venly Void World had increased greatly.

Moreover, this was not all.

Due to the influence of the power of the Nascent Soul, countless laws appeared, making the laws of the Heavenly Void World even clearer. In turn, the Heaven Earth Origin Qi began to become even denser.

From this moment on, everyone in the Heavenly Void World would have an easier time cultivating.

Especially the realms after the Xiantian realm.

In addition, the influence of the power of the Nascent Soul also caused the various hidden items that were originally hidden in the void to appear.

As countless laws condensed into reality and transformed into phenomena, all kinds of spatial rifts, cross-border passages, ancient mystic realms, and so on appeared. Strange phenomena also appeared everywhere on the ground. Either a mystic realm opened or a rare treasure appeared.

Even the originally very mysterious location of the Buddhist monasterys mountain gate was revealed under this influence. There were no more secrets.

Pei Qingshu and Li Mingqiong both sensed this situation.

This was because three spatial rifts had appeared in Linjiang County alone. Through this spatial rift, one could sense that the other side was connected to small worlds. It could be an ancient mystic realm or a rare treasure space.

“Master is really omnipotent!” Pei Qingshu exclaimed.

“Indeed.” Li Mingqiongs eyes were also filled with surprise. She nodded and said, “Its really a blessing for us to be able to become Masters disciples.”


Outside the Great Zhou Dynasty.

Hui Shi, who was leading two young disciples to search for a place to establish a sect, also looked at the sky.

He understood what was going on when he saw the layers of phenomena and countless lights.

“Chihong, Yanming, follow me and bow to the phenomenon in the sky,” Hui Shi said to the two disciples beside him. Then, he knelt respectfully in the direction of Linjiang County.

The two little boys, Chihong and Yanming, were only seven years old. They were both orphans. After being adopted by Hui Shi, they stayed by his side and were nurtured as successors to take over his work after the sect was established.

The two children were confused. Although they did not know why their master wanted them to worship the light of the sky, they had always listened to their master, so they also knelt down.

With this bow, the nomological light in the sky seemed to have sensed something and two rays of light descended to envelop the two children.

Hui Shi was stunned when he saw this. Then, he realized that this was the power of laws cleansing the two childrens marrow and improving their aptitude and foundation. It could allow them to walk faster and further on the path of cultivation.

“Thank you, Immortal Venerable!”


Hong Kang, who had already joined the Revolutionary Army, also saw the light of law in the sky. He sensed Cui Hengs aura from it and also kowtowed in the direction of Linjiang County.

“Congratulations on your great improvement in your Immortal cultivation!”


In the Heaven Saint Palace.

Cui Heng, who was sitting cross-legged with his eyes closed, slowly opened his eyes. At this moment, the phenomenon outside had already developed to its peak.

The entire Heavenly Void World began to tremble slightly. Layers of chaotic airflow began to appear at the intersection of heaven and earth. inch by inch, space even began to collapse.

However, at this moment, the instant Cui Heng opened his eyes, all the phenomena seemed to have stopped at this moment, and then they began to quickly disappear.

The huge Nascent Soul shadow was instantly retracted, and countless laws that had condensed into substance and phenomena quickly dissipated. Only the hidden places that were illuminated by the power of the Nascent Soul still existed.

Cui Hengs breakthrough was complete.

His Nascent Soul had broken through the original three feet height and grew to three feet and an inch.

However, this inch of height allowed him to break through the shackles of his realm and step into the Mid-stage Nascent Soul realm. At the same time, it brought him a tremendous change.

Firstly, it was the improvement in the essence of his Dharmic powers. Compared to his Early-stage Nascent Soul realm body, he was like an ant turning into an elephant. With just a breath, he could destroy an Early-stage Nascent Soul realm cultivator.

Of course, killing was impossible, and it was difficult to stop the Nascent Soul from escaping

This was because after a Nascent Soul left the body, it had the ability to fly through the void and instantly cross an extremely long distance. Not to mention a Mid-stage Nascent Soul cultivator, even a Late-stage Nascent Soul cultivator might not be able to catch up to an Early-stage Nascent Soul cultivators escaping soul.

Nascent Soul cultivators were too difficult to kill.

After all, this was only an increase in a small realm. Cui Heng was already very satisfied with such an improvement.

What satisfied him the most was the innate divine power he obtained after breaking through to the mid-stage Nascent Soul realm.

He could use the “knowledge” gained from his personal explorations

To refine void into reality!

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