Realizing This Is A Wuxia World After Cultivating For 300 Years

Chapter 25 - Golden Core Dao Seven Emotions and Six Desires

e filled the entire street.

Cui Heng took a closer look and smiled.

Indeed, this joyful mood was beneficial to his cultivation.

This was just a wedding reception. If he could attend the wedding banquet, there would definitely be more benefits.

Cui Hengs gaze swept across the roadside and saw a little boy running around. He walked over and squatted down, smiling as he said, “Child, whats your name?”

The little boy looked like he was seven or eight years old and was very cute. He blinked his eyes and said, “Wang Hu, my parents and grandparents call me Ah Hu.”

“Ah Hu, which family is getting married?” Cui Heng took out a red tomato from his sleeve and smiled. “Tell me and Ill give you this fruit.”

“It smells so good!” Ah Hus eyes lit up. He stared at the tomato in Cui Hengs hand and nodded. “This is the Li familys young master from the north of town getting married. Their house is huge. Its the biggest house in the north of town!”

This tomato was something that Pei Qingshu treated as a Vermillion Fruit. It contained a certain amount of spiritual energy and was extremely attractive to children with sensitive senses.

“Here you go!” Cui Heng threw the tomato to the little boy and walked towards the north of the town.

“Thank you!” Ah Hu was very polite. After receiving the tomato, he bowed to Cui Heng and thanked him. He thought to himself, “This fruit smells so good! Father, mother, and grandparents must have never eaten it before. Ill bring it home and share it with them!”

Cui Heng didnt bother about the little boy anymore. He walked straight to the north of town, intending to freeload at the wedding banquet.

No, it was to immerse himself in joy and experience the seven emotions and six desires to increase the spirituality of the Golden Core.

The Li family was one of the wealthiest families in Xiangxi Town.

It was said that the ancestor of the Li family had once worked as an apprentice in the largest cloth shop in Hedong County and learned top-notch craftsmanship.

After returning to his hometown, he not only opened his own cloth mill, but also taught the craftsmanship of weaving to his fellow villagers. Only then did Xiangxi Town become a famous cloth industry town.

This Li family could be said to be the founder of the entire Xiangxi Town and the benefactor of the people of the entire town.

Although more than a hundred years had passed and the Li family had declined compared to their ancestors time, they were still loved and respected in town.

Hence, on this day of the Li familys young masters wedding, there was an endless stream of people going to attend the banquet, almost filling up the streets in front of the Li family.

The Li family did not reject anyone. As long as they gave a token congratulatory gift, they could attend the wedding.

In any case, they had a rich family background, so they werent afraid of being bankrupt by a mere banquet. They just wanted to celebrate with more people.

Cui Heng was mixed in with the crowd. When he saw the congratulatory gifts from the people in front, he almost burst out laughing.

Some gave eggs, some rice, and even stones could be found among the gifts.

There were all kinds.

When it was Cui Hengs turn, he took out another tomato and placed it in the gift tray before going in for the wedding.

This joyous scene caused Cui Heng to be unable to help but sigh with emotion.

He hadnt seen such a lively scene in the Beginners Space for 300 years.

“Groom and bride! Bow to Heaven and Earth!”

A loud shout could be heard from the front. The bride and groom had finally come out and were preparing to pay their respects.

Although Cui Heng sat at the back, with his cultivation, he could clearly see the bride and grooms movements.

He could clearly feel the joy of the groom receiving his bride.


But at this moment, he suddenly exclaimed.

Cui Heng noticed that the brides footsteps were a little hesitant, giving off a feeling of reluctance.


Could it be that melodramatic?

Cui Heng raised an eyebrow.


At this moment, the sound of someone kicking the door could be heard from outside. The joyous atmosphere instantly turned silent.

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