Realizing This Is A Wuxia World After Cultivating For 300 Years

Chapter 275 - The Empty Spirit Tablet Left for Himself

Chapter 274 Clues About the Last Ascender, Juntian Palace

Under the lead of the Ice Men, Cui Heng and Li Cheng arrived at the most magnificent palace in the underground city.

This was also the highest point in the entire dungeon, a mountain peak.

If one stood in front of the palace and looked down, they could see most of the underground city.

After the Ice Men left, Li Cheng couldnt help but sigh. “Immortal Venerable, I didnt expect the Ice Men here to treat us as Heavenly Gods.”

“Their spirituality is flawed, so they cant distinguish the appearance of other races very well.” Cui Heng smiled. “In their eyes, theres no difference between our appearances.”

“Theres such a race?” Li Chengs eyes widened in surprise.

“The universe is vast, so nothing is too surprising.” Cui Heng nodded slightly and said, “However, this also provides a lot of convenience for my actions.

“If not for them taking the initiative to bring us to this palace specially used to welcome the Heavenly Gods, it would have been very difficult for us to discover the murals carved in this palace ourselves.”

After arriving at this palace, he noticed the murals carved on the ice crystal wall.

From the content of the description, it was about a long time ago when a Heavenly God descended to this desolate world and taught the living beings who were still in ignorance, starting the original civilization.

The Heavenly God depicted in the mural was extremely similar to the statues outside. It should be the Heavenly God worshiped by these Ice Men.

The contents of the myths were not surprising. They were legends common to the ancestors. The most useful thing to Cui Heng was the name of the Heavenly God recorded on the mural.


The Heavenly Gods surname was Zhou, and his name was Juntian.

Before this, Cui Heng had already learned from Hong Yong that the great divine being who walked out of Daozhou Star was surnamed Zhou.

Zhou Juntian.

This might be the name of that great divine being.

At the same time, Cui Hengs face suddenly revealed surprise. He was a little stunned in his heart and thought to himself, “Theres feedback just like that?”

His Nascent Soul cultivation had increased.

This was only a little information related to that great divine being. His name might not even be real.

There was actually feedback from exploring the unknown.

Although this feedback was very small and could even be said to be insignificant, it was enough to prove that Cui Hengs previous guess was rightThis great divine being was involved in a huge secret, and his influence must be extremely deep.

Perhaps he was not only the last Ascender before the collapse of the Heavens, but also very directly related to the destruction of the Heavens.

“Im actually looking forward to the teleportation array left behind by this final Ascender.” Cui Heng chuckled. “This is an extraordinary person. Where will the teleportation array left behind by him lead


“If this person finds out that he can interest you, Immortal Venerable, he will probably feel very honored.” Li Cheng smiled.

That was indeed what he thought. It was not a compliment.

In Li Chengs heart, Cui Hengs cultivation level was already extremely high. Even if someone told him that Cui Heng was actually a supreme existence in the Ninth Realm of the Immortal World, he would believe it without hesitation.

Compared to such an existence, a so-called Great Divine Being was nothing.

“Haha, theres no need for him to feel honored. I just need him to bring me more gains.” Cui Heng chuckled. Suddenly, he turned to look outside. “Someones here.”


The Ice Men High Priest was very huge, at least three times the size of an ordinary Ice Man.

Although his cultivation realm was also equivalent to the Taiyi Mystic Deity realm, in terms of true strength, it should be more than twice that of an Ice Man of the same level.

“Honorable Heavenly God! Youve finally descended again!”

When the Ice Men High Priest saw Cui Heng and Li Cheng, he immediately knelt down. “Weve always kept the things you left behind 400 years ago well. Theyre not damaged at all. Please check.”

As he spoke, he held an aqua-blue gem with both hands and raised it above his head.

This gem was round and warm. It was quite big, about the size of a goose egg. There was a faint silver starlight in it, and it looked very beautiful.

Not to mention the specific effects, just this appearance alone could be considered a treasure.

“Immortal Venerable, this is the Star Sea Imprint Stone.” Li Cheng looked at Cui Heng and asked for his opinion.

“Alright!” Cui Heng nodded lightly.

Then, the Ice Men High Priest felt his hands loosen. The gem had already left his hand and landed in Cui Hengs palm.

The Star Sea Imprint Stone was a special natural treasure that was most suitable for storing Star Map information.

After Cui Heng held the gem in his hand, he circulated a trace of Dharmic powers. Immediately, the Star Sea Imprint Stone shone brightly, and bright starlight bloomed from it.

These starlight lights kept dancing in the void. When they found where they should be, they stopped and turned into specks of light that symbolize stars.

The Star Map was manifesting!

In the blink of an eye, the huge palace became a vast starry sky.

The Ice Men High Priest seemed to have seen a miracle and immediately kowtowed.

