Realizing This Is A Wuxia World After Cultivating For 300 Years

Chapter 282 - Exploring the Mystery of the Immortal Body

Chapter 281 Even The One That Didnt Come Would Not Be Able to Escape

The commotion caused by Gao Shouxins arrival was extremely huge.

Behind him was steaming black smoke that stretched for dozens of kilometers. It was filled with green and white zombies that emitted an extremely dense rotten smell. Instantly, half of Luling City became incomparably smelly.

This rotten smell spread out with the aura of death, causing countless martial artists in Luling County to reveal terrified expressions and subconsciously kneel on the ground.

The higher the cultivation, the more terrified they were.

That was because they knew very well what was going on with this phenomenon, and they also knew what was going on with the black smoke and this extremely smelly smell.

The Death Lord was here!

This Death Dominus, who slept in the polar region and did not see the sun all year round, was actually alarmed.

Even Wei Cheng did not expect Gao Shouxin to come.

The two of them stopped in the sky and looked at each other.

“I didnt expect you to come.”

“But I expected you to come.”

Gao Shouxin and Wei Cheng met in the sky. Their expressions were very cold. They had disliked each other for many years.

To put it nicely, the three Sages on Chongyang Star were three enemies. In truth, the three hated each other and wished that the other party would die tomorrow.

“What are you doing here?” Wei Cheng looked at Gao Shouxin warily.

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In his impression, although this fellow known as the Death Lord was not too strong, he was extremely difficult to deal with.

Especially the group of zombies behind him that seemed to be endless.

Thousands of years ago, when Gao Shouxin had just attained the Dao, he had a huge battle with the Sage of the Plague Imperial Palace.

At that time, Gao Shouxin did not even show his face. He let an endless group of zombies crawl all over the Grand Myriad Poisons Mountains of the Southern Border and eat the spiritual objects and fruits everywhere.

With such numbers, even a Sage could not kill them all day and night.

In the end, the Sect Master of the Plague Imperial Palace could only compromise and admit defeat.

“Of course its because I expected you to come. Thats why I came.” Gao Shouxin kept a smile on his face. “I know what you want to do. This is a good opportunity for me.”

“You want to help the Li Family?” Killing intent appeared in Wei Chengs eyes as he said in a low voice, “You want to rope in this new Sage of the Li Family and form an alliance with him?!”

“What do you think?” Gao Shous smile did not fade. The black aura behind him continued to spread. Countless zombies surrounded Wei Cheng in the air.

“Damn it…” Wei Cheng gritted his teeth and suppressed the anger in his heart.” Sage Gao, I have no enmity with you. Why are you going against me?”

He never expected Gao Shouxin to cause trouble at this time and actually wanted to help this new Sage of the Li Family.

Seeing that the Dao Validation phenomenon was about to be completed, Wei Cheng became even more anxious in his heart. He had no choice but to make a promise. “Sage Gao, as long as you dont stop me today, my Nine Deaths Heavenly Sect will be allies with your Netherworld Sacred Sect from now on! “Lets join forces to deal with the Plague Imperial Palace and completely suppress that old poisonous fellow. At that time, Chongyang Star will be our Heavenly Immortal Land. Wouldnt that be great?”

“Hahaha, the arrogant Sage Wei is actually willing to cooperate with a corpse like me?” Gao Shouxin laughed loudly when he heard this. “When I attained the Dao back then, didnt you openly say that I was acorpse mutant and not worthy of being called aVenerable Sage?”.

“Gao Shouxin, dont force me to attack!” Wei Cheng could not help but shout sternly. He looked at the phenomenon in the sky again and was extremely anxious. This Dao Validation phenomenon was about to be completed!

Once the Dao Validation phenomenon was completed, a new Sage would be born. The situation on Chongyang Star and even the entire Five Views Realm would undergo a tremendous change.

Sages had an extremely strong influence on the myriad laws and affected the phenomena of the world.

Now that Wei Cheng was extremely anxious, he naturally affected the surrounding Heaven Earth Origin Qi, causing the citizens in the city to feel extremely oppressed and even feel suffocated.

Coupled with the pressure brought about by Gao Shouxins zombie group, almost everyone in Luling City had a mental breakdown. Be it ordinary people or martial artists, they could not withstand this pressure.

Although they could not hear what the two Sages in the sky were saying, the atmosphere in the world was so oppressive that they felt that they might be about to face a holy war.

A Holy War!

It meant death!

If these two Venerable Sages fought, Luling City would definitely be reduced to ruins. There was no other possibility.

Everyone in the city had to die!

However, the atmosphere in the Li Family residence was a little strange.

Li Cheng and Pei Qingshu were both Limitless Golden Immortals. Li Quan was a Golden Immortal, and the two disciples from the Nine Deaths Heavenly Sect who wanted to take Li Cheng away were Devas.

Martial artists who had reached this realm had already reached a certain level of perception.

Gao Shouxin and Wei Cheng were not too high up, so they could hear their conversation.

However, this content was a little confusing.

Especially Li Cheng himself.

“I, when did I become a Sage?” Li Cheng pointed at himself in confusion and said, “Why didnt I know?”

“Sage Wei probably thought that the person who has attained the Dao is you?” Li Quan understood a little and nodded. “At this time, youre indeed the most likely to attain the Dao in Luling City. Other than you, who else can it be?”

