Realizing This Is A Wuxia World After Cultivating For 300 Years

Chapter 233 - Myriad Techniques Return to One Sage

Chapter 232 Covering the Sky with One Hand

“Immortal Ascension Platform?” Cui Heng looked at Daoist Three Yang. “Is it the Immortal Ascension Platform that connected the Daoyi Palace to the Daoyi Heavenly Court in ancient times?”

“Thats right.” Daoist Three Yang nodded and said, “Ever since the Dao God led the 35 Divine Lords away 7,000 years ago, the 36 palaces of the Daoyi Heavenly Court have disappeared. The Immortal Ascension Platform has never lit up again.”

“I sensed that a palace equivalent to the Peak of the Fifth Realm has appeared in Linjiang County.” Cui Heng looked in the direction of Linjiang County again and said in a low voice, “Has the Heaven Unity Palace of the Daoyi Heavenly Court reappeared in the world?”

“That should be the case.” Daoist Three Yang thought for a moment and said, “However, 6,700 years ago, after Divine Lord Tianhe suddenly returned, he left in a hurry. At that time, the Immortal Ascension Platform also wasnt lit up. Why is it lit up now?”

“Im afraid youll have to ask the current owner of the Heaven Unity Palace.” Cui Heng put down the book in his hand and said to Daoist Three Yang, “Keep this book for me. Ill be back soon.”

Something big must have happened in Linjiang County.

Moreover, this kind of palace that was comparable to the Grand Completion Golden Core Realm had already exceeded the scope of what Li Mingqiong and Pei Qingshu could deal with.

As their master, he naturally could not sit back and do nothing.


After the Heaven Saint Palace appeared, Ye Yun and the others fell into a state of ecstasy.

Especially Ye Yun.

As an Oracle who had followed Divine Lord Tianhe for thousands of years, he knew very well how powerful the Heaven Unity Palace was.

This was a supreme treasure personally created by the Dao God back then.

It was a Limitless Golden Immortal Weapon that had surpassed the Golden Immortal realm!

Any Golden Immortal who obtained such a treasure could rely on its powerful might to sweep through those of the same level and be invincible in the world!

Not to mention that this was Heavenly Saint Supreme Venerate, a successor personally appointed by Divine Lord Tianhe.

To Heavenly Saint Supreme Venerate, this Heaven Saint Palace was like his own body.

He could command and release its power at will.

However, because the Heavenly Void World was very resistant to the power of the Heaven Saint Palace, they had to offer the Heaven Worship Dew Crystals to allow the Heaven Saint Palace to descend.

This was also the reason why the Heavenly Saint Supreme Venerate almost never appeared in the Heavenly Void World.

Now that the Heaven Saint Palace had descended, the power of this Limitless Immortal Weapon was released unscrupulously in the Heavenly Void World and directly augmented the body of the Heavenly Saint Supreme Venerate!

At this moment, Heavenly Saint Supreme Venerate had already transformed from 10,000 feet tall to 30,000 feet tall!

This was really a power that could destroy the world with a single move. Any move could cause the ground to tremble and the mountains to tremble. With a single breath, a hurricane would howl, and any sound he made would be like thunder.

Everyone felt this power that seemed to be able to crush everything in the world. Nothing could disobey this power, let alone the will of this great existence.

What was even more terrifying was that behind the 30,000 feet tall Heavenly Saint Supreme Venerate, there was a huge palace that was 50,000 feet tall. It was so magnificent that it was indescribable.

It was simply like the reappearance of the ancient Heavenly Court.

At this moment, even the people of Linjiang County could not help but kneel on the ground and worship this tens of thousands of feet tall Heavenly God. That was because the might displayed by Heavenly Saint Supreme Venerate had completely crushed their hearts.

If they did not kneel, they would only suffer a mental breakdown.

Not to mention ordinary people, even Pei Qingshu was only relying on his powerful willpower to support himself. His body had already begun to tremble slightly. This was an instinctive fear.

