Realizing This Is A Wuxia World After Cultivating For 300 Years

Chapter 279 - Chongyang Star God Realm Breakthrough

t have been distorted and changed will gradually return to their original state with time. This place will no longer be suitable for survival and will eventually become a huge dead planet.”

As for why he wanted to continue the existence of the Star Gods, this was the instinct of life.

Just like how ordinary living beings gave birth to descendants through their bloodline, the way the Star God gave birth to descendants was to let his power continue in his descendants.

Cui Heng was lost in thought.

After understanding the specific situation of the Star Gods, his cultivation had increased.

However, the fact that the Star Gods who pursued the unknown might end up causing their inheritance to be severed or even the life of the planet he was born on to perish made him vigilant.

In essence, this situation was that the Star God had lost himself in endless knowledge and had lost his accurate understanding of himself, forgetting his foundation as a Star God.

My life is also boundless, and knowledge is boundless. With boundless bounds, there are no bounds.

Although in theory, Nascent Soul cultivators could already live forever through their indestructible True Spirit and have endless years to learn and explore the unknown, if they blindly pursued all the unknowns and did not distinguish them, they might also lose themselves in the endless knowledge and forget their fundamental goal of exploring the unknown.

When exploring the unknown, one had to make a distinction.

What kind of knowledge was useful for his cultivation, what kind of knowledge could truly be converted into his own accumulation, and what kind of knowledge was only in stages of nourishment?

He had to think about all of this carefully.

He could not swallow everything easily. After his cultivation increased, he would not comb through the unknown anymore.

The moment he understood this, a pure aura suddenly surged from Cui Hengs body.

Then, this strand turned into layers of light that enveloped him. These layers of light clearly had no color, but they gave off a feeling that they contained all the colors. They were extremely profound and indescribable.

Hui Shi, who was standing beside Cui Heng, felt his body and soul begin to sublimate.

The originally indestructible shackles of his realm were instantly broken through.

The Immortal Golden nature in his body naturally extended out of his body and began to interweave with the boundless Dharma and Logos, fusing into one.

A moment later, he directly broke through.

The Sixth Realm of the Immortal World, Myriad Techniques Return to One!

“I, I broke through just like that?!” Hui Shi was dumbfounded. He had not even understood the situation when he suddenly broke through.

At the same time, the Chongyang Star God also felt a tremendous change in his body.

The originally old Star God actually became more energetic after being illuminated by these layers of clear light.

This shocked him to the extreme. He almost suspected that he was hallucinating. “My lifespan has actually increased by 3,000 years?!”

Chongyang Star God looked at Cui Heng in disbelief. His entire body was trembling as he said with a trembling voice, “Thank you, Exalted Immortal, thank you!”

At this moment, Cui Heng was also undergoing a sublimation.

The Dharmic powers in his body first expanded greatly before rapidly shrinking. After repeating this cycle countless times, his Dharmic powers became even purer.

The Nascent Soul in the Niwan Palace opened its eyes and waved its young hands. It sorted out the countless knowledge that appeared in front of it and categorized them into categories, condensing them into different colors.

Cui Heng referenced the systems he knew in his previous life and divided the knowledge he had now into various subjects.

For example, spells, history, humanities, laws, starry skies, and so on.

Under each subject, a more detailed division was made.

This way, he could construct a complete system to integrate the knowledge he had, so as to make specific distinctions between specific knowledge. He could also constantly clarify his shortcomings and strengths.

It could be said to be killing many birds with one stone.

The construction of the knowledge system also greatly improved the growth of the Nascent Soul.

His Late-stage Nascent Soul cultivation progress was half completed!


Cui Heng exhaled lightly and ended his epiphany. Then, he realized that the two people beside him had also changed greatly. The Dharmas and Logos on Chongyang Star were greatly guided and condensed.

It caused the entire Chongyang Star to change.

Li Family of Luling City.

Li Cheng was confronting the two Devas from the Nine Deaths Heavenly Sect.

He already knew Wei Chengs goal, so it was naturally impossible for him to agree to go to the Nine Deaths Heavenly Sect. That was completely walking into a trap.

However, it was impossible for these two Devas to let him off so easily.

“Li Cheng, you have to think carefully. This is your last chance.”

One of the Devas said in a low voice, “The Sect Master personally said that if you insist on not following us, you will be making an enemy of the Nine Deaths Heavenly Sect and Wei Cheng. I advise you not to make a mistake!”


At this moment, a loud bang suddenly came from the sky. The originally bright sky instantly turned dark.

A violent wind rose in the world, and the clouds in the sky surged!

This made everyone stop what they were doing and look up in shock.

In an instant, the sky lit up again. Countless lights of different colors crossed the sky and gathered in one direction.

At this moment, countless Golden Immortals and Limitless Golden Immortals exclaimed.

“Myriad Techniques Return to One!!”

“Someone has become a Sage?!”

“A new Sage has been born. Who is it?!”

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