end, he guided Emperor Taizu to overthrow the decaying Great Jin step by step, changing the world and rebuilding a new dynasty.

Great Wei!

Although Wu Yin had relinquished his authority and retired after the situation in the new dynasty stabilized, Emperor Taizu was still very kind to him.

Wu Yin did not want any rewards, so Emperor Taizu rewarded Changfeng Prefecture and even the entire Fengzhou to him.

After a long time, Fengzhou became the most prosperous state in the entire Great Wei, other than the Central Continent. Naturally, Changfeng Prefecture became the most prosperous place in Fengzhou.

Moreover, legend had it that a hundred years ago, the State Overseer of Fengzhou was an invincible Immortal God. He left behind a great divine power in Changfeng Prefecture and two incomparably powerful Guardian Gods, making countless people worship him.

To the disciples of the Immortal Dawn Sect, Fengzhou was even more special. Their Ancestral Grandfather had appeared here a hundred years ago and changed the fate of the entire Immortal Dawn Sect.

Therefore, in the eyes of most of the younger generation disciples of the Immortal Dawn Sect, it was definitely a very lucky thing to be sent to Changfeng Prefecture.

Zhao Qi was such a lucky person.

She was Chen Yings grand-disciple. She was young, but her cultivation was not weak. She had already cultivated to the Inner World realm at the age of 19 and was only one step away from reaching the Peak of the Mortal World Realm.

Although the level of martial strength in the entire martial world had increased a lot compared to a hundred years ago and Inner World experts could no longer be considered top-notch, they could still be considered as Grandmasters. Their status was not low.

This time, Chen Ying had sent her to Changfeng Prefecture to look for Liu Litao, Zhao Guang, and Lu Zhengming to explain that there was a strange starlight falling from the north.

At the same time, she had to ask them about Ancestral Grandfather Cui Heng.

Zhao Qis first reaction after coming to Changfeng Prefecture City was that it was very big. She had lost her parents since she was young and had lived on Cangcheng Mountain since she was young. She had almost never left the mountain.

Therefore, in the past 19 years of her life, she had never seen such a huge city, nor had she seen so many people and such a prosperous place.

This shocking scene caused her to stand dumbly in the middle of the road. She looked at the goods coming and going while looking at the pedestrians with different expressions.

After a while, Zhao Qi came back to her senses and couldnt help but sigh in her heart. “As expected of the most prosperous place in the world other than the Imperial City. Gold is everywhere.”

At the same time, she reminded herself to pay attention to her emotions at all times.

“I havent even carefully experienced such a situation, but it already gives me such a shocking feeling. After I enter the city, I have to adjust my mood well. I cant panic.”

As Zhao Qi walked in Changfeng Prefecture City, she increasingly felt that the people here lived very peacefully and happily. Everyones faces were filled with happy smiles.

“Is this Changfeng Prefecture? It really deserves its reputation.”

Zhao Qi could not help but exclaim in her heart.

A lot of pride grew in her heart.

After all, the main reason why Changfeng Prefecture could have such a situation was because this place was managed by her Ancestral Grandfather a hundred years ago.

It was rumored that the founder of the country had also followed her Ancestral Grandfather and left.

“I really want to know what kind of person Ancestral Grandfather is and what hell be like when we meet him?” Zhao Qis heart could not help but wander. “Now that the 100 years are almost up, will Ancestral Grandfather return from the Upper World?”

Just as she was touring leisurely, a middle-aged woman suddenly stood in front of her and blocked her path.

“You are?” Zhao Qi frowned and asked.

“Im an official from Changfeng Prefecture City. My name is Xue Lan. I was ordered by Senior Liu to welcome a high-level disciple from the Immortal Dawn Sect.” The middle-aged womans attitude was very respectful.

“Is it Senior Liu Litao?” Zhao Qis eyes lit up.

“Yes, theres also Senior Zhao Guang and Senior Lu Zhengming.” Xue Lan smiled.

“Then please lead the way.” Zhao Qi smiled.

Heavenly Void World, Daoyi Palace.

Cui Heng slowly closed a book he had just finished reading

This was no longer the stock of books from Daoyi Palace and Heaven Saint Palace. Instead, it was something new that Pei Qingshu and the others had discovered in the mystic realm. It could bring him a lot of new knowledge.

This was no longer the stock of books from Daoyi Palace and Heaven Saint Palace. Instead, it was something new that Pei Qingshu and the others had discovered in the mystic realm. It could bring him a lot of new knowledge.

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