Realizing This Is A Wuxia World After Cultivating For 300 Years

Chapter 241 - Starlight Falling from the North

i Heng nodded slightly and said to the two of them, “Ill enter seclusion next. Ill only come out occasionally. Huo Wu will stay here to help you deal with any problems.

If you encounter anything that requires manpower, you can also look for Hui Shi. Hes already not weak, and Huo Er is also with him. He can help you a lot.

In addition, many hidden places have appeared in the world. You can also send someone to investigate and record the information or discoveries you obtain. Report to me when I come out of seclusion.”

“Yes, Master!” Pei Qingshu and Li Mingqiong said in unison.

Then, Cui Heng left and flew up. He brought the Heaven Saint Palace to the place where Heaven and Earth intersected and disappeared from Linjiang County.

Then, he entered and continued reading the books.


The Heavenly Void World was not peaceful after Cui Heng entered seclusion.

Although the Nine Elders of the Immortal sects were already dead, there were still many Heaven Immortals and even Heaven Monarchs among the Nine Immortal Sects. Their strength was not weak.

They had also secretly joined forces with the three Buddhist monasteries and obtained the support of the Buddhist sects.

Monks in the Bodhi True Fruit Realm, which was equivalent to the Mystic Deity realm, and Great Bodhi True Fruit Realm experts, which was equivalent to Golden Immortals, appeared one after another. There were quite a number of them, and they could actually repeatedly attack Pei Qingshu and Li Mingqiong.

Both sides were in a deadlock for three years.

Although in the past three years, Pei Qingshu and Li Mingqiong had successfully persuaded the Heavenly Cycle Star Pavilion and the Beast Taming Immortal Sect of the Nine Immortal Sects to surrender, and the remaining seven Immortal Sects were no longer a problem, the other partys core power was actually the Great Bodhi True Fruit experts of the three Buddhist monasteries. If they could not resolve these experts, there wouldnt be any progress.

Therefore, after three years of stalemate, Pei Qingshu and Li Mingqiong could not take it anymore. They could only ask Huo Wu to help them and let this Nine Fire Flame Dragon, which was already equivalent to the Grand Completion Golden Core Realm, attack.

In the end, it swept through everything easily.

The advantage brought about by the difference in realms was too great. Those incomparably powerful Great Bodhi True Fruit experts were like paper in front of Huo Wu. None of them could even withstand a single exchange.

At this point, the seven Immortal Sects of the Nine Immortal Sects had already been destroyed. The other two Immortal Sects had also completely submitted. They handed over their mountain sects and all their assets and entered the Great Zhou Dynasty to establish a martial academy. They only taught martial cultivation and no longer established sects.

As a result, all the books and treasures stored in the Nine Immortal Sects and the three Buddhist monasteries were stored in the Great Zhou Imperial Palaces treasure vault.

At the same time, they made a copy of the books and stored it in Linjiangs Pei family.

They would wait for Cui Heng to come out of seclusion to read them.

On the surface, the unstable factors in the Heavenly Void World seemed to have been swept away.

But in reality, it was still far from stable.

The three Buddhist monasteries were still alright. They basically lived in seclusion and were rarely involved in the affairs of the mortal world and many sects and aristocratic families. However, the Nine Immortal Sects were different. Every Immortal Sect ruled an extremely vast area.

Now that the Nine Immortal Sects had fallen, there was a large power vacuum.

If they could not quickly take this portion of power into their hands, it would be very easy for a large-scale chaos to arise.

Once the chaos started, it would be very difficult to stop it.

Therefore, after flattening the Nine Immortal Sects and the three Buddhist monasteries, Pei Qingshu and Li Mingqiong found Hui Shi and Hong Kang, and asked the two of them to help gather the loose sand under the Nine Immortal Sects.

This coincided with the need of one of them to establish a sect and the other to establish a country. Naturally, they agreed and began to work together.

In the next 50 years, Pei Qingshu, Li Mingqiong, Hui Shi, and Hong Kang spent most of their energy on this aspect. In the end, they were able to let the people of the Heavenly Void World live in peace and joy.

In the next 50 years, while consolidating their foundation, they began to explore the mystic realms that appeared everywhere in the world, recording their gains.

They waited for Cui Heng to come out of seclusion.

Time passed quickly, and a hundred years passed in the blink of an eye.


Chen Ying was no longer the greedy little girl from back then.

She was talented and extraordinary. Her cultivation speed was extremely fast, and she had already become an Earth Immortal.

She was only one step away from the Deva Realm.

As the Purple Cloud Sword Master and the most outstanding disciple of her generation, she took over the position of Sect Master of the Immortal Dawn Sect ten years ago and became one of the most famous people in the world.

The people of the martial world called her “Perfected Purple Cloud”.

However, Chen Ying had never been complacent because of this. She had always known very well that her insignificant cultivation was nothing.

There were many seniors in the sect who were stronger than her.

Moreover, she had personally seen what “invincibility” looked like a hundred years ago!

A mere Earth Immortal was nothing.

Therefore, Chen Ying had never relaxed in her cultivation. She still maintained the habit of going to the sea of clouds every morning to absorb Purple Qi.

On this morning.

As usual, she came to the sea of clouds and was about to circulate the Immortal Dawn Sword Art to cultivate when she suddenly felt something and looked towards the north.

An incomparably dazzling golden light descended like a comet.

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