Realizing This Is A Wuxia World After Cultivating For 300 Years

Chapter 276 - The Empty Spirit Tablet Left for Himself (2)

Chapter 275 The Empty Spirit Tablet Left for Himself

With Juntian as the name, it should be a palace that Zhou Juntian valued.

Cui Heng sized up the palace with a focused expression.

He felt an ancient charm from it. This was an aura that had been accumulated for countless years, making one involuntarily sigh with emotion.

This palace was extraordinary.

Just being able to exist in the Earth Fire for hundreds of thousands of years was enough for it to obtain a qualitative sublimation.

In addition, Cui Heng also sensed extremely exquisite traces of Dharmas and Logos on this palace.

This meant that the cultivation realm of the person who created the Juntian Palace was extremely high. Moreover, he was very good at using laws and principles and could perfectly fuse these laws and principles into the palace.

Even cultivators at the Grand Completion Golden Core Realm could not do such a thing.

One had to at least be at the Early-stage Nascent Soul realm to be able to do this.

If it was the Sixth Realm of the Immortal World of the Martial Dao System, he would probably have extremely powerful Nascent Soul characteristics.

Or perhaps, although his cultivation had not reached the Early-stage Nascent Soul realm, his mental strength should have already broken through.

Otherwise, it would be impossible to build this Juntian Palace so perfectly.

But no matter what it was.

It meant that Zhou Juntian was definitely not an ordinary person.

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“This makes me even more curious about him.”

The corners of Cui Hengs mouth curled up slightly, looking forward to the discoveries in the Juntian Palace.

It would be best if he could learn more about Zhou Juntian or some information about the Seventh Realm of the Immortal World. They could be used to explore the unknown and increase his cultivation realm.

“Immortal Venerable, shall we go in now?” Li Cheng came over and asked.

“Lets go.” Cui Heng nodded slightly.

… .

This was the second “wild” palace Cui Heng had explored.

The last time was the Purple Extreme Palace on the moon.

However, the situation between the two was completely different.

Originally, Cui Heng wanted to obtain some books from the Juntian Palace to understand Zhou Juntians inheritance and what the myriad worlds of that era looked like.

After all, it was normal to store some books in the palace.

However, when he entered the Juntian Palace, he realized that that was not the case. The situation inside was completely different from what he had expected.

There were no furnishings in the Juntian Palace. There was nothing at all.

There were no books.

There also werent anything like jade slips or jade beads that could record information.

The huge palace was empty.

Only a very large shrine stood under the wall facing the palace door.

On it were memorial tablets.

The entire hall was solemn.

When Cui Heng and Li Cheng saw this, they were stunned.

They did not expect such a scene in the Juntian Palace.

“This is…”

Cui Heng looked at these memorial tablets and swept his gaze across them one by one. He read in a low voice, “The memorial tablets of my master, Lin Shanchang, my brother, Chen Yu, and my brother, Qian Shushu…

My brother… my friend… my disciple… the memorial tablet of my beloved wife, Lin Qingzhu, my beloved daughter, Zhou Xuanji, and a blank memorial tablet. There are a total of 377 memorial tablets.”

“Immortal Venerable, look at these memorial tablets. The entire family was simply wiped out, not leaving a single one alive,” Li Cheng said in surprise.

“Perhaps only Zhou Juntian survived.” Cui Heng shook his head gently and looked at the empty memorial tablet. He sighed and said, “Im afraid this empty memorial tablet is for himself.

He personally set up these 376 memorial tablets and left a blank memorial tablet for himself. Its difficult for us to imagine what he was feeling at that time, what he had encountered, and what he was about to do.”

“To erect a memorial tablet for yourself, this is extreme despair.” Li Cheng shook his head with a bitter smile and said, “What kind of thing can make such a great divine being so desperate? Something earth-shattering must have happened in his era.”

“Mn.” Cui Heng nodded slightly and did not say anything else.

Next, after looking at the memorial tablets for a while, he walked towards the other rooms.

He planned to see if there were any other clues.

At the same time, he searched for the teleportation array and the Star Map left behind by Hong Fugui and his wife.

These two were not difficult to find. They were in the side hall next to the main hall.

A huge and complicated array formation occupied the entire side hall. On the four walls were four huge astrolabes that could be used to determine the direction of teleportation.

Three of the astrolabes positions were for Tianmen Star.

There was only one astrolabe that pointed to a place marked “Taihong Star”.

However, this “Taihong Star” was not in the original location of Taihong Star. It was not even in the Star Map that Li Cheng had shown him earlier. Instead, it was in a further place.

The range of the astrolabe here was huge. There were 64 realms and the surrounding starry skies. The Taihong Realm was at the edge of these 64 realms.

“This should be the Star Map left behind by Fugui and the others.”

Cui Heng nodded slightly. From the remaining aura of the power around him, he could determine that this teleportation array had been activated about 400 years ago. It should be Hong Fugui and his wife.

Since they were going to Taihong Star, it meant that they were most likely safe.

“When Qingshu and Hui Shi come over, we can go to the Five Views Realm. Lets figure out the situation of the Purple Sun Realm first. At the same time, we have to investigate the truth about the collapse of the Heavens and Zhou Juntians situation.”

Cui Heng thought to himself.

He felt inexplicably happy.

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