Realizing This Is A Wuxia World After Cultivating For 300 Years

Chapter 261 - Purple Sun True Essence Ascension

ally knew the name of this purple jade and the definition attached to it.

This situation was similar to the golden key he had obtained earlier.

However, the method of the keys construction was even more brilliant. It allowed people to understand its purpose the moment they saw the key. The definition covered the entire body of the key.

This Purple Sun Heavenly Edict could only be defined after seeing the flame-shaped pattern.

“If Im not wrong, this should be the token to enter the Purple Sun Realm.” Cui Heng picked up the Purple Sun Heavenly Edict and sized it up carefully before putting it into his personal space.

When he goes to the Purple Sun Realm in the future, this item should be of use and would save him a lot of trouble.

“The clue Li Fa found about the Peak of the Myriad Techniques Return to One Realm is this Purple Sun Heavenly Edict? Does it mean that only by going to the Purple Sun Realm can one find a way to break through to a higher level?”

If that was the case, the waters of the Purple Sun Realm were probably extremely deep.

However, when Cui Heng put away the Purple Sun Heavenly Edict and continued to observe his surroundings, he discovered another book. Moreover, it was an ancient book made of jade. The words on it were all carved with a blade.

“Purple Sun True Treasure Records?”

Cui Hengs eyes lit up when he saw the name of the book. This was clearly not an ordinary book. It was very likely a secret manual that recorded a profound martial technique.

As expected, when he picked it up and took a closer look, he realized that this was a martial technique that pointed to the Peak of the Myriad Techniques Return to One Realm, which was the Peak of the Sixth Realm. It even briefly described the Seventh Realm.

“A Peak Fifth Realm Limitless Golden Immortal will refine the power of laws imprinted on their Immortal Body into the Immortal True Essence, which is the realm of Myriad Techniques Return to One. If one wants to cultivate to the Peak of the Myriad Techniques Return to One Realm, they have to completely refine the Immortal Body into the Immortal True Essence and achieve an Immortal True Body.

From now on, they will no longer have a body of flesh and blood. Every move they make can affect the power of laws, and they can even transform their body at will. They can even dissipate into countless particles and reform again.

Martial artists who have reached this realm will have power that surpasses all Sages. They are the Kings of the Sages and the ruler of a world. They can suppress thousands of Sages with a flick of their fingers.

This is the Peak of the Sixth Realm, and also the limit of the laws of the world. The highest realm one can cultivate to in the starry sky of the myriad worlds is the Sage King Realm, also known as a Realm Lord, and Great Divine Being

Martial artists who have reached this realm can no longer advance further in the starry sky of the myriad worlds. They have to ascend to the Heavens and come into contact with more complete Great Dao laws before they have a chance to break through to the Seventh Realm.”

This was the situation that Cui Heng had summarized after reading the Purple Sun True Treasure Records. The more he looked at it, the stranger the expression on his face became. No matter how he thought about it, he felt that this cultivation method was abnormal.

The Myriad Techniques Return to One Realm required one to refine the nomological divine powers imprinted on their Immortal Body into external objects like the Immortal True Essence. That was already very ridiculous.

The next cultivation step was to refine the Immortal Body completely and integrate it into the Immortal True Essence.

This was refining all of ones cultivation results into the Immortal True Essence.

No, not only would one be refining their cultivation, but they would also be refining their own existence.

After completely refining themselves into the Immortal True Essence, they actually still have to ascend to break through. Otherwise, its impossible to cultivate to the Seventh Realm in the myriad worlds.”

Cui Heng could not help but laugh when he saw this.

Because this was too ridiculous.

How big was this so-called “Myriad Worlds Realm”? It was only the size of a river system at most. It might not even be reaching that size.

Compared to the vast universe, it was not even a drop in the ocean.

In such a large universe and with such a complete Great Dao law, could it be that there was no Seventh Realm martial artist equivalent to the Early-stage Nascent Soul realm?

This was absurd!

Moreover, the Star God he had casually enlightened was already at the Early-stage Nascent Soul realm. It was simply nonsense to say that no one could reach the Seventh Realm in the starry sky of the myriad worlds.

The only explanation was that there was something wrong with this cultivation path.

The so-called “Ascension” might even be the final step.

Under the guise of “Ascension”, these martial artists who had refined their Immortal True Essence would be walking into a trap.

“According to thisTreasure Record, if one wants to ascend to the Heavens, they have to have the Heavenly Edict. Without the Heavenly Edict, one cant ascend.

However, the number of Heavenly Edicts is limited. This will cause many martial artists who have reached the Peak of the Sixth Realm for many years to be unable to ascend.

As time passed, before the Sixth Realm and Seventh Realm, a realm that couldnt be called a realm was formed. It was the so-calledRequesting Realm.

And the so-called Heavenly Edict is…”

Thinking of this, Cui Heng suddenly flipped his hand and took out the Purple Sun Heavenly Edict. He sized it up in surprise. “This is the so-called Heavenly Edict?”

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