Realizing This Is A Wuxia World After Cultivating For 300 Years

Chapter 290 - 300000 Years Ago Collapse of the Heavens

lowing Immortal True Essence. The Dao Body they cultivated in the end was even more similar to the Nascent Soul realm.

However, this Dao Body was cultivated based on the Dao runes of a single law. Its strength was very extreme.

This might make the Creator, who had cultivated a Dao Body, extremely good at some things and not good at many things.

From the perspective of an Immortal cultivator like Cui Heng, this Dao Body was like a Nascent Soul that had been greatly restricted.

Although the essence of the two was similar and the realm of the Dao Body should be equivalent to the Early-stage Nascent Soul realm, there was probably still a lot of difference in terms of actual power.

Most importantly, this Dao Body was still at the Immortal Body realm. It cannot achieve the Immortal True Spirit realm, which greatly increases the chances of death.

It could roughly be understood as a weak version of a Nascent Soul?

When he asked this question, Cui Heng also understood the essence and use of the Immortal True Essence.

A mature Immortal True Essence contained the cultivation of a Sage King and was imprinted with many nomological divine powers.

As long as one extracted the imprints inside, he could transform them into the special auras needed to cultivate a Dao Body. Then, one would differentiate them according to their attributes and distribute these special auras to those who needed them to cultivate the Dao Body.

In addition, the Immortal True Essence of an Ascender was also a good refining material. It could be used to forge weapons at the Seventh Realm and was loved by Creators.

Therefore, be it the former Purple Sun Heaven or the current Purple Sun Realm, there was only one way to deal with Ascenders.

That was to strip away the Immortal True Essence in their body.

When the Immortal True Essence was stripped away, the Ascender would directly fall from the Peak of the Sixth Realm to the Earth Immortal Realm of the Second Realm, and their entire life of cultivation would be reduced to nothingness.

This made Cui Heng even more puzzled.

How did Zhou Juntian escape this calamity back then and even become the key person who caused the collapse of the heavens?

Logically speaking, he shouldnt have this ability at all.

He would probably have to wait until he went to the Purple Sun Realm to figure this out.

The strength of Mingzhens sect was limited, and the secrets they knew were probably very limited.

There were three main planets in the Purple Sun Realm: Purple Sun Star, Tai Cang Star, and Divine Might Planet.

According to the Purple Sun Realm, these three main planets were once famous immortal mountains in the Purple Sun Heaven. After falling into space, they turned into stars, but they still had an essence that was far higher than ordinary stars. That was why they called themselves the Purple Sun Immortal World.

Among them, Purple Sun Star was the strongest. It had seven Immortal Sects and five Creators.

Next was Tai Cang Star. There were five Immortal sects and two Creators.

The weakest was Divine Might Planet. There was only one Immortal Sect and one Creator. They could be said to be there to make up the numbers.

The reason why there were more Immortal sects than Creators was because the title of Immortal sects not only represented strength, but also foundation.

Sects known as Immortal Sects were ancient forces that had existed since the Purple Sun Heaven era and had once produced Creators.

Even if the Creator had passed away, his sect still had the remains of the Creators Dao Body. Their strength far exceeded all the sects without a Creator.

Mingzhen came from the Taicang Stars Calamity Star Fortune Pavilion. It was such an Immortal sect.

The Creator he had met earlier was actually someone from another Immortal sect. He had gone over to freeload on the lessons when the Creator gave a lecture.

“Theres no existence above the Creator realm in the Purple Sun Realm?” Cui Heng asked curiously.

“No.” Mingzhen shook his head and said, “Legend has it that in the era of the Purple Sun Heaven, there were still existences at the Peak of the Seventh Realm, but they havent appeared since the collapse of the Heavens.”

“Peak of the Seventh Realm…” Cui Heng pondered. This was equivalent to the Mid-stage Nascent Soul realm?


At this moment, a loud explosion suddenly came from outside. It was as if billions of lightning bolts had exploded at the same time. It was deafening.

From the sound of it, it came from the sky and was relatively far away. It could be seen that the power of this explosion was extremely great.

“Hui Shi, Qingshu, go out and see whats going on,” Cui Heng said to the two people beside him.

“Yes!” The two of them took their leave and flew into the sky.

“One last question.” Cui Heng also stood up and stared at Mingzhen. He asked, “A thousand years ago, why did you invite Ye Han to the Purple Sun Realm and even pass him the Heavenly Book of Calamity? Whats so special about him?”

“He has the Grand Plague Treasure Body and is extremely compatible with all martial techniques like calamity and disease. I, I wanted to use him as my spare body.” Mingzhen lowered his head and said, “But later on, he rejected me, so I had other thoughts.

The Heavenly Book of Calamity can stimulate the characteristics of the Grand Plague Treasure Body. After he reaches a certain realm, I can sacrifice him to communicate with the Grand Plague Heaven and absorb a large amount of Calamity Qi to complete the accumulation as soon as possible and begin to condense a Dao Body…”

“Grand Plague Heaven?” Cui Heng raised his eyebrows.

He had heard a similar name before.

It was the “Grand Plague Immortal Treasure Vault” of the Plague Imperial Palace.

So the name of the Grand Plague Heaven let him make some connections.

Cui Heng asked in a low voice, “Is this one of the Heavens?”

Mingzhen nodded.

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