Only Li Mingqiongs expression was normal, but the mental impact she received was actually even greater. Other than the pressure from Heavenly Saint Supreme Venerate, she was still enduring the pressure of the Heaven Saint Palace.

Under such a double impact, her current situation was extremely poor.

The image of the Great Empress that had appeared earlier had already become blurry. At the same time, she felt a splitting headache, and the scene in front of her was a little blurry.

Heavenly Saint Supreme Venerate had already sensed the change in Li Mingqiong. His face revealed a disdainful expression as he said indifferently, “Theyre just two ants.”

“When my Master descends, you will know what it means to be an ant!” Li Mingqiong gritted her teeth, but her eyes were still firm. She stared at Heavenly Saint Supreme Venerate and sneered, “I hope you wont kneel down and beg for mercy!”

“Good!” Heavenly Saint Supreme Venerate laughed instead of being angry. He looked down at Li Mingqiong and laughed. “If the Master you mentioned really dares to come, Ill leave his corpse intact.”

After receiving the enhancement of the Heaven Saint Palace, Heavenly Saint Supreme felt unprecedentedly powerful. This greatly changed his mentality.

As the power in his body increased, so did his confidence.

Originally, after seeing Li Mingqiongs strength, he was still afraid of that mysterious Demon from the Lower World. But now, this trace of fear has disappeared.

This sudden increase in strength made him treat himself as an invincible expert.

“Who wanted to leave me an intact corpse?”

At this moment, a mysterious voice suddenly sounded in the sky, as if it was echoing in the distance. His voice was clearly not loud, but it was heard extremely clearly by everyone.

Li Mingqiong and Pei Qingshu immediately revealed ecstatic expressions and shouted in unison.



They were too familiar with this voice and too expectant.

“Heh, you actually dare to come?” Heavenly Saint Supreme Venerate sneered.

He was about to activate the power of the Heaven Saint Palace to lock onto the source of the voice and attack, killing the “Master” Li Mingqiong and Pei Qingshu had mentioned on the spot.

However, as soon as he moved, he felt that something was wrong. For some reason, the sky above him suddenly darkened, as if the sunlight in the sky was blocked by something.

This sudden change brought him a very sudden sense of oppression. Heavenly Saint Supreme Venerate subconsciously looked up. Then, his gaze froze, and his face revealed an expression of disbelief. Soon, it became filled with fear.

A hand!

There was actually a hand on top of him. It was this hand that covered the sky!

He could cover the sky with one hand!

A huge sense of fear suddenly surged in Heavenly Saint Supreme Venerates heart.

He was now 30,000 feet tall, but compared to this palm, he was as small as a childs toy.

If this palm alone was so huge, how big was his entire body?

What kind of monster was this?!

How could such an unbelievable existence appear in the small Heavenly Void World?!

This was too ridiculous!

This didnt make sense at all!

“Run!” He must escape immediately! At this moment, this was the only thought in Heavenly Saint Supreme Venerates mind.

He immediately wanted to use the power of the Heaven Saint Palace to escape.

At the very least, he had to leave the Heavenly Void World first!

Unfortunately, it was too late.

Before he could move, the huge hand that covered the sky had already reached down. It was like catching a little chick, easily catching him.

With just three fingers, he was grabbed in the gigantic hand and all the power in his body was sealed in an instant, cutting off his connection with the Heaven Saint Palace.

Immediately after, another huge hand appeared out of thin air and grabbed the Heaven Saint Palace, holding it in its palm.

The powerful Heaven Saint Palace was like a toy that was casually played with.

“What is this? What kind of power is this? I, how can I…” Heavenly Saint Supreme Venerate was completely stunned. His mind was about to collapse. The current situation had completely exceeded his understanding.

At this moment, the voice sounded again with a faint tone of mockery.

“Are you going to leave me an intact corpse?”

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