Realizing This Is A Wuxia World After Cultivating For 300 Years

Chapter 277 - A Place Filled with “Freedom”

ystic Realm? They have been interrogating us for almost ten years.”

“Big Brother, why dont you explore it yourself?” The head of the fourth branch, Li Qiang, asked in a low voice, “Since the Nine Deaths Heavenly Sect is so concerned, there must be a huge opportunity inside.


Even if you cant become a Sage, you can still let Chenger or Weiler obtain a huge opportunity. Theyre both Limitless Golden Immortals. Perhaps they can directly become Sages?”

“Thats right. As long as they become Sages, the Nine Deaths Heavenly Sect wont dare to do anything to us at all.” The fifth branchs head, Li Tong, nodded and said, “Chongyang Star is still ruled by the strong.”

“But there hasnt been any news of Chenger and Weiler for a hundred years.” Li Feng, the third branch head, frowned and said, “The large flying shuttles that the various families and Immortal sects sent to follow them didnt return either. Even if we want to find them now, we dont have any clues.”

“Sigh…” Li Quan sighed and said,” How could I not want to personally explore the Purple Sun Mystic Realm? However, that place is far away from the Five Views Realm, separated by thousands of stars.

“All the teleportation arrays to the Five Views Realm are controlled by the three Immortal Sects. With my Golden Immortal cultivation, it will take at least 200 years for me to drive an ordinary flying shuttle over. Theres not enough time.”

I really dont know what that mysterious Sage wanted with me back then. In just a dozen years, he caused our Li Family to be in such a state. What is his goal!”

“Big Brother, why dont we directly give the information about the Purple Sun Mystic Realm to the Nine Deaths Heavenly Sect?” Li En persuaded. “With the information about the Purple Sun Mystic Realm in exchange for the protection of the Nine Deaths Heavenly Sect, I dont think that mysterious Sage will dare to directly become enemies with the Nine Deaths Heavenly Sect.”

“But will the Nine Deaths Heavenly Sect become enemies with a Sage for us?” Li Quan glanced at his second brother and sneered. “Thats a Venerable Sage who can destroy our Li Family with a single breath.

Now that we have the information about the Purple Sun Mystic Realm, Wei Cheng will not kill us as long as he wants to obtain it. Moreover, our Li family has followed the Nine Deaths Heavenly Sect for more than 10,000 years. If he really attacks, it wont be good for their reputation.

In the face of the pressure of the Nine Deaths Heavenly Sect, we might still have a way out. At the very least, before Wei Chengs lifespan is up, he wont be too crazy. But if we were to face that mysterious Sage, that might not be the case.

Do you understand?!”

As soon as these words were spoken, the entire meeting hall fell silent.

Everyone looked at each other and saw the despair in each others eyes.

Li Quan had already analyzed the situation very clearly.

The Li Family only had one choice now, and that was to resist.

He wanted to find a way to break through before Wei Chengs lifespan ended.

Of course, if they were lucky and Li Cheng or Li Wei broke through to the Myriad Techniques Return to One Realm and became Sages, all the crises would no longer be crises.

Bang! Bang! Bang! At this moment, there was a knock on the door of the meeting hall, breaking the dead silence.

However, this sudden knock on the door immediately aroused everyones anger, and it was about to become an outlet for their emotions.

The meeting hall was an important place of the family and was not to be disturbed.

“Old Master, Young Master and Young Miss are back!” The old butlers voice came from outside. The anger in the hearts of these people instantly disappeared.

Li Cheng and Li Wei were back!

“Quick, bring me to see them!” Li Quan jumped out of his seat excitedly and rushed out of the door in an instant, pulling the old butler out.

The others hurriedly followed.

To the current Li family, Li Cheng and Li Wei could be said to be their final strand of straw.

Cui Heng did not go to the Li Family with Li Cheng and Li Wei.

Instead, he brought Pei Qingshu and Hui Shi around Luling City to observe the customs here.

To him, this was also exploring the unknown.

The overall layout of Luling City was a typical ancient city, but it was countless times larger. Its humanistic state was also different from Daozhou Star.

As there was no national government, there were no local administrative officials. The nominally governing families and sects also rarely exercised their jurisdiction.

Therefore, the people here had a lot of “freedom”.

It could basically be understood that other than things that went against the laws of nature and could not be done openly, everything else was left to the people.

There were almost no rules or etiquette here.

Everything was up to the individual.

However, in Cui Hengs opinion, this freedom was actually a form of chaos.

Unlimited freedom would gradually give birth to beastly nature and gradually destroy the humanity in people.

“Qingshu, youve managed commoners before. Whats your evaluation of this situation?” Cui Heng pointed at the chaotic street in front of him and asked Pei Qingshu.

“The people here are more beastly than human. Theyre just a group of high-level monkeys.” Pei Qingshu shook his head gently and said, “From Li Cheng and Li Weis situation, it seems that the large family clans still have rules and laws. Its just that ordinary people dont.”

“In other words, the management method here doesnt treat ordinary people as humans.” Hui Shi nodded. “The families and Immortal sects here are reallyherding all living beings. Hmm? Sir, something seems to have happened ahead…”

As soon as he finished speaking, there was a commotion ahead.

Immediately after, the commoners who had collapsed on the road and were drinking wine all jolted up and knelt in front of them. They kowtowed respectfully and shouted in unison.

“Welcome, Immortal Master of the Nine Deaths Heavenly Sect!”

“Welcome, Immortal Master of the Nine Deaths Heavenly Sect!”

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