Realizing This Is A Wuxia World After Cultivating For 300 Years

Chapter 270 - The Last Ascender Before the Heavens Collapsed (2)



The foundation of a country was still the people.

A moment later, the purple-gold light in the sky above the Imperial Ancestral Temple gradually dissipated, and the surging clouds gradually calmed down.

In the Imperial Ancestral Temple, a handsome, tall, and burly middle-aged man in armor walked out of the purple-gold light.

It was Hong Fuguis fourth son.

He was also the future Ancestral God of the Great Xia Kingdoms Imperial Ancestral Temple and the head of the City Gods System.

A God comparable to a Limitless Golden Immortal.

Hong Yong!

“Greetings, Ancestor! Immortal Venerables divine powers are boundless!”

At the same time that Hong Yong appeared, Hong Kang, Hong Hong, and Hong Shen immediately knelt and bowed.

This was their ancestor.

Hong Yong looked at these people in confusion.

However, he looked at the surrounding arrangements and his spirit tablet and quickly understood what was going on.

“Dispense with the ceremonies,” Hong Yong said to the three descendants.

At the same time that he became a God, he had already received the baptism of the power of the Deity Position. His soul and heart had been sublimated. The moment he walked out of the purple-gold light, he had completed the transformation from a human to a God.

This also allowed Hong Yong to recover from his original remnant soul state and recall everything about his life, including the portrait that his father often looked at.

“Hong Yong greets Mr. Cui!” He knelt in front of Cui Heng with an extremely respectful attitude.

It was not only because Cui Heng had conferred him the title of God, but also because this was the gentleman his father, Hong Fugui, had been thinking about.

“You recognize me?” Cui Heng looked at Hong Yong, who was kneeling on the ground, and could not help but feel a little emotional.

Hong Yongs eyebrows were very similar to Hong Fuguis. The resemblance was uncanny.

And the title Mr. Cui was also what Hong Fugui called him.

“Father personally drew a portrait of you and often took it out to look at,” Hong Yong explained. “Sir, your appearance and temperament have been deeply imprinted in my heart.”

“Hes too considerate.” Cui Heng sighed slightly before asking, “Did your parents tell you where they went, and why your remnant soul is attached to the memorial tablet?”

According to the contents of Hong Fuguis letter, he had been besieged by the Immortal sects and Buddhist monasteries of the Heavenly Void World. When he was seriously injured and on the verge of death, his wife awakened her memories of her previous life and drove a flying shuttle to leave Daozhou Star with him, wanting to go to Taihong Star to ask for help.

However, Taihong Star had already disappeared into thin air 2,000 years ago and was no longer in its original position.

If Hong Fugui and the others went to the original location of Taihong Star, they would probably return empty-handed. However, Cui Heng had also considered that Hong Fuguis wife might not have died and reincarnated over 2,000 years ago, but had reincarnated within these 2,000 years.

In that case, it meant that they were not going to where Planet Taihong was originally.

“Mother said that she was going to Taihong Star to look for Grandfather to save Father.”

Hong Yong recalled and said, “Mother tried to tell me the location of Taihong Star, but my cultivation was insufficient and I didnt have the ability to memorize the Star Map. At the same time, if they left the Star Map behind, theyll be worried that the Upper Worlds forces will obtain it.

Therefore, Mother didnt leave the Star Map here. However, she said that if I have the chance to step into the universe in the future, I can go to the core of the Dark Sea Star to take a look.

There should be a teleportation array there. It was set up by a great divine being who walked out of this starry sky a long time ago. She will leave a Star Map there to guide us.”

Dark Sea Star?

Cui Heng was slightly stunned when he heard this. This star was really far.

Before this, he had already gained a relatively detailed understanding of this galaxy through reading various books.

There were a total of seven planets in Daozhou Stars galaxy.

According to the order of distance from the core sun, Daozhou Star was the second, Tianzhu Star was the third, and the Dark Sea Star was the sixth. It was already close to being outside of this galaxy.

“Does your mother have any description of that great divine being?” Cui Heng asked.

He had already heard of this person many times. He had also asked Li Cheng and the others before, but he did not obtain any useful information.

Hong Yong thought for a moment and said, “Mother didnt say much. She only said that that great divine being was the last Ascender before the Heavens collapsed.”

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