The two Devas from the Nine Deaths Heavenly Sect were at a loss.

The current situation was completely beyond their ability to deal with.

“Perhaps its Hui Shi.” Pei Qingshu suddenly appeared and no longer hid. He looked up at the sky with a strange expression and muttered, “I lost a lot this time.”

His appearance without warning immediately stunned the few people beside him.

Li Quan said warily, “You, who are you? When did you sneak into my house?!”

“So its Qingshu. Did Immortal Venerable send you over?” Li Cheng was rather surprised. He smiled and explained to Li Quan beside him, “Father, this is Immortal Venerables disciple. Hes only about 200 years old, but hes already a Limitless Golden Immortal.”

“A 200-year-old Limitless Golden Immortal?!” Li Quan was shocked when he heard this. He looked at Pei Qingshu in disbelief. He had never even heard of such a young Limitless Golden Immortal.

“…” The two Devas from the Nine Deaths Heavenly Sect fell silent again.

The Holy War was about to erupt, and there were two Limitless Golden Immortals here. What should they do?

Looking at the current situation, just the name of the Nine Deaths Heavenly Sect alone might not be able to suppress it!

“Qingshu, whats the situation now?” Li Cheng could not help but ask Pei Qingshu, “What are Hui Shi and Immortal Venerable doing?”

“I dont know either…” Pei Qingshu shook his head and looked at the sky.” But we should know soon.”


At this moment, just as the so-called Dao Validation phenomenon was about to end.

A loud rumbling sound suddenly came from the sky, as if all techniques and Daos were trembling. At the same time, it entered the ears of all the living beings on Chongyang Star.

Some people felt refreshed and suddenly woke up. Some people felt dizzy, as if their heads had suffered a heavy blow.

This was Cui Hengs move.

He used a trace of insignificant mental strength to instantly baptize the souls of all the living beings on Chongyang Star, preventing them from being immersed in the fear and shock of the Dao Validation phenomenon.

It was just that there would be different reactions because of the different mental states of each living being.

This kind of soul baptism was very natural. There were almost no traces of artificial labor. It was directly treated as a special part of the phenomenon.

However, Gao Shouxin and Wei Cheng, the two Sages, vaguely felt that something was wrong.

This was also what Cui Heng had deliberately let them sense.

The two of them immediately stopped arguing and looked up at the sky in unison, their faces filled with surprise.

At the same time, in the middle of the Dao Validation phenomenon that had yet to end, an incomparably dazzling golden light suddenly lit up, further illuminating everything in the world.

This golden light was filled with a holy aura. One could vaguely hear dragon roars from it, as if a Nine Heavens Divine Dragon was lying dormant in the golden light.

Immediately after, a figure slowly walked out of the golden light.

This was a young man who looked to be in his twenties. Nine golden divine dragons wrapped around his body. He stood high in the sky and looked down like a dragon god that ruled over everything

He was a Sage, but the aura and pressure on his body were far stronger than any Sage. It was as if he was a higher existence standing on another level.


It was Hui Shi.

The moment Gao Shouxin and Wei Cheng saw Hui Shi, they had the same feeling in their hearts. Could my Myriad Techniques Return to One Realm be fake?!

The pressure Hui Shi gave them was too great.

This did not look like a Sage who had just advanced!

He was too powerful!

And who was this person?

Why was it not Li Cheng?

Where did this expert come from? When did he come to Chongyang Star, and why did he break through in Luling City?!

Wei Cheng and Gao Shouxin were confused.

They didnt know what was going on.

“Who are you? Why are you here?!” Wei Cheng stared at Hui Shi and asked in a low voice.

Although the aura and pressure on Hui Shis body were incomparably powerful, he did not think that he was weaker than the other party. The strength of ones power did not depend on their aura and pressure alone.

As long as there was no essential difference in realm, and as long as both sides were Sages, there was no suppression!

Martial techniques, divine power secret techniques, Sage Armaments, and treasures could all play decisive roles.

Hui Shi looked down at the two of them from the sky and did not answer Wei Cheng.

His gaze swept past Gao Shouxin and the dense zombies before landing on Wei Cheng. He said indifferently, “Im here on Sirs orders to verify my cultivation with the two of you. Please do your best to avoid being killed by me.”

Hui Shi had also made a distinction between these two. He could kill Wei Cheng, but he could only capture Gao Shouxin.

Although Gao Shouxin was here to help “Li Cheng”, he had brought so many zombies over. It was obvious that he was not a good person. It was better to capture him first.

Wei Cheng and Gao Shouxin were Sages after all. They had ruled Chongyang Star for thousands of years. How could they withstand the provocation of an outsider?

“How dare you!”


The sky was calm.

Cui Heng glanced down and ignored them. He turned to look at the Chongyang Star God opposite him and smiled. “Old Sir, tell me about these three Immortal Sects.”

“I wouldnt dare, I wouldnt dare. Exalted Immortal, dont call me Sir. You can just address me as Little God.” Chongyang Star God bowed repeatedly and said, “Its my honor to be able to speak with Exalted Immortal. Exalted Immortal, where do you want me to start?”

“The Sages of the Nine Deaths Heavenly Sect and the Netherworld Sacred Sect are all here…” Cui Heng looked to the south and smiled.” Lets start from the Plague Imperial Palace.”

That strange key was found in the Sage Armament of the Plague Imperial Palace.

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