Realizing This Is A Wuxia World After Cultivating For 300 Years

Chapter 271 - Willing to Be Your Sharpest Saber

xcited that his entire body was trembling. He said extremely solemnly, “I wont disappoint you!”


“Dont disappoint your father either.” Cui Heng nodded.

The day after Cui Heng left the Great Xia Kingdom, Hong Shen issued an edict.

He would hold a grand sacrificial ceremony in the Imperial Ancestral Temple and lead the civil and military officials to welcome the Hong familys ancestor who had already become a God.

As soon as this order was issued, the court was in an uproar.

Still, in the past 20 years, this Emperor Wanxing had already become a dignified figure and had authority.

Even the Grand Chancellor could not make the Emperor change his mind.

Moreover, it was only right for the Emperor to offer sacrifices to the Imperial Ancestral Temple. No one had any reason to stop him.

Just like that, the ritual was prepared.

At the same time, Hong Shen ordered the various counties to build City God Temples and publicize the divine power of the City Gods to the people, summoning them to the City God Temples to offer incense.

Many important ministers could not understand this, but it was not appropriate to say anything since the sacrificial ceremony was imminent. They could only ask about the reason after the ceremony.

However, on the day of the Ancestral Temples sacrificial ceremony, something unbelievable happened.

The Hong familys ancestor really descended! Moreover, he displayed extremely powerful divine power and called himself the Ancestral God of the Grand Temple, the Lord of the City Gods of the world.

What was even more unexpected was that after this ancestor of the Hong family descended, the previous ancestors of the Hong family also appeared in succession and were all conferred the title of Gods.

The City God Temple in Tianxia County immediately had owners.

Every county city had a God guarding it.

And it was a God that came directly from the Imperial Family.

At the sacrificial ceremony.

Hong Shen directly explained the core of the City Gods authority.

It was protection and supervision.

He hoped that the officials of the world would behave themselves. When thinking about bending the law for personal gain, one had to think that there was a God watching them, three feet above their head.

At first, be it the commoners or the officials, they were all skeptical.

However, one by one, the people who bent the law and people who commited evil were punished by the various City Gods. As more and more people who had done good or meritorious deeds in life became Divine Envoys after they died, the authority of the City Gods gradually became deeply rooted in the peoples hearts.

From then on, the people were no longer fearless. The government of Great Xia was cleared, and the peoples livelihood was even more peaceful.

The commoners could finally live in peace for a period of time.


The changes in Great Xia would come later.

Cui Heng did not return to Daozhou Star after leaving the Great Xia.

Instead, he went to the new sect Hui Shi had established.

After nearly a hundred years of development, the “Heavenly Dragon Sect” established by Hui Shi was already quite powerful.

Although it was not as powerful as the previous Immortal sects, there were already more than ten Human Immortals and several Earth Immortals in the sect.

Hui Shi, on the other hand, had become a Golden Immortal 30 years ago. He had resigned from the position of Sect Master and retreated behind the scenes to focus on studying martial techniques.

He always remembered his identity.

As the Immortal Venerables saber, he had to be sharp enough. Otherwise, he would lose his use.

This time, Cui Heng only brought Pei Qingshu and Li Mingqiong back to Daozhou Star. This made Hui Shi feel a strong sense of danger and panic. He was worried that Cui Heng would never need his saber again.

Hence, he almost devoted himself to the study of combat techniques to maximize his sharpness.

At this moment, Hui Shi was closing his eyes and resting in the meditation room. He was deducing the changes of various moves in his spiritual world to strengthen his combat methods.

Suddenly, he seemed to have sensed something and opened his eyes. His face was filled with joy as he knelt down respectfully.

“Welcome, Master Immortal!”

It was Cui Heng.

“Youre becoming more and more like a pure saber.” Cui Heng sized up Hui Shi and chuckled. “And its a saber that knows how to study saber techniques.”

“Being the sharpest saber in the hands of the Immortal Venerable is my lifelong goal,” Hui Shi said extremely solemnly. “In that case…” Cui Heng nodded slightly. “Follow me.”

“Yes, Immortal Venerable!” Hui Shi was overjoyed.

“Were leaving.” Cui Heng turned around and walked out. He smiled and said, “Just call me Sir in the future.”

“Yes, Sir!” Hui Shi was trembling with excitement.

After Hui Shi arranged the matters of the Heavenly Dragon Sect, Cui Heng brought him back to Daozhou Star.

Next, he stayed in Changfeng Prefecture City for a period of time and guided Liu Litao, Zhao Guang, Lu Zhengming, and the others in their cultivation.

He wanted to let them live a little longer.

Otherwise, this departure would probably become a farewell.

During this period, he also increased the strength of the Hong River Water God to the Early-stage Nascent Soul realm.

Initially, he wanted to upgrade Huo San as well, but Huo San planned to cultivate to the Nascent Soul realm himself and gave up on this opportunity.

In the end, Cui Heng left a large flying shuttle in Changfeng Prefecture for those who came later to go to Tianzhu Star to undergo the trial. He also left an Immortal Incantation Spirit Mark so that it would be convenient for him to return in the future.

After making all the preparations, he brought Hui Shi, Pei Qingshu, Li Cheng, and Li Wei onto the huge flying ship.

They left Daozhou Star and flew towards the vast universe.

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