been passed down for countless generations.

“I see. I was wondering why the death of a Half-step Golden Immortal was still being investigated after 6,700 years.” Cui Heng nodded slightly and said, “Why does the Nine Deaths Heavenly Sect value him so much?”

From what he had learned from Li Cheng and Li Wei earlier, a Half-step Golden Immortal should not be an important figure on Chongyang Star.

Even if Li Fa had once been valued by the Sage of the Nine Deaths Heavenly Sect, it was unlikely that he would still remember him after 6,700 years.

This was almost the limit of a Sages lifespan.

It could almost be said that the Sage had borne this grudge for most of his life. It was really unbelievable.


“Immortal Venerable, its said that Li Fa went out to find a method to reach the Peak of the Sixth Realm.” Li Cheng told him his guess. “Moreover, from the rewards of the Nine Deaths Heavenly Sect, Li Fa has most likely discovered some clues back then.”

“A way to step into the Peak of the Sixth Realm?” Cui Heng fell into deep thought when he heard this. Then, he nodded and said, “This is indeed possible. To a Sage who is about to die, this is undoubtedly the most important thing.”

This news was relatively important to him.

Now, he only knew half of the cultivation method for the Nine Realms of the Immortal World, which was the method for a Limitless Golden Immortal at the Peak of the Fifth Realm to step into the Sixth Realm and become a Sage.

As for how to break through to the Peak of the Sixth Realm, he had no idea at all. He didnt even know what the Peak of the Sixth Realm was called or what characteristics it had.

If he could investigate this, it would definitely allow his Nascent Soul cultivation to increase greatly.

To the current Cui Heng, every piece of important news could be said to be a great tonic.

Knowledge and information were equivalent to cultivation and power!

Li Cheng lowered his head and did not dare to continue speaking

If he continued asking, he would be asking if Cui Heng had already grasped the clues that Li Fa had discovered since he had subdued the son of the person who killed Li Fa.

In his opinion, if he really asked that, he would be courting death.

Li Wei also understood this logic and lowered her head, keeping quiet. “Theres no need to be nervous.” Cui Heng saw through the siblings mentality and smiled. “I really dont know if Li Fa has discovered anything. The person who killed Li Fa back then probably didnt know either.

Perhaps in this world, only he knows if there are any clues to this cultivation method. No, theres another place. The clue might be on Tianzhu Star. Thats where Li Fa was buried, and also the last place he hid.

If theres really any clue, its most likely hidden on Tianzhu Star. As he was also buried on Tianzhu Star. Naturally, no one mentioned this clue again.”

Thinking of this, he decisively said to Li Cheng and Li Wei, “You guys must have a direction guide to cross the vast universe through the flying shuttle. Something similar to a Star Map?”

“Yes, there is.” Li Cheng hurriedly nodded and said, “Theres a Star Map in the Star Shuttle to guide our destination and adjust the direction.”

As he spoke, he took out a palm-sized flying shuttle model from his sleeve and tapped it gently.

Then, a light blue light screen flew out from the flying shuttle.

It floated above the flying shuttle and countless starlight stretched out, forming several starry skies.

In this light curtain, there were countless stars, and many stars were marked with names.

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Especially those stars with life.

Almost all of them had a name.

When Cui Heng saw the Star Map floating above the flying shuttle, he was about to observe it carefully when he suddenly felt that the Star Map was a little familiar.

He hurriedly took a closer look and his eyes lit up.

“The Star Map of this area is almost identical to the one I saw in the Purple Extreme Palace. Its Qiqis whereabouts.”

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