Realizing This Is A Wuxia World After Cultivating For 300 Years

Chapter 262 - Training Grounds A Real Large Flying Shuttle

little wronged.

What an unexpected disaster.

But at this moment, they could not stand out and say anything.

Hence, there was only silence.

“Forget it.” Cui Heng shook his head gently and said in a low voice, “Since you blocked my path, its a crime of death. However, on account of the fact that your cultivation path was not easy, Ill punish you leniently.” The group of Limitless Golden Immortals and Golden Immortals immediately revealed happy expressions when they heard this. They almost opened their mouths to thank him.

“From today onwards, you will stay on Tianzhu Star. You are not allowed to step out of Tianzhu Star for a thousand years.” Cui Hengs gaze swept across everyone and he said indifferently, “In the future, there will be people who will come to Tianzhu Star to fight with you. Theres no need to be polite. Just do your best.”

He planned to turn Tianzhu Star into a training ground for the martial artists of Daozhou Star. In the future, anyone who broke through to the Limitless Golden Immortal realm could come to Tianzhu Star to accept battle training.

As long as they could defeat all the Limitless Golden Immortals on Tianzhu Star, they could obtain a flying shuttle to the outer realm from here and step into the vast universe with their own strength.

Sun Guangzhao, Tan Sheng, and the others were all experienced and knowledgeable. They immediately understood what Cui Heng meant and their faces turned pale.

This was a thousand years of imprisonment!

Moreover, they had to act as a tool for the training ground and be beaten up crazily.

Especially an old Limitless Golden Immortal like Sun Guangzhao, he felt even more despair.

He was already 4,300 years old. In a few hundred years, he would reach the limit of the lifespan of a Limitless Golden Immortal. He would not live to the day he was released.

This meant that he was going to die of old age on Tianzhu Star.

“Immortal Venerable, I…” Sun Guangzhao forced a smile. He opened his mouth to beg for mercy, but he swallowed his words.

He really didnt dare to speak.

To be fair, the punishment he received now could indeed be considered lenient.

If he had intercepted a Venerable Sages flying shuttle in the Five Views Realm, the outcome would be obvious.

He would definitely be stripped of his Immortal True Essence on the spot and killed.

It was only a thousand years of imprisonment now.

Even dying of old age on this extremely desolate planet was better than being directly killed.

This Immortal Venerable was really benevolent.

The expressions on the others faces kept changing. Soon, their initial fear and unwillingness turned into joy and gratitude.

Immediately after, this group of Limitless Golden Immortals and Golden Immortals bowed to Cui Heng and thanked him.

“Thank you, Immortal Venerable!”

“Thank you, Immortal Venerable!”

“Thank you, Immortal Venerable!”

The action of so many Golden Immortals and Limitless Golden Immortals kneeling down and thanking him at the same time would definitely cause a very large-scale phenomenon.

Even in the void of the universe, golden streams of light and scarlet clouds still appeared in all directions.

These were all the divine power laws imprinted on their Immortal Bodies. As their emotions changed violently, they triggered the surrounding laws and phenomena.

Cui Heng looked at the phenomena and could not help but sigh in his heart.

It was not easy to forcefully imprint laws on ones body to form a divine power. Moreover, the process was extremely dangerous. If there was a slight mistake, ones body and soul could be destroyed by the power of laws.

Every Golden Immortal had experienced countless life and death tribulations at the Mystic Deity realm.

However, with their cultivation technique, all their hard work and achievements would probably be used by others.

However, Cui Heng was not a sentimental person. After sighing slightly, he turned to look at the Tianzhu Star Star God behind him and said in a low voice, “Tianzhu Star God, from now on, you will be the Tianzhu Star Lord and guard this starry sky for me.

If anyone dares to come here to commit evil, capture them and interrogate them for their intentions before suppressing them. If they resist violently, you can kill them on the spot.

In a few days, Ill come here again. At that time, Ill give you some flying shuttles. In the future, people will come from Daozhou Star to accept the trial to defeat all the Limitless Golden Immortals on Tianzhu Star.

After passing the trial, they can receive a flying shuttle to the outer realm from you.”

“Yes, Master Immortal!” The Tianzhu Star God bowed and nodded respectfully.

“Immortal Venerable, what about these large flying shuttles?” Li Cheng could not help but ask. At the same time, he pointed at the 13 large flying shuttles.

“They will be used as our navigation tools to leave this starry sky and head to the Five Views Realm.” Cui Heng smiled, then raised his right hand and gently pointed at the 13 large flying shuttles.

Then, the 13 huge flying shuttles trembled violently and quickly disintegrated into countless fragments. Some of them even returned to their original materials state.

Immediately after, the countless fragments and basic materials began to connect with each other and reassemble.

At the same time, countless basic particles gathered from all directions, condensing into new materials and joining in.

In the blink of an eye, a huge ship made from the 13 large flying shuttles appeared in front of everyone.

It was 3,000 li long, 1,000 li wide, and more than 300 li tall. It was simply like a huge starry fortress.

It completely exceeded the concept of a flying shuttle.

“This, this, is this a flying shuttle?!” Li Cheng was dumbfounded, his face filled with disbelief.

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