Realizing This Is A Wuxia World After Cultivating For 300 Years

Chapter 274 - Clues About the Last Ascender Juntian Palace

Chapter 273 The Strange Creatures of the Dark Sea Star

Under normal circumstances, the flying shuttle was isolated from the outside world and would not feel the environment of the outer universe.

The flying ship that Cui Heng had personally built naturally had such an effect.

The reason why they felt cold was not because of the physical chill, but because they naturally felt a chill when they looked at the Dark Sea Star at a close distance.

This meant that the cold aura enveloping the surface of Dark Sea Star was no longer just material cold.

It was also cold on a spiritual level.

If one did not have a strong enough soul and will, they would probably die directly because their soul would be frozen by this strange chill when they looked at Dark Sea Star at a close distance.

Perhaps this was one of the reasons why it was called Dark Sea Star.

“Is there life on such a planet?” Li Cheng looked at this dark blue planet in disbelief. No matter how he looked at it, he felt that this place did not look like it could give birth to life.

It was too far from the sun at the core of the starry sky. There was no sufficient light, nor was there a suitable temperature. It was completely not in the condition to nurture normal life.

“Its not a life form like us. Its more like a demon spirit.” Cui Heng sized up the Dark Sea Star in front of him, his eyes filled with curiosity.

This was a creature that he had only seen in books. He had never really come into contact with it before, nor did he understand it in depth.

It was the unknown!


“Demon spirit?” Li Cheng said in surprise, “Is it that kind of strange creature that developed intelligence in extremely dense special essence energies?”

“Yes, I think so.” Cui Heng nodded and smiled. “The cold air on this Dark Sea Star is extremely dense. There must be a lot of extremely pure and special frigid air inside. There might be demon spirits.”

To put it simply, demon spirits were demons formed from spiritual energy.

If an extremely pure and dense strand of Heaven Earth Origin Qi gave birth to spirituality by chance and it possessed complete intelligence, it would become a demon.

Such life forms could be called sprites or demon spirits.

This type of demon spirit was born on Dark Sea Star, so its naturally not afraid of the cold air.

“Then Immortal Venerable, what should we do next?” Li Cheng asked.

“Land as per normal.” Cui Heng nodded.

At the same time, he let the flying ship slowly approach Dark Sea Star.

Soon, they entered the layers of cold air that enveloped the entire planet.

The entire flying ship was wrapped in this extreme cold.

Of course, it was impossible for such cold air to cause any damage to the flying ship.

After entering this layer of cold air, Cui Heng and Li Cheng saw figures flashing through it.

They had various forms. Some had human forms, some had transformed into dragons, and there were even demon spirits that had transformed into flying shuttles.

From the strength of their auras, most of these Demon Spirits were only at the Heaven Immortal realm, with a small number comparable to Heaven Monarchs. Only a small number of Demon Spirits had reached the Mystic Deity realm.

However, it was obvious that these demons living in the cold had not developed a civilization.

Their intelligence seemed to be incomplete. They were more like special animals that wandered in the cold air.

The flying ship descended very quickly.

Before long, Cui Heng and Li Cheng had left the layer of cold air and truly entered the “surface” of Dark Sea Star.

There were glaciers everywhere.

Whether it was above the towering mountains or in the deep canyon, they were all covered in thick ice.

The Heaven Earth Origin Qi that filled this planet was also of the ice attribute. It could be said to be extremely cold. It was simply the opposite of Tianzhu Stars heat.

The Heaven Earth Origin Qi here was also extremely violent.

More than 90% of the surface of the entire planet was enveloped in howling wind.

Moreover, the speed of the wind was extremely terrifying.

It was as fast as a thousand meters per second.

It had already exceeded the speed of sound on a normal living planet.

It was not suitable for normal humans to survive at all.

Even cultivators had to at least reach the Early-stage Golden Core realm to survive in such an environment.

“If theres an ice-type spell or Dharma treasure, this planet will definitely be an excellent place to cultivate and refine.” Cui Heng made a judgment in his heart. At the same time, he observed the situation around the landing spot.

This was the peak of a tall mountain. The wind was howling cold, and there were no spiritual fluctuations. It looked like a relatively normal place.

“Lets go out.”

After Cui Heng confirmed the spot, he opened the cabin door of the flying ship and walked out with Li Cheng. Then, with a casual wave of his hand, the flying ship shrank to the size of a fingernail and landed in his palm.

“Immortal Venerable, where are we going first?” Li Cheng asked.

“Lets go straight to the core of the planet and take a look at the teleportation array and look for the Star Map there.” Cui Heng made a decisive decision.

