Realizing This Is A Wuxia World After Cultivating For 300 Years

Chapter 245 - 5 It Cant Be the Seventh Realm of the Immortal World Right?

Chapter 244 Im Only 700 Years Old, A Youth

“Do we really have to be so cautious?” Li Wei looked at Li Cheng suspiciously and frowned. “Youre clearly 20 years older than me. Why are you so timid?”

“Hehe, this is my life experience.” Li Cheng snorted and stood up. “If you werent my biological sister, I wouldnt be bothered to tell you this.”

“Experience?” Li Weis eyes lit up when she heard that and she immediately smiled. Her eyes curved into the shape of crescents as she stood up and leaned towards Li Cheng. “Then tell me, what experience is it? Could it be that youve been tortured by someone because of your carelessness?”

“No, how is that possible?” Li Cheng hurriedly waved his hand and turned around. He shook his head and said, “Its just that I heard from some of the elders in the sect. These are all life experiences that the elders told me!”

“Is that so?” When Li Wei saw this, the smile on her face deepened. She smiled until her original appearance was revealed. Her ordinary appearance suddenly became beautiful.

She walked in front of Li Cheng, the smile on her face still very strong. “I heard that 300 years ago, when you just broke through and digested your Immortal True Essence to become a Golden Immortal, you followed Martial Aunt Zhong to the outer realm to eliminate demons.

That Demon Slaying Mission was not difficult. The strongest Demon Dao martial artist was only a Half-step Golden Immortal. In the end, you were severely injured. Was it that time?”

“Youre very annoying!” A vein appeared on Li Chengs forehead. The corners of his mouth twitched slightly as he took a deep breath and said, “No, and whats with your current appearance? The appearance you transformed into is gone!”

“Haha, Im just too happy right now. You always look like youre educating me.” Li Wei laughed heartily. Then, she placed her hand on her face and rubbed it before turning into another face.


“This isnt how you looked just now.” Li Cheng looked at Li Wei helplessly and said, “Change it back.”

“I forgot the combination for the facial features before.” Li Wei lied through her teeth and smiled. “Brother, you know that there are many details involved in an appearance.

In this situation, any difference can cause the entire face to change. I didnt specifically remember my previous appearance, so I dont know how to change it back to that appearance.”


“Bullsh*t!” Li Cheng flicked Li Weis head and sighed. “Youre already a few hundred years old. Why are you still acting like a little


“…” Li Wei was stunned by this sentence. Her mouth opened slightly and her eyes widened as she looked at Li Cheng in disbelief. “You, what did you say?!”

“I, I didnt say anything.” Li Cheng immediately became cautious.

“Heh.” Li Wei sneered. “We Limitless Golden Immortals can live for thousands of years. Most of our time is spent cultivating the Martial Dao. Were not like mortals who have experienced countless deaths in just a few decades. Whats wrong with being young at heart?

“Im only 700 years old and am still in my youth. If you dare to say anything about being old… I, Ill blow up all the ancient flying shuttle swords in your family. Do you believe me?”

“Alright, alright, alright. Youre the youngest, and Im the only old man. Spare those old mens toys in my family.” Li Cheng directly admitted defeat and waved his hand. “No matter what, change your appearance back first to avoid exposing yourself.”

“Hehe.” Li Wei still sneered.

“Sigh, then Ill tell you. Ill tell you, alright?” Li Cheng completely admitted defeat.

“Alright.” Li Wei smiled as if her expression had changed. She sat beside Li Cheng like an obedient girl.

“Its like this,” Li Cheng said helplessly. “Back then, Martial Aunt Zhong, I, and two other fellow disciples, a total of four Golden Immortals, brought 12 Heaven Monarchs to Sanshou Star to destroy the Demon Daos Vajra Sacred Sect.

According to the initial information we obtained, only the Ancestral Master of the Vajra Sacred Sect was a Golden Immortal, but he had long passed away. The strongest person at that time was only a Half-step Golden Immortal.

Therefore, after we arrived on Sanshou Star, we did not hide our actions at all. We did not have any scruples and directly attacked the Vajra Sacred Sect.

The battle went very smoothly. The Vajra Sacred Sects strongholds on Sanshou Star were destroyed by us one by one. Although there were disciples of the Vajra Sacred Sect who claimed that their Ancestral Master was not dead and had even become a Limitless Golden Immortal, no one cared.

Finally, when we reached the base of the Vajra Sacred Sect, a Limitless Golden Immortal appeared without warning. With just one move, he tore my Immortal Body into pieces and cut it into more than 10,000 pieces with countless sword lights.

Even Martial Aunt Zhong, who was stronger than me, was beaten into meat paste in just one breath. She had no room to resist at all, and the 12 Heaven Monarchs were all killed on the spot.

If not for the fact that that person had yet to become a Sage and did not have the great divine power to strip away our Immortal True Essence, and that Martial Aunt Zhong still had a life-saving secret treasure, your brothers ending would not have been as simple as being cut into more than 10,000 pieces.”

