Chapter 282 Exploring the Mystery of the Immortal Body

“The Plague Imperial Palace. This is a strange sect.”

The Chongyang Star God thought for a moment and explained to Cui Heng, “The Plague Imperial Palace came here 120,000 years ago. The Star God at that time was not me. It was too long ago, and its difficult for me to know. Exalted Immortal, please forgive


However, as time passed, I can understand some things about the past. Its said that before the Plague Imperial Palace came to Chongyang, it was the ruler of a large world with many Sages.

Later on, the great world they were in suffered a calamity and was forced to migrate to Chongyang Star. At that time, Chongyang Star only had one Sage and was unable to deal with the Plague Imperial Palace at all.

From 120,000 to 90,000 years ago, Chongyang Star was completely under the control of the Plague Imperial Palace. No faction could compare to them.

However, as time passed, the Sages of the Plague Imperial Palace passed away one by one. The number of new Sages gradually decreased, and new Sages from other forces appeared. Only then did the rule of the Plague Imperial Palace gradually break.

Ever since then, the world has changed. The Plague Imperial Palace has also experienced several ups and downs, but it has always existed. Its not like many ancient inheritances that quickly declined after the death of a Sage…”

Under the narration of the Chongyang Star God, Cui Heng gradually understood the situation of the Plague Imperial Palace and also learned a lot about Chongyang Star.

This was a strange sect that specialized in strange martial techniques.

The martial techniques of the Plague Imperial Palace were not powerful, but every move they made had a strange power that could infect people.

A Sage-level martial artist could even make a Sage of the same realm lie on the bed from sickness. It was very terrifying.

However, this was not all of the martial techniques in the Plague Imperial Palace.

Other than making people sick, there were also countless methods to treat and save people.

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It was precisely because of this that the Plague Imperial Palace, as an outsider sect, was quickly accepted by the people of Chongyang Star.

Of course, there was also something that was difficult for the world to accept. The Plague Imperial Palace liked to use people to test their martial techniques and medicine. The process could be said to be extremely cruel. In the first tens of thousands of years, the influence of the old Sage from the Plague Imperial Palace had not faded, and the inheritance was relatively complete. They were still relatively restrained in his experiments on living people.

However, as time passed, the influence of the old Sage faded, and a portion of his inheritance was lost. This caused the Plague Imperial Palace to become more and more unrestrained in their experiments on living people, and it was almost reduced to a demonic path.

By 30,000 years ago, the Plague Imperial Palace had already developed to the point where no one could enter it.

At that time, there was no Netherworld Sacred Sect. Other than the Plague Imperial Palace, there were two other forces with Sages. One was the Nine Deaths Heavenly Sect, and the other was a huge dynasty. The Emperor was a Sage.

The two large factions had two Sages in total, but at that time, the Plague Imperial Palace had three Sages themselves and could completely suppress these two large factions.

Moreover, after tens of thousands of years of free development, the Plague Imperial Palace had already reached an almost crazy level of experimentation with living people.

Many disciples of the Plague Imperial Palace even began to capture martial artists from large sects and even members of the Imperial Family to experiment on, just to study a way to cultivate an Immortal Body without using the Immortal True Essence.

The Nine Deaths Heavenly Sect and the dynasty at that time naturally could not accept such a thing. Hence, a battle erupted.

This battle was almost earth-shattering, and the mountains and rivers were shattered.

In the end, if not for the arrival of the Chongyang Star God to mediate, the civilization of Chongyang Star would probably have been completely destroyed.

However, even if the war stopped, the impact was still extremely huge.

Not long after the war, the once huge dynasty collapsed and the Emperor passed away. From then on, there was no more government on Chongyang Star.

On the other hand, the Plague Imperial Palaces inheritance of experimenting on living people had been directly destroyed. One of the three Sages had also passed away as his lifespan was exhausted, leaving only two Sages.

Then, this top-notch force that once dominated Chongyang Star moved into the sparsely populated Grand Myriad Poison Mountains of the Southern Wilderness. It could be considered a civilized society that was completely far away.

However, the Nine Deaths Heavenly Sect just had a newly advanced Sage. From the original one, there were now two. Coupled with their flourishing overall strength, they had actually jumped to become the strongest faction on Chongyang Star.

Ever since then, Chongyang Star had calmed down for a short period of time. Nothing major happened for nearly 3,000 years.

However, the appearance of a person who called himself the Prince of the previous dynasty broke this peace.

He had obtained the research results of the Plague Imperial Palace on the Immortal Body from somewhere and perfected it. He actually created a method to directly obtain an Immortal Body.

It was to fuse the power of death and refine a “zombie”!

Hence, the Netherworld Sacred Sect was born.

In the next 30,000 years, the civilized society was basically filled with the Netherworld Sacred Sect and the Nine Deaths Heavenly Sect fighting

The Plague Imperial Palace, which was once like the sun in the midday sky, had instead hidden its strength and bided its time. There might not be a single major event in 10,000 years. In other words, there had only been one case of a Sage defecting thousands of years ago.

Other than that, there was nothing else.

According to the Chongyang Star God, the real Plague Imperial Palace had actually ceased to exist since the war 30,000 years ago.

