Realizing This Is A Wuxia World After Cultivating For 300 Years

Chapter 227 - The Former Daoyi Heavenly Court

outstanding figures appeared among these Grand Sorcerers. They obtained the favor of the Heavenly Gods and were bestowed with the inheritance of the Martial Dao, obtaining the opportunity to become Immortals and Deities.

This was the initial education. About 9,000 years ago, the first batch of indigenous martial artists appeared on Daozhou Star.

Xuan Che was the strongest among the first batch of native martial artists. He was even valued by the Dao God and was personally taught a martial path that could lead him straight to the Taiyi Mystic Deity realm.

He ordered him to build nine palaces for the Daoyi Heavenly Court in the center of the mortal world.

Hence, there was the Daoyi Nine Palaces.

Of course, at that time, the Daoyi Nine Palace was only called the Daoyi Palace. It was a place for the Heavenly Gods to live in after they descended.

However, there was a connection between the Daoyi Palace and the Daoyi Heavenly Court. They had even built a teleportation array called the Immortal Ascension Platform. It could directly reach the Daoyi Heavenly Court from the Daoyi Palace. As such, this place had become the most sacred place in the human world.

Later on, as the inheritance of the Martial Dao spread, more and more natives reached the Third Realm of the Immortal World, which was the Deva Realm. The Daoyi Heavenly Court issued a decree and conferred the rights for Devas to and higher-level natives to assist the Heavenly Gods in managing the mortal world.

This was the embryonic form of the Mortal Worlds Daoyi Palace.

In the next 2,000 years, the Daoyi Heavenly Court continued to grow. Gradually, Heaven Immortals, Heaven Monarchs, and even Mystic Deities appeared among the natives.

However, there were not many changes in the mortal world.

The mortal world was still in the state of a primitive tribe. They worshiped the gods wholeheartedly, as well as the Immortals who had transformed from humans to Gods. The rulers of the tribe were still the Magi.

However, there was an additional high priest above the Magi. They could directly communicate with the Daoyi Palace and recommend the Magi to head to the Daoyi Palace to learn the martial arts inheritance and embark on the path to immortality.

This was a very basic civilization.

However, the Daoyi Heavenly Court seemed to be happy with this. They had no intention of teaching the natives about enlightenment.

The natives who had become Immortals and Deities were also divided into two factions.

One faction advocated maintaining the current situation, while the other advocated educating all living beings and enlightening the people.

However, with the support of the Heavenly Court, such different views were only a secret ideological confrontation and would not be openly displayed.

Just like that, under the notice of the Daoyi Heavenly Court, Daozhou Star remained unchanged for 2,000 years.

Everyone also thought that it would continue like this.

And one day 7,000 years ago, all of that changed.

According to the author of this book, Xuan Che

“… The sky and earth were suddenly enveloped by an extremely bright light. Even the Daoyi Heavenly Court was immersed in this endless white light. The Dao God told me that this was the shattering light from the depths of the starry sky… His opportunity to reach the Myriad Techniques Return to One Realm has arrived and hes about to leave…”

Not long after this incident was recorded, the Dao God led the 35 Golden Immortals and left in a hurry. The Daoyi Heavenly Court also disappeared.

Before the Dao God left, he ordered Xuan Che to be the first Sect Master of Daoyi Palace. He could educate all living beings, establish a country, and start a true civilization on this Dao Star.

Then, there was a great battle.

Without the suppression of the Daoyi Heavenly Court, the different ideological contradictions among the native immortals directly erupted.

Some people styled themselves as high and mighty and wanted to form a group of new Heavenly Court. There was an extremely tragic battle with the group that advocated educating all living beings and starting a true civilization.

In the end, it was Xuan Che who relied on the treasures left behind by the Dao God and the power of Daoyi Palace to obtain victory.

Many Devas, Heaven Immortals, Heaven Monarchs, and even Mystic Deities who had been defeated at that time had disappeared.

On the other hand, the Daoyi Palace began to educate all living beings and establish the first country.

The subsequent records had nothing to do with the Dao God.

However, there was something else recorded in this book.

300 years after the Dao God left, which was 6,700 years ago.

Divine Lord Tianhe of the 35 Golden Immortals suddenly returned.

Moreover, his condition was very bad. His entire body was emitting purple-black smoke, and the Immortal True Essence in his body actually showed signs of collapse.

He clearly had an undying body, but he could only endure the pain of his heavily injured body and could not recover.

Even his mental state had become extremely unstable.

Divine Lord Tianhe ordered Xuan Che to help him collect some materials.

After obtaining these materials, he personally built a flying ship and disappeared.

Xuan Che did not even have the time to ask about the Dao God.

However, not long after Divine Lord Tianhe left, Xuan Che observed the sky at night and discovered that there were some changes with Tianzhu Star.

– Tianzhu Star was the planet closest to Daozhou Star.

He guessed that something had fallen on it.

It was suspected to be Divine Lord Tianhes flying ship. After that, a further 800 years passed and Xuan Che died of old age, and the records of this “Dao God Heaven Opening Secret Records” ended here.

After reading the entire book, Cui Heng obtained a huge increase in his cultivation.

Coupled with the increase he had obtained previously, his Early-stage Nascent Soul cultivation was almost 30%!

However, his heart was still filled with doubts.

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