Chapter 288: The Gap Between Realms Is Insurmountable

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Pei Qingshu was very anxious to see Cui Heng.

It was not for anything else but to give his master a gift.

In the past half a month, he had already dealt with the matters with the Nine Deaths Heavenly Sect.

Especially those books.

Back in the Heavenly Void World, Pei Qingshu knew that to Cui Heng, the most valuable things in these ancient Immortal sects were the books passed down.

Therefore, in order to organize the books of the Nine Deaths Heavenly Sect, he mobilized all the disciples of the Nine Deaths Heavenly Sect and categorized these books into categories.

This was the gift he wanted to give to Qu Heng.

Although the Nine Deaths Heavenly Sect had taken the initiative to surrender this time, preventing him from fighting as he wished, he was still very happy to be able to do such a thing.

Giving the sorted books to his master could be considered as showing his filial piety.

Pei Qingshu thought to himself.

Therefore, when he walked towards the city gate, he was all smiles. He was also happy in his heart. He was even looking forward to Cui Heng praising him.

However, just as he approached the city gate and was about to step in, he suddenly felt a sense of danger.



In Pei Qingshus perception, the surrounding void suddenly distorted. It was as if he had fallen into a folded space—

He could only see the situation outside, but the people outside could not see him inside. He was locked in this spatial cage.

“Who is it?!” Pei Qingshu shouted.

At the same time, he looked around and observed everything suspicious.

What he encountered now shocked him.

As a Limitless Golden Immortal, especially one who had cultivated Immortal Golden nature and formed a Martial Dao True Body, he was far stronger than those martial artists of the same realm who used Immortal True Essence to cultivate. However, he was actually silently imprisoned.

What kind of existence could do such a thing?

A Sage?

However, the Sages on Chongyang Planet should have been subdued by Master.

Who would dare to do such a thing?

Pei Qingshu was filled with doubts, but he did not panic or become fearful.

This was already outside Luling City. No matter who attacked, they would definitely have been sensed by his master.

In that case, he would definitely be fine.

“Hehe, interesting.” At this moment, a slightly aged laughter came out of thin air. “You can still remain calm in the face of such a situation. Your state of mind is not bad.”

Then, an old man in a luxurious purple robe with white hair and beard appeared in this strange place.

It was Daoist Mingzhen.

He sized up Pei Qingshu. At first, he was only slightly interested, but he quickly frowned, and his expression became a little puzzled, then filled with shock.

“How is this possible?!”

Mingzhen seemed to have discovered something, and his expression suddenly changed. His figure swayed slightly, and he instantly appeared in front of Pei Qingshu. “What martial technique are you cultivating? You didnt use the Immortal True Essence. How could you have become a Limitless Golden Immortal?!”

To a Sage King at the Peak of the Sixth Realm, a Fifth Realm martial artist did not have any secrets in front of him. He easily saw through the strange things about Pei Qingshu.

It was this strange thing that shocked him greatly. It could even be said that his knowledge had been greatly impacted.

There was actually a way to become a Limitless Golden Immortal without the Immortal True Essence in this starry sky.


Mingzhen stared fixedly at Pei Qingshu and gritted his teeth. “What are you cultivating?! Tell me, what martial technique are you cultivating? Who taught you? Tell me!”

Pei Qingshu immediately understood everything. He looked at Mingzhen and sneered. “So its you. Youre the Sage King from the Purple Sun Realm?”

“You actually know me.” Mingzhen was stunned when he heard this. Then, he shook his head and said in a low voice, “Who gave you the guts to question me? Answer my questions immediately!”

“Answer my a*s!” Pei Qingshu retorted.

At the same time, he mobilized all the power in his body in an instant and injected this power into the fist in his right hand. He raised it high and suddenly smashed it towards Mingzhen.

In an instant, Qi and blood filled the sky!

Boundless essence energy was like an ocean, gathering into an incomparably dazzling golden light that rose behind Pei Qingshu, making him look like an ancient god that had descended to the mortal world.

As he punched, this boundless divine power erupted like the sky was collapsing.

If it was in the outside world and not in a folded space, this punch was enough to change the color of the world, dim the sun and moon, and make the weather within a hundred miles change.

If it smashed into the ground, it would be enough to instantly smash the huge Luling City into a bottomless pit. The aftershock of its power could even sweep through a radius of more than a hundred kilometers and raze everything around to the ground.

This was the power of a Limitless Golden Immortal. This was the power of the Martial Dao True Body. It was an attack that had no divine powers, no laws, and was just a strike of extreme pure physical strength. It was extremely ferocious.

With such a powerful body, even a Sage King like Mingzhen was moved and revealed a shocked expression.

