Realizing This Is A Wuxia World After Cultivating For 300 Years

Chapter 237 - The Starry Sky 30 Billion Li Away

bout to sublimate. My cultivation should be fighting!”

“In that case, Ill go with you after I settle the matters of the Great Zhou Dynasty,” Li Mingqiong said firmly.

“Ah?” Pei Qingshu was stunned when he heard that. He asked curiously, “Senior Sister, I remember Master saying that you cultivate the soul. This cultivation method should be more suitable for meditation.”

“What if you get beaten to death without me taking care of you?” Li Mingqiong raised her eyebrows slightly and snorted. “Youre my only junior brother. You cant die for no reason.”

“You want to keep me around so that Im easy to bully, right?” Pei Qingshu smiled, as if he was recalling something from a long time ago. “Back then, in Masters immortal abode, you wanted to kill me the moment you saw me.”

“That was an order from the Black Yellow Heavenly Palace. Its not your fault.” Li Mingqiong shook her head gently and sighed. “Sigh, even though I said that, I probably wont leave. My brother hasnt returned yet. Ill wait here for him to return.”

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She would wait for her brother to return.

This was her original intention when she asked Cui Heng for the Immortal Martial Technique.

To this day, she still remembered it in her heart.

“Senior Sister, just stay here.” Pei Qingshu smiled and said, “In the future, when I leave the Heavenly Void World, I can help you find Mingcheng. Perhaps we can meet again. I can also apologize to him.”

Li Mingqiongs elder brother was called Li Mingcheng. Pei Qingshu was once a good friend of his.

“If you really see my brother, Im afraid hell really beat you to death.” Li Mingqiong smiled when she heard this. Her brows relaxed as she said seriously, “Since youve decided to leave, I wont stop you.

“However, whether you can leave in the end, and where you want to go after leaving will still have to wait for you to ask Master. Well wait here for Master…”


At this moment, a loud bang suddenly came from the sky, as if billions of lightning bolts had exploded at the same time. Li Mingqiong was interrupted before she could finish speaking

“What is it?”

“What happened?!”

Li Mingqiong and Pei Qingshu looked at each other before looking up at the sky. Then, their gazes froze.

The two of them looked at the Heaven Saint Palace floating in the air in extreme shock.

Layers of pure light suddenly lit up around the originally magnificent Heaven Saint Palace.

This clear light seemed to have no color, but it gave off the feeling that it contained all the colors.

And it was extremely agile.

Every ray of light seemed to have its own consciousness. They wandered in the void like living beings and lingered around the Heaven Saint Palace.

A moment later, these lights pulled at each other and gradually gathered together, forming a huge outline that was more than 100,000 feet tall.

This outline was like a baby, and the Heaven Saint Palace was held in the babys hand like a toy.

At the same time, Cui Heng in the Heaven Saint Palace began to sublimate his soul!



In the dark starry sky 30 billion li away from Daozhou Star, a shuttle-shaped flying ship was traveling at an extremely fast speed.

From time to time, countless illusory lights of various colors would light up around the flying shuttle.

As this light flickered, it would instantly cross an extremely far distance.

It was as if it had teleported.

At this moment, an excited voice suddenly sounded from the shuttle.

“Ive sensed it, Ive sensed it! The Heaven Surveillance Disc has reacted. Its indeed here!”

“According to the records, the connection between the imprints of Great-grandfather after he was killed disappeared in this direction!

“Weve finally found it!”

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