mperament and is kind to others. I want to meet him more and more.”

“…” When Li Cheng saw his sisters expression, he subconsciously frowned and said, “That might not be the case. Its not like there are no ruthless people in the world.”

“Ah? Then arent we in danger?” Li Weis face turned pale with fear.

“Uh, not necessarily. Dont be afraid first.” Li Cheng hurriedly waved his hand and said, “From the information weve gathered now, this Cui Heng probably wont kill people randomly.

Moreover, he seems to like collecting ancient items. We have many ancient treasures with a long history in our hands. We can give them to him as a greeting gift. As long as we can leave a good impression on him, we might be able to cozy up to him.”

“Its as simple as hugging a thigh?” Li Wei tilted her head slightly and smiled. “Brother, I heard that Mr. Cui is especially good-looking. Legend has it that he has the looks of an Immortal. Its an otherworldly look. Do you want me to work hard and try?”

Li Cheng was stunned when he heard this. Then, he retorted on the spot and sneered, “Pfft! With your burly face, what big shot would like you?”

“What did you say?!” Li Weis eyes widened as she looked at Li Cheng in disbelief. She gestured at her exquisite figure and pointed at her beautiful face. She gritted her teeth and said, “Tell that to my face again?”

The daily life between siblings was just so boring

Just as the two of them were arguing, there was a commotion outside the residence. It sounded like many people had gathered on the street outside.

“Lets see whats going on outside.” Li Cheng took the opportunity to retreat and distance himself from his sister.

“Hmph.” Li Wei crossed her arms in front of her chest and propped up her towering peaks. She curled her lips and said, “Ill settle the score with you later. Lets go out and see whats going on.”

The siblings walked out of the residence and saw that there were ceremonial guards on both sides of the road. Countless commoners gathered on both sides of the street and looked around. They were all very excited to see the three people slowly walking over. These three were middle-aged men in their fifties or sixties. Their clothes were also very ordinary, but their auras gave off an unfathomable feeling.

Especially the one in the middle, he was even more noble.

“Its Mr. Liu and Mr. Chen. Who is coming for the two of them to personally welcome him and even create such a huge scene?” Li Cheng recognized Liu Litao and Chen Tong among the three of them. The one in the middle was very unfamiliar.

In the past few days in Changfeng Prefecture City, he had already learned that Liu Litao and Chen Tongs statuses were extremely high. Even if the current Emperor came, they might not welcome him so grandly.

What was going on?

However, Li Cheng quickly obtained an answer.

Not long after the welcoming ceremony, he received an invitation from Liu Litao, inviting him and Li Wei to attend a banquet that night.

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