The current Plague Imperial Palace was just a shell. It no longer had the initiative to dominate everything and explore the mysteries of immortality. It only knew how to stay in the Grand Myriad Poison Mountains and experiment.

Even when Gao Shouxin, who had just attained the Dao, attacked them thousands of years ago, and the Grand Myriad Poison Mountains were surrounded by countless zombies. That old poison creature did not even come out to counterattack.

However, such a Plague Imperial Palace might not be a bad thing for the people of Chongyang

After Cui Heng heard the Chongyang Star Gods explanation, he fell into deep thought. After a while, he said, “The large sects in the outer realm have migrated here and are studying the mysteries of obtaining an Immortal Body without using the Immortal True Essence. This makes me a little curious about them.”

Although the contents of the Chongyang Star Gods description did not mention the Sage Armament of the Plague Palace or the mysterious key, just the origins and experiences of the Plague Imperial Palace were enough for him to have a guess.

Perhaps the Plague Imperial Palace had long known or suspected that there was something wrong with this cultivation path that used the Immortal True Essence as the core. That was why they studied Immortal Bodies.

If that was really the case…

Which direction did the Palace of Plague suspect from, and how did they discover the suspicious points?

Are they still doing research in this area? What progress have they made?

There was another thing that Cui Heng was rather concerned about. It was the perfection of the Netherworld Sacred Sects secret technique for the Immortal Body and the so-called “zombies” they refined.

Was this also an alternative exploration of the Immortal Body?

How did they refine something like a “zombie”?

Thinking of this, Cui Heng looked down and realized that Hui Shi was fighting Wei Cheng and Gao Shouxin. From the looks of it, the battle was very intense. Countless lights and countless forces collided in the sky, causing the sky to tremble and the ground to tremble. Countless zombies surged over, wanting to drown Hui Shi.

However, Hui Shi was wrapped in a golden divine dragon. He had also cultivated the true Immortal golden nature, he was a real Myriad Techniques Return to One Realm Sage. Any zombie that approached him would be burned to ashes.

However, after these zombies turned to ashes, they would be devoured by the black aura. In the blink of an eye, a new zombie crawled out and continued to pounce on Hui Shi.

The cycle went on endlessly.

Even if most of these zombies were only Heaven Immortals and the strongest was only at the Mystic Deity realm, they could not be killed no matter what. They were too difficult to deal with.

These zombies did not achieve immortality through the Immortal True Essence, so there was naturally no such thing as completely killing them after stripping away their Immortal True Essence.

Of course, although there were many zombies, they were still weak. Hui Shi was still suppressing the two Sages alone, and he was fighting very easily.

When Cui Heng saw this situation, he suddenly asked the Chongyang Star God beside him, “What do you think if I invite the Sect Master of the Plague Imperial Palace over now and let him explain the situation of these zombies?”

“Exalted Immortal, theres a high chance that the current Sect Master of the Plague Imperial Palace doesnt have this inheritance.” Chongyang Star God smiled bitterly. “This portion of the inheritance has long been destroyed.”

“If it was really completely destroyed, there wouldnt be a Netherworld Sacred Sect.” Cui Heng smiled faintly. “Ill invite the Sect Master of the Plague Palace over now. I can also ask him about the specific history of the Plague Imperial Palace.”

It was killing two birds with one stone.

Then, he raised his right hand and looked south. He suddenly stretched out his palm.

A golden light flashed, and one could vaguely see the phantom of an incomparably huge palm leaving. It did not enter the void and disappeared.

Xiantian Grabbing Technique, Ten Thousand Li Soaring Light Technique, Miniature Thousand Mile Court!

Cui Heng had used three spells at the same time to achieve the effect of long-range capture-he directly “invited” people over from afar!

At the same time, in the Plague Imperial Palace in the Grand Myriad Poison Mountains of the Southern Wilderness.

Talan suddenly saw a huge golden hand appear in the sky without warning. Moreover, it instantly broke through all the defensive barriers here and headed straight for the Plague Palace. The barriers were simply broken like a piece of rotten wood.

“What is this?!” Talan looked at the sky in shock. She had never seen such a scene.

However, she soon found out.

After the huge hand arrived above the Plague Imperial Palace, it grabbed down without hesitation.

And it grabbed straight for the deepest part of the Myriad Poison Pool.

At this moment, the Sect Master of the Plague Imperial Palace, who was harmonizing the power in his body in the Myriad Poison Pool, suddenly felt agitated and subconsciously shivered.

A strong sense of fear surged up.

“Whats going on?” The Sect Master of the Plague Imperial Palace was puzzled and thought to himself, “Why do I feel fear? Could it be because of Luling City…”


At this moment, a loud bang came from above. A purple-gold hand descended from the sky and reached into the Myriad Poison Pool to fish out the Sect Master of the Plague Palace.

“Whats going on? Whats going on?!”


In the sky above Luling City.

The Sect Master of the Plague Imperial Palace had never dreamed of such a situation.

He was actually instantly captured from the Plague Imperial Palace tens of thousands of kilometers away.

What kind of divine power was this? What kind of power was this?

At this moment, Cui Heng walked over and pointed below. He smiled and said, “Can you help me explain the battle techniques of the Netherworld Sacred Sect?”

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