Realizing This Is A Wuxia World After Cultivating For 300 Years

Chapter 23 - Xiantian Realm Peak of the Pugilistic World

a trace of Dharmic powers, temporarily stabilizing Zhao Guangs life. He asked, “How powerful is this Sunflower Sword Art?”

“You actually dont know about the Sunflower Sword Art?” Zhao Guang was stunned when he heard that.

“Tell me.” Cui Heng smiled.

“How is this possible?!” Zhao Guang looked at Cui Heng in disbelief. “20 years ago, Lin Nantu, who was originally just a servant of an escort company, accidentally obtained the Sunflower Sword Art and became a top-notch expert in just three years!

“Ten years later, he used this opportunity to advance to the Xiantian realm. His sword light was unstoppable and even iron armor could not withstand a single strike of his sword. He once single-handedly repelled the combined forces of the sect masters of several large Sects and even forced back the cavalry of hundreds of soldiers from the Imperial Court. From then on, he dominated the Pugilistic World!”

With Lin Nantus exaggerated achievements, the Sunflower Sword Art was already a world-renowned martial arts technique.

Later, Lin Nantu was killed and the Sunflower Sword Art was nowhere to be found. However, in the past 20 years, any news about it would cause a bloodbath.

There was actually someone in this world who didnt know about the Sunflower Sword Art!

Zhao Guang could not understand it. In his panic and confusion, he did not even notice the changes in his body.

“Xiantian Realm, dominating the Pugilistic World?” The expression on Cui Hengs face turned extremely strange as he asked again, “If one can dominate the Pugilistic World at the Xiantian Realm, then whats above the Xiantian Realm?”

“Above the Xiantian Realm?” Zhao Guang seemed to be a little confused by the question. He was stunned for a moment and asked doubtfully, “There are realms above the Xiantian Realm? I, Ive never heard of it.”

“Have you heard of the Deity Realm and Human Immortal Realm?” Cui Heng asked again.

“What is that? The Immortals in books?” Zhao Guang was even more confused. He could not understand what this powerful person in front of him wanted to ask. The questions he asked were so strange. “Hey, thats not right. I, why did I…”

At this moment, he finally discovered the change in his physical condition.

The pain in his entire body was gone, and his dazed mind had returned to normal. At this moment, he actually felt that his condition was unprecedentedly good!

How was that possible!

That was the so-called peerless poison of the Pugilistic World, “Seven Apertures Death Powder”!

After realizing that he was poisoned, Zhao Guang realized what poison he had been planted with based on his physical condition.

It was said that even Immortals would find it difficult to save someone who had been poisoned by it. They could only wait for death.

There was no exception!

How did I neutralize the poison for no reason?

Could it be…

Zhao Guangs face was filled with disbelief. He quickly raised his head to look at Cui Heng, but all he saw was the dark tomb.

The Immortal-like youth from before had already disappeared without a trace.

“If you want to take care of your wife and mother, do it yourself. I dont have the time.”

Cui Hengs voice drifted over from outside the tomb, sounding like a celestial voice.


Zhao Guang directly knelt on the ground and kowtowed respectfully towards the outside of the tomb.

“Thank you for saving my life, Immortal! From now on, I will definitely accumulate good karma and do good deeds. I will work to benefit a region and repay your kindness!”

Cui Heng didnt even need to lift a finger to get rid of the so-called top poison in the martial arts world.

It was equivalent to an effort of exhaling a breath to him.

After he left the tomb, he recalled Zhao Guangs words and took a deep breath.

“System! Is this really the high-level immortal realm? Why do I feel like this is just a normal Wuxia World?”

[Respectable host! Your novice period has expired. Please recharge and upgrade to an all-rounded cultivation package. The System will continue to protect your path to Immortality!]



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