Zhu Changsheng continued to say a lot.

He seemed to be in complete despair. Facing a Seventh Realm Creator, he could not resist at all.

The difference was too great.

Cui Heng listened quietly at the side. At the same time, he sorted out the key information and compared it with the information he had learned from the Chongyang Star God.

The Plague Imperial Palace was originally not an independent sect, but a branch of a larger sect.

A long time ago, this sect had discovered that there was a problem with the cultivation method with the Immortal True Essence as the core.

From then on, the Plague Imperial Palace had been under the orders of the Sect Master to study how to bypass the Immortal True Essence to refine the Immortal Body.

This period could even be traced back to before the collapse of the Heavens.

However, because it had been too long, the main sect of the Plague Imperial Palace had long been buried in the dust of history.

The Plague Imperial Palace itself had suffered a calamity 120,000 years ago. Its inheritance was almost completely severed, and only a few books and Sages escaped to Chongyang Star.

Therefore, the previous history and research successes were already difficult to investigate.

After coming to Chongyang Star, the Plague Imperial Palace continued to study the Immortal Body. In the beginning, they even followed some rules.

However, as the old mans influence faded, this research became even more crazy.

However, it was this crazy research method that allowed the Plague Imperial Palace to find an opportunity to succeed.

In the end, they used that battle to jump out of the center of the conflict and studied for 3,000 years before finally coming up with a way to bypass the Immortal True Essence and refine an Immortal Body.

That was to fix life in a dead state, yet let the dead person still have intelligence and a complete soul.

This required a huge transformation of the body. At the same time, the soul would be imprisoned in the dead body. On this basis, the death energy would be used as the connection between the body and the soul. Finally, the three would be fused together with a secret technique to stabilize the body and soul in this dead state.

This way, even if his body was shattered and his soul was completely torn apart, he would return to this constant state of death and it could be considered a different kind of undying body.

However, if this kind of Immortal Body wanted to exist, it needed an endless stream of Death Qi, which was the countless zombies that Gao Shouxin brought.

These zombies were essentially modified corpses, but their souls were imprisoned in the Sage Armament “Immortal Miasma” to connect with the zombies.

As long as the Sage Armament was not destroyed, these zombies would not be destroyed. They could always provide death energy to maintain Gao Shouxins Immortal Body.

With the Immortal Body, he only needed to cultivate to the Limitless Golden Immortal and Myriad Techniques Return to One Realm step by step.

This was the essence of Gao Shouxins “Corpse Dao”.

However, the Plague Imperial Palace discovered that this cultivation method was also not good.

Although he had bypassed the Immortal True Essence and successfully broken through to the Sage realm, the source of the Death Qi was another problem.

There was only one Immortal Miasma, and it could only be used to support the Death Qi of a Sage.

Their research had reached another dead end.

Therefore, at the beginning, Zhu Changsheng said that Gao Shouxin was “their most successful experiment…”

It worked, but not completely.

This was actually one of the reasons why Zhu Changsheng confessed without even struggling.

The Plague Imperial Palace had done too much research in this aspect. They had walked through too much, and they had paid an unknown price and harmed countless living beings.

In the end, they only obtained an incomplete success.

This was too despairing.

After Cui Heng heard all of this, he fell silent for a long time.

Actually, before this, although he felt that creating a new path was relatively difficult, he had never thought that it would be so difficult.

After all, be it Pei Qingshus Martial Dao True Body, Li Mingqiongs Soul Golden Core, or the Dao of the Immortal Kingdom, they were all created by him in a short period of time.

However, on careful thought, this was only because he was standing on the shoulders of a giant, the Primary Grade Immortal Technique.

He had long understood the essence of the Immortal Golden nature, and he also knew how to cultivate the Immortal Golden nature from scratch, creating a new path.

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The Plague Imperial Palace was different. This was a true exploration from scratch.

It was too difficult.

Although Zhu Changshengs explanation did not involve too much secret information like the Creator and the Seventh Realm that Cui Heng paid more attention to, the various research results, direction, and attempts he described still allowed him to understand many unknowns.

The feedback brought by these unknowns was no less than witnessing the birth of a new path, allowing Cui Hengs Nascent Soul cultivation to increase greatly.

If he could still ask him about the positions of the Heavens and Creator, he would probably be able to obtain a considerable increase.

“Ive already finished speaking. Do you have anything else you want to ask?” Zhu Changsheng closed his eyes and looked like he was about to die. Clearly, he was already prepared to die.

“I do have one more question.” Cui Heng smiled.

“Ask away,” Zhu Changsheng said indifferently. At this point, no questions could shake his heart anymore.

“If I say that Im not a Creator, nor am I here to interrogate you, but just to ask why these zombies can be resurrected…” Cui Heng chuckled. “How would you feel? ”

“What?!” Zhu Changsheng opened his eyes on the spot.

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