Realizing This Is A Wuxia World After Cultivating For 300 Years

Chapter 281 - Even The One That Didnt Come Would Not Be Able to Escape

Chapter 280 Different Choices, Different Results

When was the last time a Myriad Techniques Return to One phenomenon appeared on Chongyang Star? Many people could not even remember.

After all, the youngest of the three Venerable Sages on Chongyang Star was already more than 7,000 years old. It had been too long since he attained the Dao.

However, many people remembered the appearance of the phenomenon recorded in the books.

Therefore, when they saw countless lights of different colors suddenly appear in the sky and gather in the same direction, these people already understood what had happened.

Sage transformation!

Someone was about to become a Sage!

After the three Venerable Sages of the Nine Deaths Heavenly Sect, the Netherworld Sacred Sect, and the Plague Imperial Palace, there was finally one more person who successfully crossed this chasm and stepped into the realm of Myriad Techniques Return to One.

At this moment, the essence energy in the world seemed to be boiling. Flowers bloomed everywhere, and immortal music sounded. The darkness in all directions was already illuminated by the light of laws.

And the core of these phenomena was in the sky above Luling City.

Many people began to guess if one of the two young Limitless Golden Immortals of the Li Family had broken through.

If that was really the case…

That meant that from today onwards, the next thousands of years of Chongyang Star would be their era.

After all, the three Venerable Sages were already old.

Hence, at the same time that the phenomenon appeared, many people had already begun to prepare generous gifts, planning to congratulate him after the phenomenon ended.

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Of course, this was only the feeling of the Limitless Golden Immortals and Golden Immortals.

The three Sages of the Nine Deaths Heavenly Sect, the Netherworld Sacred Sect, and the Plague Imperial Palace were not in the same mood.


The Netherworld Sacred Sects encampment was located all over Chongyang Star, but the core headquarters was located in the North Pole.

This place had been dark for half a year, and there were glaciers that had remained unchanged since ancient times. There were almost no normal living beings here, and only ghosts wandered around, as if they were declaring that this was a country of death.

The Sage of the Netherworld Sacred Sect was sleeping here.

Legend had it that he was the ruler of death. No one he wanted to kill would live to see the next day.

In order not to disturb this Sages sleep, not many disciples of the Netherworld Sacred Sect would come here.

Even the Limitless Golden Immortals were only allowed to report once every half a year.

The Netherworld Sacred Sect was covered in extreme darkness for half a year every year. It was dark everywhere.

Ghosts wandered aimlessly on the icy plain.

Suddenly, countless lights of different colors tore through the sky, illuminating the long night as if it was daytime.

These ghosts were caught unprepared. They raised their heads in confusion and looked at the light in the sky, their hearts instinctively filled with fear.

They had a fear of light.

However, the burning sensation in their memory did not come. Instead, it felt like a spring breeze.

The ghosts realized that not only were they not injured, but their souls had also become much more corporeal. They immediately floated around leisurely, pretending that the light had never appeared.

In the depths of the icy plain was an extremely dark ancient city.

Legend had it that this was a palace left behind by an ancient civilization when they established a dynasty in the icy land. It contained unbelievable secrets.

In the central palace of this ancient city, an ice coffin that had been frozen for countless years suddenly cracked. A pale and stiff palm shattered the ice coffin.

A burly middle-aged man more than nine feet tall walked out. He looked up at the sky and chuckled. “Interesting, theres actually a new Sage.

This direction seems to be Luling City. Thats the territory of the Nine Deaths Heavenly Sect. That old thing Wei Cheng will probably have a headache. I cant miss this commotion!

Children, have you slept enough? Ill bring you out to play!!”

With this call,

The ancient glacier suddenly cracked and shattered. Black smoke soared into the sky, and countless green and white zombies slowly crawled out. In the blink of an eye, they filled the glacier.



Countless zombies roared at the sky like ferocious beasts.

At the same time, the surging black aura gathered into a black cloud and lifted these zombies into the sky, following behind the middle-aged man.

“Hahaha! Today, Ill let this newly promoted Little Sage take a good look at what a Death Dominus is!”


Nine Deaths Heavenly Sect.

Wei Cheng was originally resting with his eyes closed, waiting for the disciples to bring Li Cheng back.

He was not worried about any accidents at all.

On the huge Chongyang Star, other than the other two Sages, no one dared to say no to him.

No matter how powerful a Limitless Golden Immortal was, he was only at the Fifth Realm of the Immortal World. Compared to a Sage at the Sixth Realm of the Immortal World, he was worlds apart.

As long as there was nothing wrong with the Li Familys brains, they would never dare to openly oppose him.

However, as the phenomenon in the sky appeared, his expression changed.

“This direction is Luling City?!”

Wei Cheng rushed out and looked at the sky in disbelief. “How is this possible? Could it be that Li Cheng has broken through? Impossible, hes only 700 years old!”

He had always claimed to be outstanding and was a genius that only appeared once in 10,000 years. Even so, he had also used nearly a thousand years to cultivate to the realm of Myriad Techniques Return to One.