“What? You, you were cut into more than 10,000 pieces back then?!” Li Weis eyes turned red. She bit her red lips and lowered her head. “Im sorry, Brother. I didnt know…”

“Never mind.” Li Cheng waved his hand and chuckled. “Later, when I became a Limitless Golden Immortal, I went to Sanshou Star again and personally cut that fellow into 100,000 pieces. Every piece was sealed in different places, preventing him from reforming his Immortal Body.”

“Hiss!” Li Wei took a deep breath and wiped her red eyes, as if she was meeting Li Cheng for the first time. “Brother, youre actually so fierce?”


“Heh, dont you know whose brother I am!” Li Cheng couldnt help but raise his chin proudly.

“Haha, you really know how to talk!” Li Wei immediately laughed. Her appearance changed and she returned to her ordinary appearance when she first came to Juhe County.

“Yes, thats the way.” Li Cheng nodded in satisfaction and said with a smile, “This will make it easier for us to integrate into this world and investigate the true face of this world to find clues about Great-grandfathers murder.”

“Yes, yes.” Li Wei nodded. Then, she seemed to have thought of something and asked, “Brother, actually, Ive always had a question. Why was the Dao Ancestor so intent on investigating the death of Great-grandfather back then?

Its been almost 7,000 years, but the rewards for investigating this matter are still so generous. Its three whole pieces of Immortal True Essence! There are only less than 30 pieces of Immortal True Essence on our Chongyang Star.”

Dao Ancestor was also one of the titles for a Sage. Usually, the juniors of the same sect would use this form of address as the highest form of respect.

“Ive heard a little about this, but its only a rumor. It might not be true.” Li Cheng thought for a moment and said, “I heard that the reason why our Great-grandfather drove the flying shuttle out back then was to help the Dao Ancestor find an opportunity to improve in the Myriad Techniques Return to One Realm.”

“Advance further in the Myriad Techniques Return to One Realm?!” Li Wei said in surprise, “Isnt that the Peak of the Sixth Realm? Since ancient times, no one has reached this realm, right?”

“Who knows?” Li Cheng shook his head and said, “In any case, were just trying our luck this time. Its naturally best if we can find out the truth. If not, its best not to offend anyone, understand?”

“I know.” Li Wei nodded.

If these two people claimed to have any deep feelings for Li Fa, it would definitely be nonsense. When they were born, Li Fa had already died 6,000 years ago. How could they have any feelings for him?

The reason why they came here was because of the three Immortal True Essence reward.

Since this was their goal, it was naturally impossible for them to act without caring about their life.


The next morning.

Li Cheng and Li Wei woke up early. They pretended to be tourists from other places and asked about Juhe County during breakfast.

Then, they heard a legend from many commoners.

A hundred years ago, there was a county magistrate here called Immortal Cui.

At that time, it was the end of the Great Jin era of the previous dynasty, and war was everywhere. A rebel called Yan King led an army and swept through half of Fengzhou. He was unstoppable, but he lost a major battle in this small Juhe County.

It was because the county magistrate of Juhe at that time was an Immortal. This county magistrate only stood on the city wall and splashed a bowl of water down, but it caused the weather to change and summoned the wind and rain, instantly causing tens of thousands of troops to lose their combat strength.

To this day, this legend was still discussed enthusiastically. Some people even announced that they were at the scene and were standing on the city wall, beside County Magistrate Cui.

This legend attracted Li Wei and Li Chengs attention.

“Calling the wind and summoning the rain to change the weather is something that only a Heaven Immortal can do,” Li Cheng said in a low voice. “Ive asked around about the deeds of this Immortal Cui and guessed that he might be a Heaven Monarch or a Mystic Deity.”

“Yes, this person is not ordinary.” Li Wei nodded and said, “I also heard some other news. Someone said that an Immortal also descended in Xiling County a hundred years ago. Theres also a legend about an Immortal Governor in Lu County. Im afraid its all related to him.

Do you think hes the Golden Immortal who inherited the murderers Immortal True Essence?” Li Cheng pondered for a moment and shook his head gently. “No, we cant be sure with just these legends.”

“We still have to go to the Yuhua Sword Pavilion.” Li Wei was certain of her brothers judgment. “I just asked around about the Yuhua Sword Pavilion. This is the number one sect in Lu County, and they have Human Immortals. They should know a lot of things.”

“Thats true.” Li Cheng nodded and said, “However, we have to be prepared. We have to be polite. We cant let others treat us as bandits. We have to be cautious at all times.”

“Yes, dont worry!” Li Wei nodded in agreement and smiled faintly. “Im still very careful at the critical moment.”


Lu County, Yuhua Sword Pavilion.

Xu Bailu, who had been in seclusion for a long time, slowly walked out of the meditation room and muttered, “Ive finally become a Human Immortal.”

After a hundred years, she was still the same as before.

She was in her early thirties and wore a light green Daoist robe embroidered with white deer patterns. She wore a lotus flower crown.

Her appearance was beautiful, and her skin was as fair as jade. Her facial features were exquisite, and her eyes were bright. Her eyelashes were long and thin, making her look beautiful and otherworldly. At the same time, she looked a little charming.

She looked up at the sky, her eyes flashing with all kinds of complicated emotions, as if she was lost in her memories.

“Perfected Cui, the 100-year period is almost upon us. Will you come back this time?”

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