Realizing This Is A Wuxia World After Cultivating For 300 Years

Chapter 265 - Heavenly Book of Calamity Strange Madness (2)

in the Grand Completion Golden Core Realm to nurture spirituality. However, the methods were extremely crude, and the emotions collected were not pure and incomparably complicated. Martial cultivators did not have perfect and flawless souls like immortal cultivators at the Golden Core Realm, so it was almost impossible for them to resist the corrosion of the emotions of all living beings.

In other words, if one cultivated this martial technique to the peak, the cultivator himself would very likely be devoured by the chaotic emotions and fall into madness, turning into a monster that only knew how to spread fear and calamity everywhere.

“Im afraid that Sage Mingzhen really has some ulterior motive for imparting such a martial technique to Ye Han.” Cui Heng thought to himself, “But he also asked Ye Han to go to Tianmen Star to look for him after cultivating the Heavenly Book of Calamity to the peak…”

Thinking of this, he looked at Li Wei and asked, “Where is Tianmen Star?”

“Immortal Venerable…” Li Wei hurriedly replied, “When I was sorting out Ye Hans life, I checked. Tianmen Star was originally one of the four main planets of the Golden Cloud Realm. It had two Sages, but now its a dead planet.

400 years ago, the two Sages who ruled Tianmen Star strangely fell into madness and attacked each other for no reason.

In just a month, the civilization on Tianmen Star was reduced to ruins. The two Sages also died together.”

Bizarrely falling into madness and inexplicably attacking each other?

Cui Heng immediately frowned when he heard this. Pei Qingshu and Li Mingqiong, who were standing at the side, also seemed to have thought of something and their expressions became a little surprised.

This was very similar to the destruction of the Nine Heavens Cloud Realm that Heavenly Saint Supreme Venerate had mentioned back


Back then, the three Sages of the Nine Heavens Cloud Realm also attacked each other for no reason, causing everyone in the entire Nine Heavens Cloud Realm to feel insecure.

That was why the Dao God brought the 35 Golden Immortals of his sect far away to Daozhou Star.

However, Tianmen Star was reduced to ruins in just a month.

It could be seen that the madness of these two Sages was clearly more serious. They were even worse than the three experts of the Nine Heavens Cloud Realm.

“Heh, this is interesting.” Cui Heng suddenly laughed. He picked up another book on the table and flipped through it casually. “The Heavenly Book of Calamity that Saint Mingzhen gave Ye Han is very likely to cause cultivators to fall into madness in the end. He said that he would wait for Ye Han on Tianmen Star, but in the end, the Sages of Tianmen Star went crazy.”

“Master, you mean…” Li Mingqiongs mind was sharp, and she could not help but ask,” Was all of this done by Sage Mingzhen alone secretly? Or is the Purple Sun Realm behind all of this? But what is their goal, and what benefits can they obtain?”

She was puzzled by this.

“Could it be to recover their Immortal True Essence?” Pei Qingshu guessed. “Didnt Master say that this cultivation method with the Immortal True Essence as the core has huge hidden dangers? In the end, its very likely that its to benefit others. In order to recover the Immortal True Essence of a Sage, Saint Mingzhen provoked an internal strife between the two Sages of Tianmen Star?”

“Im afraid not.” Li Mingqiong shook her head and said, “According to Ye Hans description, Sage Mingzhens strength far exceeds that of ordinary Sages. If he wants to recover their Immortal True Essence, he probably doesnt have to go through so much trouble.”

At this moment, Li Wei, who was standing at the side, was already panicking. She looked at Li Mingqiong and Pei Qingshu in surprise and asked, “You just said that the cultivation method with the Immortal True Essence as the core has huge hidden dangers and will help others? This, whats going on?”

“Theres indeed a problem.” Cui Heng nodded but did not explain further.

Then, he looked at Pei Qingshu and Li Mingqiong. He put down the book in his hand and smiled. “Perhaps these things are not as complicated as we think.

Its not necessarily a plot, nor is there necessarily a mastermind. Perhaps its just someone from the Purple Sun Realm experimenting with new martial techniques, or perhaps theyre exploring a new cultivation path.

Their goal is not necessarily to destroy the Nine Heavens Cloud Realm and Tianmen Star. Its just that they arrived at this effect during the process of experimentation and exploration.”

As soon as these words were spoken, everyone present was stunned, and indescribable shock flashed across their eyes.

Li Mingqiong muttered, “If thats really the case, doesnt that mean that the destruction has nothing to do with the destroyed?”

Destroying you was none of your business!

It was a chilling speculation.

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