Realizing This Is A Wuxia World After Cultivating For 300 Years

Chapter 278 - Little God Greets The Immortal Venerable

information about the Sixth Realm of the Immortal World. He had even flipped through the Purple Sun True Treasure Records and knew the cultivation methods of the Sixth Realm by heart.

“…” Li Quan fell silent this time, and the smile on his face froze. He frowned and sized up Li Cheng, saying worriedly, “Son, are you alright? Are you under some illusion? And wheres your sister? Where did Weier go? Why didnt she come back with you?”

“Father, Im very sober.” Li Cheng was speechless and continued, “Let me finish. After meeting this Immortal Venerable, I followed him to the planet where Great-grandfather died.

“As you know, not long after I left, the Netherworld Sacred Sect, the Sun Family of Qingyang Star, the Chen Family of Baijing Star, and the Ten Thousand Sword Sect sent large flying shuttles to track down the information left behind by Great-grandfather.

When I followed Immortal Venerable to that planet, a total of 16 large flying shuttles had sealed the planet, and our flying shuttle was also intercepted.

Guess what happened next?”

“Dont tell me you want to say that Immortal Venerable defeated them all?” Li Quan no longer believed Li Chengs nonsense.

“Heh, no. If you hadnt seen that scene, you definitely wouldnt be able to imagine it,” Li Cheng said with a smile. “Immortal Venerable enlightened that planet and turned it into an incomparably huge Star God.

This Star God is even larger than the entire planet. He casually stretched out his hand and grabbed more than ten large flying shuttles, as well as those Limitless Golden Immortals and Golden Immortals.

Thats definitely a strength that far exceeds the Sixth Realm of the Immortal World. What Sage or Sage King? Compared to that Star God, they are no different from ants and bugs.

And such an expert is just a Star God that was casually enlightened by Immortal Venerable. Think about it, how powerful is Immortal Venerable himself?”

“…Son, Ive let you down. You, you should rest well first. Dont be too stressed.” Li Quan was completely stunned and wanted to comfort Li Cheng with a pained expression.

He thought that Li Cheng had encountered something incomparably terrifying in the past 100 years and had already lost his mind. Otherwise, why would he say such words that even ghosts would not believe?

This feeling was like an old father meeting his son who had not been home for a few years and asking about his situation in the past few years,

In the end, his son said that he had followed the lord of the solar system. He saw the lord of the solar system casually dealing with Earth and Mars captain.

This was absurd!

It was impossible to believe. “Sigh…” Li Cheng was helpless. He flipped his hand and took out the huge flying shuttle Cui Heng had lent him.” Father, look at what this is?”

“This isnt an ordinary flying shuttle. This is a large flying shuttle?!” Li Quans eyes widened as he trembled. He felt his scalp tingle as he looked at Li Cheng in disbelief and said in surprise, “Then what you just said…”

“Old Master, Old Master!”

At this moment, the old butler rushed over from outside and exclaimed, “Old Master, not good. The two Devas from the Nine Deaths Heavenly Sect are here again. Moreover, this time, they even specifically mentioned that they want to bring the Young Master to the Nine Deaths Heavenly Sect!”

“What?!” Li Quan was instantly furious when he heard this. He gritted his teeth and said, “What are they trying to do? First, they kept interrogating us. Now that my son has just returned, they want to take him away?!”

“Why? Is Patriarch Li unhappy with our Sect Master?”

A proud voice sounded.

At the same time, the two Devas from the Nine Deaths Heavenly Sect walked over. They glanced at Li Quan with disdain and turned to Li Cheng. They said indifferently, “Youre Li Cheng?”

“Thats right.” Li Cheng nodded and took a step forward. He said in a low voice, “What are you doing?”

“I didnt tell you to ask. Follow us to see the Sect Master.” One of the Devas snorted. Clearly, he didnt take Li Cheng seriously.

These two Devas dared to speak to a Limitless Golden Immortal like this. Clearly, they thought that their status as disciples of the Nine Deaths Heavenly Sect could suppress Li Cheng and were certain that the other party would not dare to attack.

Pei Qingshu, who had hidden himself and followed the two of them in, clicked his tongue in wonder and sighed in his heart.

“Looks like the power of the Nine Deaths Heavenly Sect is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people on Chongyang Star. Even Devas dare to treat a Limitless Golden Immortal like this, ignoring the huge difference in realms.

“However, this is more interesting. The more powerful they are, the more they can promote my cultivation. I just hope that theyre not a bunch of embroidered pillows!”


Cui Heng flew into the sky with Hui Shi and soon arrived at the atmosphere filled with astral winds.

There was extremely violent wind everywhere, and the temperature was extremely low. Occasionally, there would be intense lightning flashing. There was destructive power surging in all directions, and it was far more dangerous than ordinary planets.

“Sir, the laws here are a little strange.” Hui Shi sensed the abnormality immediately and asked curiously, “Its too violent. This place is filled with such violent power. How did the atmosphere form around it?”

“Its not just that. Its impossible for such a huge star to have life under normal circumstances.” Cui Heng smiled and looked ahead. “Someone must have modified the laws here and maintained them.”

“Reform such a huge planets laws?” Hui Shis eyes widened when he heard this. He looked at the ground below in disbelief. “What kind of power is this? Its simply unbelievable!”

“Its not difficult if you want to master it.” Cui Heng smiled and took a step forward. He said loudly, “Since youve already noticed us, why dont you show yourself?”

“Ai…” A sigh sounded in the sky that was filled with violent power. This was an incomparably old voice, as if it was about to die.

Then, he heard the voice say extremely respectfully,

“Little God greets the Immortal Venerable!”

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