanted to argue with his Senior Sister.

“If you continue banging, Ill throw you into the sun!”

Li Mingqiongs voice came from inside. She had also become very energetic and was no longer as dejected and lazy as before.

Before she could finish her sentence, she had already opened the door and glanced at Pei Qingshu. “Come in.”

With that, she turned around and left.

Pei Qingshu hurriedly followed her. As he walked, he asked helplessly, “Senior Sister, what exactly do you want to do? Are you done with using me to test your strength during this period of time?”.

Actually, at first, Pei Qingshu was very unconvinced that he could only be a Junior Brother. Now, he was completely convinced.

After all, he was completely helpless against Li Mingqiongs soul illusion.

Li Mingqiong did not say anything and went to a pavilion in the courtyard. With her back facing Pei Qingshu, she suddenly said, “Junior Brother, I feel that you dont seem to have any sense of danger.”

“What?” Pei Qingshu was stunned when he heard this. He frowned and said, “What sense of danger?”

“Its the sense of danger that we can die at any time, be killed at any time, and die without a grave at any time.” Li Mingqiongs voice suddenly became serious. She turned around to look at Pei Qingshu, and her expression became stern.

“What are you trying to say?” Pei Qingshu restrained his expression when he saw this. At the same time, he returned to his normal mood and said in a low voice, “As long as Master is around, none of the things you said will happen.”

“Then what if Master is no longer around?” Li Mingqiong asked again.

“What are you talking about?!” Pei Qingshus eyes widened as he looked at Li Mingqiong in disbelief.

“I mean, what if Master leaves the Heavenly Void World and goes to the furthest place we can reach?” Li Mingqiong explained. “With our current cultivation speed, are we qualified to follow Master?”

“…” Pei Qingshu fell silent when he heard this. He understood what Li Mingqiong meant. At the same time, he understood why she had been suppressing him with the excuse of discussing the Dao.

Her goal was for him to not slack off, to continue working hard to increase his cultivation realm, and to work hard to approach their Master.

Otherwise, when their Master leaves in the future, they would not even have the qualifications to follow him.

Cui Heng would definitely leave the Heavenly Void World in the future.

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