Realizing This Is A Wuxia World After Cultivating For 300 Years

Chapter 265 - Heavenly Book of Calamity Strange Madness (2)

Chapter 264 Heavenly Book of Calamity, Strange Madness

“A Sage from the Purple Sun Realm?” Cui Heng exclaimed softly. He took the book and flipped through it.

This book recorded Ye Hans life according to his age. When Li Mingqiong handed it over, she had already marked a place. Therefore, as soon as he opened it, it was about the Purple Sun Realms Sage.

A thousand years ago, Ye Han was already more than 2,000 years old. He had even been hunted down by the Plague Imperial Palace for more than a thousand years on the pretext of stealing a Sage Armament and defecting. He was at his most desperate state.

Before meeting the Sage from the Purple Sun Immortal World, he had just dodged a pursuit from the Plague Imperial Palace. He had even used the Thousand Plague Umbrella to destroy the bodies of three Golden Immortals and severely injured a Limitless Golden Immortal.

In the past, when these people saw him, they would respectfully call him Holy Son. Now, they had all come out to participate in the pursuit.

Even though he had been pursued for more than a thousand years, every time he encountered such a situation, Ye Han would still feel a huge psychological impact and his mood would become extremely bad.

After accumulating so much negative emotions for a long time, his temperament had changed drastically. He was very violent and bloodthirsty.

If there happened to be a weak living star nearby, Ye Han would directly go over and spread a plague on the star to watch the living beings on the planet die of despair.

This was what happened after the first time he was pursued.

He discovered a wild planet that was still in a primitive society.

Although there were also humans on this planet, their civilization was very basic. It was still an era where Magi controlled the territory and communicated with the illusory gods.

After Ye Han descended, he directly opened the Thousand Plague Umbrella and spread a global plague.

A short month passed.

Only one-tenth of the humans on that planet were left!

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To the humans on that planet, this was an irresistible natural disaster, a punishment from the gods.

Countless humans begged the gods they believed in for help when they died.

They wailed in despair, but there was no response at all. Even many Magi who claimed to be able to communicate with gods suffered from the plague and died one after another.

This was a tragic disaster.

However, Ye Han was very happy to see this. He enjoyed the comfortable feeling of trampling on ants. However, just as he was about to continue moving and turn this planet into a dead planet, an incomparably terrifying might appeared without warning and pressed down on him.

This power was extremely shocking, far surpassing that of a Limitless Golden Immortal, and it emitted the aura of myriad techniques and myriad Daos fusing into one.

A Sage!

Ye Han made a judgment immediately.

However, he immediately realized that this aura was clearly much stronger than the Sages he had met before. Moreover, its might was even purer and more profound.

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This seemed to be a special Sage who had cultivated an extremely powerful martial technique.

After Ye Han felt this terrifying pressure, after two to three breaths, an expert with an ancient and arcane aura descended from the sky. His entire body was wrapped in purple light, and his face was blurry.

“Little Friend, Im Ming Zhen. I came from the Purple Sun Immortal World and happened to pass by here. I saw you slaughtering mortals here, so I came to ask about the reason.”

This was Ye Hans description of the situation.

Facing such a powerful Sage, he naturally did not dare to be negligent at all and hurriedly bowed and explained.

He said that he was confused for a moment and lost his mind from anger.

However, this Sage who called himself Ming Zhen did not seem to care about this.

He only warned Ye Han not to kill mortals so wantonly in the future and asked him if he was interested in going to the Purple Sun Immortal World.

There, he would obtain the true method to become a Sage.

Although Ye Han was afraid of the power of Sage Mingzhen, he still rejected this invitation after some thought.

No one in their right mind would agree to an invitation from such an unknown person.

If he agreed, he might encounter something even more terrifying than death.

To Ye Hans fortune, Sage Mingzhen was not angered by his rejection. He was still smiling and even told him some things about the Purple Sun Immortal World.

According to Sage Mingzhen, the current Purple Sun Immortal World was once a world of the Heavens, the Purple Sun Heaven, that stood above the starry skies of the myriad worlds.

Unfortunately, they encountered a great calamity later on. The Purple Sun Heaven split into pieces, and three fragments fell into the universe of the mortal world, turning into three large stars of life, the current Purple Sun Realm.

There were more than ten Sages on each planet, and there were even existences above the Sages.

Moreover, the Purple Sun Immortal World retained the true Immortal God Martial Dao. It was a true path to Heaven. It was far stronger than the inferior martial techniques that were spread in the myriad worlds.

Although the aura and pressure displayed by Sage Mingzhen were indeed stronger than all the Sages Ye Han had seen, he did not believe in the so-called true Immortal Martial Dao.

In his opinion, if the Immortal martial techniques passed down in the Purple Sun Immortal World were real, could the martial techniques he was cultivating now be fake?

How was this possible?

Therefore, Ye Han did not believe Ming Zhens words at all. He even felt that this person must have some unspeakable goal. He became even more vigilant.

Gradually, Saint Mingzhen seemed to have discovered Ye Hans thoughts and no longer described the benefits of going to the Purple Sun Immortal World to him.

Instead, he directly gave him a martial arts manual and told him to cultivate well. He would naturally understand after that.

Then, Sage Mingzhen left.

However, before he left, he instructed Ye Han that after he cultivated this secret manual to the peak, he could go to Tianmen Star to look for him.

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