Realizing This Is A Wuxia World After Cultivating For 300 Years

Chapter 252 - Everything in the World Is Celebrating

Chapter 251 Myriad Worlds, Endless Starry Sky

Immortal Venerable could sense this place?!

Everyone present immediately stood up when they heard this. Then, they knelt and bowed towards the Coiling Dragon Pillar. “Greetings, Immortal Venerable!”

Li Cheng was also stunned at this moment. He originally only wanted to share his experience of hugging someones thigh. He did not expect that someone would directly extend a thigh to him.

This was too ridiculous!

“Brother! What are you waiting for?” Li Wei had already knelt down, but she realized that her brother was still standing at the side in a daze. She hurriedly tugged at the corner of his shirt to remind him.

Only then did Li Cheng react. He hurriedly knelt on the ground and said respectfully, “Greetings, Immortal Venerable!”

“Immortal Venerable said that you can continue as normal,” Huo San said indifferently.

“Yes, Immortal Venerable!” Everyone said in unison before turning their gazes to Li Cheng.

Li Cheng adjusted his mood slightly and took a deep breath. “Immortal Venerable, the situation on Chongyang Star is like this…”

As he explained, Chongyang Stars appearance gradually appeared in front of everyone. At the same time, it allowed everyone present to have a basic understanding of the world outside Daozhou Star.

Beyond Daozhou Star was the universe.

No one knew how big the universe was. It could only be described as boundless.

Even a Sage was insignificant compared to the vast universe.

In the long period of time, the predecessors explored the universe and discovered all kinds of unbelievable things and mysterious phenomena.

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In order to make it easier to locate the area, the sages divided the known area into “the myriad worlds and endless starry sky”.

A place illuminated by a great sun was a starry sky.

There were extremely many “starry skies” in the known range. It was impossible to calculate the exact number, but there were not many stars with life.

It would not be an exaggeration to say that it was one in a million.

Therefore, if some neighboring or closer starry skies had living stars, and there were more than three such stars, they would be integrated and divided into “worlds”.

In other words, the so-called “Myriad Worlds”.

Of course, there were also some extremely powerful starry skies that were individually called a realm. Their sphere of influence might directly include more than a dozen neighboring starry skies. They were called “Unified Realms”.

The Nine Heavens Cloud Realm, which was mysteriously destroyed 6,800 years ago, was a Unified Realm. It was said that at its peak, there were more than 20 Sages who shook the universe and suppressed the starry sky.

As for “Heaven”, it only existed in the records and almost no one had really seen it.

Legend had it that “Heaven” was an extremely special existence.

Although “Heaven” existed in the universe, it was everywhere. Its essence was higher than the myriad worlds, even higher than this vast universe. It was intertwined with billions of Great Dao and endless laws, containing the ultimate mysteries of the Immortal World.

Therefore, the Heavens were almost not in the scope of normal discussions and could be ignored.

Chongyang Star was one of the five living stars of the “Five Views Realm”, and it was the strongest one.

There were three Immortal Sects: the Nine Deaths Heavenly Sect, the Netherworld Sacred Sect, and the Plague Imperial Palace.

Every Immortal Sect had a Sage.

Below the Sages, there were more than 50 Limitless Golden Immortals and more than 300 Golden Immortals on the surface.

The Nine Deaths Heavenly Sect was the strongest among the three Immortal Sects.

There were 27 Limitless Golden Immortals and more than 150 Golden Immortals in the sect. There were countless small clans and families of various sizes under their rule, and the number of people ruled by them was in the billions.

It was worth mentioning that Chongyang Star was extremely huge, at least a hundred times larger than Daozhou Star.

After talking about the situation on Chongyang Star, Li Cheng explained the situation of the other four stars in the Five Views Realm. He said everything he knew.


He was trying his best to perform well in front of Cui Heng and cozy up to him.

In the Heavenly Void World.

Cui Heng extended his perception with Huo San and listened to Li Chengs description of the starry sky. His Nascent Soul had a “full meal” for the first time in a long time.

However, he fell into deep thought.

After learning that “the myriad worlds and endless starry sky” were divided into regions, Cui Hengs first reaction was to feel his blood run cold.

“Its impossible for such a clear and standard method of demarcation to be just the spontaneous exploration of the so-called predecessors. There must be an incomparably huge organization that created such a set of demarcation standards for the convenience of management.”

He was extremely sure of this, but he also felt extremely terrified.

From Li Chengs description of “the myriad worlds and endless starry sky”, this was a whole that contained countless stars, planets, and even various strange stars.

According to Cui Hengs understanding, this might be a “river system”.

If that was really the case, it was too exaggerated and unbelievable. What kind of organization could establish a governing body that spanned an entire river system?

This was unimaginable.

Take the Milky Way for example. The number of stars was about 100 to 400 billion, the thickness of the core area was measured as 12,000 light years, and the diameter was 100,000 light years!

What kind of power could rule such a huge area?

With Cui Hengs current understanding, it was difficult for him to imagine the existence of this colossus.

But if such an organization really existed,

Then why did this organization no longer have any presence? At the very least, there was no such transcendent organization in the “Heavens, Myriad Worlds, and Endless Stars” described by Li Cheng

Has it fallen apart?

Or was it destroyed by an external force?

If it was the latter, what kind of power could destroy such a huge force?

“Tsk, a river system is indeed incomparably huge in my understanding, but in the entire universe, its not even a drop in the ocean. No matter how powerful an existence is, it seems normal.”

Cui Heng sighed softly and shook his head with a smile. “As expected, the Primary Grade Immortal Technique is right. The Nascent Soul realm is only at the infant stage. Its too weak and fragile. Even if it has the ability to destroy stars, its still not worth mentioning compared to this vast universe.”

He was already at the Late-stage Nascent Soul realm now. The effect of his aura was no longer as simple as making the entire planet tremble.

He was not sure if he could directly destroy a planet.

He would only know after trying.

But he still felt very insecure.

“There are still five days before the intersection of the two worlds. After dealing with Daozhou Star, Ill go to the Five Views Realm to explore. According to Li Chengs description, its relatively safe there.

If theres really danger, I can also hide in the Grotto-Heaven. In the past 100 years, Ive accumulated a lot of system currency. Its enough for me to hide inside for a long time.”

Cui Heng thought to himself, “I still have to break through to the Soul Formation realm as soon as possible. At that time, I can buy a higher-level package. It should have more functions and be much safer.

“Sigh, I still fell into a krypton gold trap in the end. However, theres nothing I can do about it. Its better to be careful. Staying alive is more important! This world is still too dangerous. Im so weak. I have to be more prepared.”

Five days passed in the blink of an eye.

Changfeng Prefecture City had already built an incomparably magnificent sacrificial platform. The grand ritual was about to begin.

At this moment, this place had already become the most eye-catching place in the world.

Cui Hengs followers were not the only ones who came to participate in the sacrificial ceremony. The disciples of the Immortal Dawn Sect, Daoyi Palace, Liu Litao, Chen Tong, Zhao Guang, Lu Zhengming, Xu Fengan, and the others were also present.

There were also countless martial artists from all over the world and countless commoners.

They all felt that they had received Immortal Cuis favor and had to welcome him into the world.

Other than that, there were also aristocratic families like the Wang Family of Langya and White Tiger Child, who had been playing in the mortal world for a hundred years. They had also come to express their reverence for Cui Heng.

While Changfeng Prefecture City was holding the sacrificial ceremony, the plague in Yongzhou had begun to erupt!

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