subconsciously blurted out, “want to have a child?”

“No, it’s about managing a country! Hahaha!” Cui Heng laughed. “Mingqiong, wait for a few days. I’ll study and see if I can explore a different cultivation path for you.”

A new cultivation path, and it was a path that could be cultivated to the Nascent Soul realm!

This was enough to greatly increase his nearly stagnant cultivation.


Fengzhou, above the Hong River.

Li Cheng and Li Wei were both very nervous.

They did not expect that a Golden Immortal and a Limitless Golden Immortal would suddenly appear in this place that seemed to have very few Human Immortals.

This was too ridiculous!

It was fine if there was a Golden Immortal, but what was with this Limitless Golden Immortal?!

Fortunately, the two of them did not attack directly. They did not look like violent and bloodthirsty people. “Who are you?” Huo San manifested a thousand-foot-long dragon body. His scarlet eyes flickered with flames as he stared at Li Cheng and Li Wei. “What are you trying to do by sneaking around?”.

“Fellow Daoist Huo San, these two people once asked someone in the Hong River Valley about Immortal Venerable,” Water God Hong River said to Huo San.

She and Huo San were both left behind by Cui Heng in the mortal world, and they both had complete intelligence. They had also interacted with each other a few times, so they called each other Fellow Daoist.

“You were actually asking about Immortal Venerable?!” Huo San’s eyes widened, and his gaze condensed into a material flame. In an instant, it formed a sea of fire in the sky and surrounded Li Cheng and Li Wei.

“This flame is so powerful! Is this really the strength of a Limitless Golden Immortal?!” Li Cheng was shocked. He could sense the power of this flame through the outermost defensive light curtain, it far exceeded his understanding of the power of a Limitless Golden Immortal.

Although this calamity had not burned through his defensive light curtain, he could clearly sense that this situation was not because the defensive power of the light curtain was powerful. It was just that the flames had only surrounded them and did not really attack.

If this sea of fire began to attack and erupt with its true power, the 12 layers of defensive light curtain would probably be burned through in an instant, and the three protective Immortal weapons would probably be directly destroyed.

What the f*ck was going on with this Limitless Golden Immortal? Who had seen such a powerful Limitless Golden Immortal?!

Li Wei’s face was also a little pale. She was born with extraordinary spiritual perception and could also sense the power of the sea of fire. She sent a voice transmission to Li Cheng, “Brother, find a chance to escape. This Fire Dragon is too powerful. How is it only a Limitless Golden Immortal?!”

Actually, the aura Huo San revealed now was indeed equivalent to the Limitless Golden Immortal realm. However, its cultivation path was the immortal Golden Core cultivation. Moreover, it had taken a hundred years to cultivate from the Late-stage Golden Core realm.

Although the Grand Completion Golden Core Realm could theoretically correspond to the Limitless Golden Immortal Realm, the difference in power between the two was actually extremely huge.

Even if it was not as wide as the distance between the heavens and the earth, it was at least a thousand miles away.

Under normal circumstances, the advantage of a Grand Completion Golden Core cultivator over a Limitless Golden Immortal was overwhelming.

“We can’t escape.” Li Cheng shook his head and replied with a voice transmission, “With that Fire Dragon’s strength, it’s useless even if we try our best to escape. We will definitely be caught.

Our only chance now is to win the other party’s favor and avoid a battle. After all, we didn’t do anything overboard, nor did we hurt anyone on this planet.”

“Yes, we didn’t hurt anyone!” Li Wei nodded repeatedly. Now, she especially agreed with her brother’s cautious tactics. Otherwise, she would be finished now.

Although a Limitless Golden Immortal could not kill another Limitless Golden Immortal, he could cut the other party into tens of thousands of pieces and seal each piece separately. This was simply worse than death.

“Senior Fire Dragon…” Li Cheng took a deep breath and was about to use his glib tongue to negotiate.

“There’s no need to say anything.” Huo San interrupted him and said indifferently, “Immortal Venerable sent me a message just now and asked me to inform you that he will descend in ten days.

At that time, you can participate in the descent ritual with us. If you have any questions, you can ask Immortal Venerable directly after he descends.”

“Ah?” Li Cheng was stunned when he heard that. The series of words he had prepared were all stuck. Wasn’t this Immortal Venerable Cui too timely?

Or could it be that his sister and his series of actions had actually been under the other party’s gaze all along?

As soon as this thought appeared, it immediately made his blood run cold.

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