“What a powerful body and fist. Those Limitless Golden Immortals who used the Immortal True Essence might not be your match even if a hundred of them joined forces.”

Mingzhen frowned and was shocked by the power Pei Qingshu displayed. He shouted sternly, “I want to see what you are?!”

At the same time, he raised his right hand and extended a finger to meet Pei Qingshus punch.

There was no use of laws or Dao Heart divine powers.

He just pointed forward casually.


Pei Qingshus fist smashed down.

At the same time, a sea of golden light descended with this punch. With an aura that wanted to destroy everything, it smashed towards Mingzhen like a meteor.

Such an attack was definitely world-shaking.

However, such a powerful force was stopped the moment it touched Mingzhens finger.

It was as if ice and snow would instantly melt when the sun descended.

In an instant, the sea of golden light collapsed. The world-shaking power did not advance an inch under Ming Zhens finger.

At the same time that the two collided, Pei Qingshu suddenly felt an overwhelming force surge up from his fist.

This was a power thousands of times stronger than the power of his punch. Moreover, the speed at which it surged was extremely fast. He did not even have the time to deflect it—


Pei Qingshus entire right arm exploded. His flesh disintegrated, and his bones exploded into countless other fragments. Even the right half of his body was crippled.

His flesh, internal organs, and bones were all exposed.

Even a third of his head had been blown off, and his right eye, including the right side, was missing. Even his brain was exposed.

His entire appearance could be said to be incomparably miserable.

And this was only his fist hitting one of Mingzhens fingers. The other party did not even really attack.

“This is a Sage King, the Peak of the Sixth Realm?!”

Pei Qingshu looked at Ming Zhen, who was standing not far away, in shock. He muttered, “Master is right. The gap between major realms is indeed an insurmountable gap.”

At the same time, his body began to glow with golden light, emitting an undying charm as he quickly recovered his damaged body.

Pei Qingshu, who had cultivated a Martial Dao True Body, already had the Immortal Golden nature. Unless this Immortal Golden nature was shattered, there was no way to kill him.

Even if his body was beaten to pieces, he could quickly recover.

“Such power! This is really far stronger than an orthodox Limitless Golden Immortal who has cultivated an indestructible body.” Mingzhen was even more shocked than Pei Qingshu.

He looked at his sleeve and realized that his sleeve had actually been blown back by an inch.

The attack of a mere Limitless Golden Immortal actually caused the sleeve of a Sage King to move.

This was simply unbelievable and unheard of.

However, while he was shocked in his heart, Mingzhen also noticed the Immortal Golden nature that was repairing Pei Qingshus body and felt the undying charm on it.

At first, he did not care. He only thought that this was a characteristic similar to the Indestructible Dao Seed and could allow people to possess the Indestructible Golden Body. However, he quickly realized that something was wrong.

This kind of undying charm was clearly much stronger and more mysterious.

This was clearly a much more brilliant cultivation method!

“He doesnt just have a way to bypass the Immortal True Essence, but he has a cultivation technique thats stronger than ours?” Mingzhen immediately understood this. At the same time, his heart skipped a beat and his expression changed drastically. “Not good!”

After discovering that Pei Qingshus cultivation method was even stronger, he realized that something was wrong.

No matter how powerful a Limitless Golden Immortal was, it was impossible for him to defeat a Sage.

Therefore, there must be a Sage in Luling City, most likely the master of this Limitless Golden Immortal.

This meant that the Sage in Luling City had also cultivated this strange and powerful cultivation technique, allowing him to possess strength that far exceeded his peers.

But what if the person in the city was not just a Sage?

Then he…

Mingzhen immediately felt a boundless panic surge from his heart. He immediately transformed into a stream of light and rushed out of the folded space, planning to escape as quickly as possible.

But just as he was about to pass through the spatial barrier and leave, he collided with it with a bang. An invisible force bounced him back, preventing him from leaving.

“How is this possible?!” Mingzhens face revealed an expression of disbelief.

He had used a secret technique to open up this folded space and had absolute control over it. Now, it had actually been silently stripped of his control.

Then, a young and handsome man walked in.

This person had a gentle temperament and did not seem to be a threat.

He glanced at Mingzhen with a smile, then looked at Pei Qingshu and said with a smile, “How was it? Was it satisfying to fight with a Sage King?”

At this moment, Pei Qingshu had already recovered his physical body. He hurriedly bowed respectfully and said, “Disciple greets Master. Disciple is not strong enough and is not this persons match.”

It was Cui Heng.

“If you can use the power of a Limitless Golden Immortal to defeat a Sage King, the rules of this world will probably be rewritten.” Cui Heng chuckled and shook his head. He looked at the vigilant Mingzhen. “Are you going to attack me?”

“I, I, you…” Ming Zhens face turned ashen, and his voice trembled.

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