Realizing This Is A Wuxia World After Cultivating For 300 Years

Chapter 258 - Heavens Fragment Purple Sun Immortal World (2)

Hengs departing figure, their hearts filled with shock.


Cui Hengs series of questions just now had an extremely huge impact on their common sense and understanding.


The myriad worlds, the endless starry skies, the Myriad Techniques Return to One Realm, the strangely destroyed Nine Heavens Cloud Realm, the Taihong Star that disappeared into thin air, the Purple Sun Realm that called itself an Immortal World, and so on.

These were things that they had never heard of before. It was an eye-opener for them, and they deeply understood that the planet they were on was actually incomparably small. Their cultivation was insignificant, like an


The road ahead was long and endless. The few of them looked at each other as if they were telepathic, and the same thought appeared in their minds.

“We have to cultivate hard and become stronger. We have to reach a higher realm. Otherwise, we wont even have the qualifications to follow Immortal Venerable.”


An incomparably bright golden light soared into the sky from Changfeng Prefecture, illuminating the eyes of countless commoners.


It was as if a golden stream of light had risen from the ground to the sky.

It looked incomparably magnificent.

It was the flying shuttle that Li Cheng was driving

However, when he came to Daozhou Star, he was sitting with his sister. Now, he was sitting with Cui Heng.

The space inside the flying shuttle was not big.

It was less than 30 feet long and a little more than 10 feet wide. It was not even 10 feet tall. It could even be said to be a little cramped.

The furnishings were also very simple.

There was only a table and some chairs, a cruise star map, and a light screen. They could see the situation outside the flying shuttle in real time.

Cui Heng stood in the flying shuttle and looked at the cruise star map. Then, he looked at the deep and dark starry sky outside and suddenly asked, “Why did Ye Han chase you here? Do your whereabouts often attract attention?”

“Yes.” Li Cheng nodded and said, “Its almost common knowledge in the Five Views Realm that weve accepted the mission to investigate the cause of Great-grandfathers death. Its not strange for us to be noticed.”

“Previously, you said that in the past hundred years, youve been traveling non-stop, wanting to come here as soon as possible…” Cui Heng seemed to be hinting at something as he chuckled. “This is obviously a clear goal. Its very easy to discover.”

“Immortal Venerable, what do you mean?” At this moment, Li Cheng could tell that Cui Hengs words had a deeper meaning. After thinking for a moment, he revealed a shocked expression. “You mean that other than Ye Han, there might be someone else following


“Its not a possibility, but a certainty.” Cui Heng shook his head gently. “If you fly a little further out, you should be able to observe the situation outside Tianzhu Star.”

As a Late-stage Nascent Soul cultivator, his perception was extremely powerful. Before he really approached Tianzhu Star, he had already discovered that something was wrong with the situation ahead.

There was a large amount of powerful spiritual fluctuations there. It was clearly the aura of flying shuttles.

And there were more than ten!

Li Cheng became a little nervous from Cui Hengs words. He even subconsciously prepared for battle. Flying shuttles were also a weapon and could be used in battle.

However, he quickly relaxed.

There was a golden thigh standing beside him. What was there to be nervous about?

Before long, Li Cheng drove the flying shuttle close to Tianzhu Star.

Then, his eyes widened as he exclaimed, “There really are! Moreover, there are 16 flying shuttles, and theyre all the large ones!”

The so-called large flying shuttle was a super strengthened version of an ordinary flying shuttle.

Not only was its flying speed faster, but its combat strength was also extremely strong. The combat strength of the most ordinary large flying shuttle was more than ten times that of a Limitless Golden Immortal.

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At this moment, outside Tianzhu Star, 16 large flying shuttles were intertwined with each other, each occupying an area. It was obvious that they had sealed off the entire Tianzhu Star.

When Li Cheng discovered these flying shuttles, they quickly reacted.

The three large flying shuttles closest to him immediately adjusted their positions and directions, directly placing themselves in front of him, preventing Li Cheng from driving the flying shuttle forward.

Immediately after, a message came from the three large flying shuttles.

“The flying shuttle in front, stop flying immediately and hover on the spot! Open the cabin door and wait for our inspection!!”

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