Although he was very interested in the Cold Qi Demons on this planet, he definitely had to complete his main goal of coming to Dark Sea Star first. He could do other things after completing this.

Hence, Cui Heng brought Li Cheng and went underground

With his current cultivation realm, it was impossible for the crustal mantle of any planet to stop him from moving forward.

Even if he was traveling down, it was not much different from traveling on the ground. His speed was also extremely fast.

In the blink of an eye, the two of them had crossed an extremely long distance underground.

Then, they arrived in an incomparably huge hole.

The range of this hole was extremely huge. Looking down from above, the height was roughly 5,000 kilometers, and the width was even greater. Overall, it could no longer be called a hole. It was completely an underground city.

In fact, that was true.

At the bottom of this “hole” were dark blue buildings.

Some of them looked like steeples, while others looked like connected ice cubes.

In addition, there were many tall and magnificent palaces and tall and sacred human-shaped statues.

This was a symbol of civilization.

“No wonder theres no civilization on the ground. So its underground.”

Cui Heng stood in the air and looked down. His gaze swept across the underground city and he chuckled. “Its the civilization of the Demon Spirits. However, its very basic and primitive.”

In Cui Hengs opinion, although the demons in this underground city already possessed normal intelligence, their civilization was still very basic. They were still at the stage of praying for the protection of the gods. There was not even a spontaneous administrative organization.

However, a primitive civilization did not mean that these demons were weak.

After all, the immature demon spirits in the cold air layer on the surface were already comparable to Mystic Deities. The many mature demon spirits in the underground city were naturally stronger, and there were already existences comparable to Taiyi Mystic Deities.

As for demon spirits that were equivalent to Golden Immortals or had undying characteristics, there were no signs of their existence.

From the Taiyi Mystic Deity Realm to the Golden Immortal Realm was clearly a huge threshold.

It was not so easy to cross.

As Cui Heng and Li Cheng did not deliberately hide their aura when they arrived, their arrival was quickly discovered by the experts of this underground city.

Deep blue lights flew out from below, and 12 human-shaped figures instantly rushed in front of the two of them. They were all Taiyi Mystic Deities.

Describing them as human-shaped, they indeed had the bodily shape of humans.

In other words, a head, torso, and four limbs.

But apart from that, there was nothing else about them that looked human.

These “people” were made of some kind of dark blue ice crystals. Their head were square and had no neck. Their head grew out of their shoulders, so their head could not be turned.

Hence, they had five faces, five pairs of eyes, and five mouths, one on each side of their head to cover all five directions; up, front, back, left, and right. It looked very strange. Other than their heads, their bodies were also very strange. It seemed that because their entire bodies were covered in ice crystals, every part of their bodies had protruding ice spikes.

Especially at the joints of the shoulders, elbows, and knees, the ice crystals extended with spikes that far exceeded their normal length. They were like blades that were extremely offensive.

After these 12 people arrived in front of Cui Heng and Li Cheng, they did not shout and ask immediately. Instead, they sized them up for a long time in surprise. In the end, they suddenly knelt down and kowtowed to the two of them, as if they were worshiping a god.




The strange language that came out of their mouths was not any language Cui Heng knew. It was completely unfamiliar.

However, he was a Late-stage Nascent Soul cultivator and had an extremely deep perception of spirituality. In an instant, he understood the meaning of their sentence and grasped this unfamiliar language.

“Greetings, Heavenly Gods. Welcome, Heavenly Gods!”

These were the words shouted by the 12 Ice Men. They were filled with respect and worship. They were completely like believers welcoming the descent of a god.

Did they take us to be gods?

Cui Heng was a little surprised as he looked at the huge statues standing among the buildings below.

These statues indeed looked like normal humans.

It was completely different from the Ice Men in front of him.

“In the eyes of these Ice Men, normal humans are gods?” Cui Heng sized them up with interest and said in the language he had just learned, “Get up.”

Li Cheng was instantly stunned. He looked at Cui Heng in shock, his mind filled with question marks.

Immortal Venerable was too amazing!

He even knew such a strange language. What else did Immortal Venerable not know?

“Thank you, Heavenly God!”

“Thank you, Heavenly God!”

The 12 Ice Men thanked him in unison and stood up with an incomparably respectful attitude.

Then, one of the Ice Men walked forward and bowed respectfully to Cui Heng. “Honorable Heavenly God, after 400 years, you have finally descended again.

“Weve been cleaning your palace carefully for you. Weve also carefully preserved the things you left behind when you descended last time. Please move to the Divine Palace. Well inform the First Elder to come and pay his respects to you.”

After 400 years?

Cui Hengs heart skipped a beat.

Wasnt this the time when Hong Fugui and his wife left Daozhou Star?

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