In the entire Five Views Realm, no one could compare to his cultivation speed.

Now, there was actually a Sage in his 700s?

Especially since this was the Li Family he had been coveting

Wei Cheng could not accept it no matter what.

“The process of a Sage attaining the Dao is not irreversible. As long as I stop the myriad techniques from fusing into one, I can make him fail!” He looked at the sky and muttered, “I cant let a Sage appear in the Li Family. I cant!”

This time, Wei Cheng really panicked.

In his heart, anyone could become a Sage, but not the Li Family of Luling, let alone Li


That was because it was very likely that Li Cheng had the method to step into the Peak of the Myriad Techniques Return to One Realm. Once he became a Sage, there was a possibility of a Sage King appearing in the Five Views Realm!

A King who stood above all the Sages!

He could not let such a thing happen!

“Li Cheng! Dont even think about succeeding!”

Wei Cheng gritted his teeth and roared. He flew into the sky and headed towards Luling



Plague Imperial Palace

This place was located in the depths of the mountains that were rarely visited. In the depths of the Southern Borders 100,000 mountains, countless plants surrounded it. It was where the Immortal Sect that had grasped the martial techniques of epidemics was located.

The phenomenon of Hui Shi breaking through to the Myriad Techniques Return to One Realm almost spread throughout the world. Countless lights naturally flew over, causing many disciples of the Plague Imperial Palace to exclaim.

In front of the main hall of the Plague Imperial Palace stood a beautiful woman in her thirties.

Her facial features were three-dimensional, her features were picturesque, and her figure was plump and mature. She was dressed in the Southern Border style with very little cloth, only covering the key parts.

This was one of the six Elders of the Plague Palace, called Lanta. She was in charge of summarizing the important matters of the world and adjusting the development direction of the Plague Imperial Palace at any time.

After seeing the Dao runes light in the sky, Lanta rushed to the Myriad Poison Pool in the depths of the Plague Imperial Palace without hesitation. She kowtowed respectfully and said, “Sect Master, a Sage phenomenon has appeared. What should we do?”

The appearance of a new Sage would definitely break the balance that Chongyang Star had maintained for a long time. The Plague Imperial Palace had to make plans early. Otherwise, it was very likely that they would be jointly suppressed by other forces.

“Dont do anything.” The Sect Masters voice came from the Myriad Poison Pool. He said in a low voice, “A hundred years ago, Ye Han followed Li Cheng and his sister and left.

Not long ago, Ye Han died and the Thousand Plague Umbrella was destroyed. That was a Sage Armament, a holy weapon that even a Sage could not destroy. Theres definitely a big shot behind Li Cheng that cannot be provoked.

Lets not do anything, understand?”

“Yes, Sect Master!” Lanta nodded in response, but she felt that it was very unbelievable.

She had never seen a Sect Master with such an attitude.

Moreover, from his tone, he seemed to be filled with fear.

This was too strange. The Sect Master actually felt fear. It was really unbelievable.

However, although she was curious, she did not dare to investigate.

If even a Sage like the Sect Master was so afraid, wouldnt a small Limitless Golden Immortal like her be courting death by investigating?

Her life was still more important.


Hui Shi never dreamed that accidentally breaking through a realm bottleneck would cause such a huge commotion.

He could already sense many powerful auras flying over.

These auras were all different in nature, but they were all very powerful. There were even two auras that were clearly at the Sage level.

“How do you feel?” Cui Heng pointed at the phenomenon below and chuckled. “They definitely dont know that youve completed your breakthrough.”

According to the past experience of Chongyang Star martial artists, a phenomenon would appear when a Sage began to break through. Only after the phenomenon completely faded would the breakthrough be complete.

But Hui Shi was different.

Because the essence of his Immortal Golden nature was higher than Immortal True Essence, interweaving the Dharmas and Logos of Dao was far easier and faster than with the Immortal True Essence. Therefore, when Hui Shi completed his breakthrough, the phenomenon had just begun.

“Sir, dont tease me,” Hui Shi said with a bitter smile. “Im not even sure how I broke through just now. I just feel like Ive transformed into a Sage after standing beside you for a while.”

“Its very simple if youre still unclear. You just have to fight one round later and youll understand.” Cui Heng chuckled and said, “Theres no problem in martial cultivation that cant be resolved with a round of fighting. If there is, just fight two rounds.”

“Ah?” Hui Shi was stunned when he heard this. After thinking about it, he felt that this made sense, so he asked, “Then can I kill them?”

“Whether you can kill them or not depends on your strength.” Cui Heng nodded and smiled. “I wont care.”

“Alright!” Hui Shi nodded extremely seriously. He looked into the distance and his body trembled slightly. He was excited. He thought to himself, “Thats great. I finally have a chance to be Sirs saber again today!”

At the same time, two lights flew over the horizon.

One was seemingly emitting endless black smoke.

One was a pure green light.

They were the Patriarch of the Netherworld Sacred Sect, Gao Shouxin, and the Sect Master of the Nine Deaths Heavenly Sect, Wei Cheng.

Two Sages in the Myriad Techniques Return to One Realm!

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