“Is this considered a treasure map?” Cui Heng laughed.

After he opened this Star Map, he obtained the information engraved in this Star Sea Imprint Stone and learned the essence of this Star Map.

This Star Map was not complicated, and the myriad worlds and starry skies it depicted was not big.

It was only slightly larger than Li Chengs Star Map.

There were 21 Realms and the surrounding starry skies.

Among the 21 Realms and many starry skies, three stars were specially marked.

It also emphasized that these stars contained the treasures left behind by Zhou Juntian and contained the mysteries of becoming the King of the Sages.

This should be something left behind by Hong Fugui and his wife 400 years ago.

But why did they keep this?

Cui Heng was a little puzzled at first, but after thinking about it, he understood the reason. He smiled in his heart and said, “This is a good way to get people to leave the Dark Sea Star as soon as possible.”

Previously, he had learned from Hong Yong that Hong Fugui and his wife had left a Star Map in the core of the Dark Sea Star.

This was left for Hong Yong.

Regardless of whether Hong Yong could come to the Dark Sea Star, they definitely did not want this Star Map to be obtained by others. The best way was to take out something sufficiently tempting and let the people who came to the Dark Sea Star to leave as soon as possible.

To most martial artists, the mystery of becoming the King of the Sages was undoubtedly a treasure that was greater than everything else. It was very likely that they would not hesitate to go over to investigate the situation.

This way, they naturally would not discover the situation at the core of the planet.

Of course, if Hong Yong came here and obtained this Star Map, it would not be a loss to Hong Fugui and his wife. In any case, it was for their son.

“This is a pleasant surprise. Although I dont know if the three places related to Zhou Juntian are real or fake, I have a direction to investigate.”

Cui Heng smiled and put away the Star Map. He was in a good mood and said to the Ice Men High Priest, “You did very well.”

Zhou Juntian was involved in a lot of secrets. The information about this person was a good bag of experience points for him. It could effectively increase the cultivation of his Nascent Soul.

“Its our honor to serve the honorable Heavenly God.” The Ice Men High Priest knelt on the ground respectfully.

“You still remember what happened 400 years ago?” Cui Heng smiled. “Yes, of course I remember.” The Ice Men High Priest nodded repeatedly and said excitedly, “400 years ago, you descended here with another Heavenly God who was identical to you.

That was a day that our Ice Spirit Clan would forever remember. Our Ice Spirit Clan, which had not seen divine grace for hundreds of thousands of years, finally saw a respected Heavenly God again.

Although you didnt leave behind any divine teachings like in the myths, you left behind this token. This is a great gift that illuminated our path forward…”

What followed was endless praise and sighs.

Cui Heng even regretted asking about what happened 400 years ago.

The praise from the Ice Men High Priest seemed to be endless, like the surging river.

However, Cui Heng still extracted some key information from it.

Hong Fugui and his wife should be the only humans who have come here in the past hundreds of thousands of years. It was no wonder that they had left behind a Star Map Imprint Stone. They were not worried that there would be too many people coming. In addition, they came and left in a hurry and did not stay for long.

In that case, these Ice Men should not know much about them.

Well, actually, this could be seen from the compliments of the Ice Men High Priest.

Hence, after the Ice Men High Priest finished praising him and Cui Heng left behind a few words of so-called divine teachings, he left the underground city with Li Cheng.

He continued to the core of the planet.


After Cui Heng left, the Ice Men High Priest walked out of the Divine Palace excitedly.

He stood in front of the Divine Palace and looked down at the city below and the countless Ice Men. His heart was filled with pride as he muttered, “Gods grace is boundless. Weve finally obtained an oracle. The path ahead is no longer dark!

We have to walk our own path, become stronger, and step into a wider world. Only then can we let the race grow stronger and pass down our heritage.

One day, I, Hanshan, will lead the Ice Spirit Clan out of this underground city and this comfortable home. At that time, we will go to find Heavenly God and kowtow to thank Him together!”


After leaving the Ice Spirit Clans Divine Palace, Cui Heng continued to travel underground with Li Cheng.

The trip this time was very smooth.

They did not encounter any more Dungeons and soon arrived at an incomparably hot place.

The area ahead had already become fiery red.

The core of the planet was ahead.

As they approached, the temperature became higher and higher, gradually exceeding the temperature on the surface of the sun.

A Limitless Golden Immortal like Li Cheng actually began to sweat.

Cui Heng did not feel anything at all. He continued to walk forward with a normal expression.

Soon, the two of them arrived at the true core.

Earth Fire surged in all directions, and extreme heat encompassed everything.

“Found it.”

Cui Heng suddenly laughed and pointed ahead.

There was a magnificent palace there, floating in the Earth Fire without any damage.

There were three words written on the plaque at the main entrance of the palace.

“Juntian Palace!”

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