Realizing This Is A Wuxia World After Cultivating For 300 Years

Chapter 292 - A Good Opportunity to Take Advantage Of

Chapter 291: What Is a Heaven?

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“Tell me about this Grand Plague Heaven.” Cui Heng nodded slightly.

“Exalted Immortal, this…” Mingzhen said with a bitter expression,” Actually, I dont know much about the Grand Plague Heaven. Ive only read about it in an ancient book. Its said that its the source of all plague martial techniques in the myriad worlds and starry skies. There are countless disasters and diseases.

“That ancient book recorded a secret technique called the Heavenly Dao Sacrifice Technique. The technique can allow one to communicate with the Grand Plague Heaven through sacrifice and obtain the power or special aura they want.”

“The Plague Imperial Palace came from this Grand Plague Heaven?” Cui Heng asked again.

“I dont think so.” Mingzhen shook his head and said, “The Plague Imperial Palace also uses the Immortal True Essence to cultivate. This means that they definitely dont have a Heaven Realm inheritance. They most likely came from a certain starry sky or a certain realm under the rule of the Grand Plague Heaven.”

The Grand Plague Heavens world?

Cui Heng pondered when he heard this. This was information he did not understand.

What are the myriad worlds ruled by a Heaven?

He did not know much about the Heavens.

Before this, his understanding of the Heavens only came from Li Chengs description of “the myriad worlds and endless starry skies”.

He only knew that the “Heavens” were extremely special existences.

Although they existed in the universe, they were everywhere. Their essence was higher than the myriad worlds, even higher than this vast universe. It was intertwined with billions of Great Dao and endless laws, containing the ultimate mysteries of the Immortal World.

However, this description was too vague. It had almost no reference value.


“What does the myriad worlds you know look like?” Cui Heng suddenly changed the topic.

“Ah?” Mingzhen could not help but be stunned and feel very puzzled.

Why would this Exalted Immortal ask such a question?

An existence that was even stronger than a Creator actually did not know what the Heavens were?

Or was this a test of my knowledge?

Mingzhen felt that it should be the latter.

After all, it was said that the cultivation method of the Creators was to comprehend the “Heavenly Dao”.

It was impossible for such a powerful existence not to know what the Heavens were.

“Exalted Immortal, the Heavens are high-level worlds that stand above the starry sky of the myriad worlds. They can also be called Heaven Realm Worlds.” Mingzhen organized his words.

These Heaven Realm Worlds are collectively called the Heavens. The Great Dao laws they cultivate there will spread down and affect the operating laws of the myriad worlds below. The range of worlds affected by them are the myriad worlds.

Therefore, all the operating laws of the myriad worlds and starry skies are affected by the Heavens. The Great Dao laws of a Heaven Realm World is almost equivalent to the source of the Great Dao of the myriad worlds in the starry skies. It was even called the Heavenly Dao at one point.

Within the range of the Heavenly Daos influence, we can use a secret technique to offer sacrifices and communicate with the corresponding Heavenly Dao. We can absorb some special auras to help with our cultivation, which is what I planned to do with Ye Han previously.

Its said that the cultivation method of the Creators is to comprehend as many Heavenly Dao laws as possible, grasp the method to affect the operation of the Heavenly Dao, and then possess the powerful strength to affect the starry skies of the myriad worlds…”

After Mingzhens description, Cui Hengs Nascent Soul cultivation had clearly increased.

At the same time, he had a clearer concept of the myriad worlds.

The Heavens were many Heaven Realm Worlds. The Great Dao laws of each Heaven Realm World were the Heavenly Dao. They governed many worlds and the starry skies. Together, they were a starry sky of myriad worlds that was affected by the corresponding Heavenly Dao laws.

These Heaven Realm Worlds and the many myriad worlds and starry skies under their jurisdiction were vast galaxies.

However, in his opinion, there was nothing too mysterious about this so-called Heavens.

Putting aside the so-called world level, the effects of the Great Dao laws and other mysterious factors were more like an administrative division.

Simply put, if the myriad worlds and starry skies were compared to counties, then the Heaven Realm was the capital of a state that ruled these counties.

The influence of the Heavenly Dao laws on the operation of the starry skies were equivalent to a state capital issuing a decree to implement in the counties under its jurisdiction.

The range of influence of the Heavenly Dao laws was the range that a state capital decree could affect.

The starry skies were naturally the state under the capital.

Sacrificing treasures to communicate with the Heavenly Dao laws to absorb power was similar to obtaining the resources one wanted from the State Overseer after sacrificing the treasures.

When a Creator comprehended the laws of the Heavenly Dao to cultivate, it was equivalent to understanding the government decrees of this state and gradually obtaining the authority to execute them.

This was still very easy to understand.

The order was very clear.

However, the problem was that it was too clear and easy to understand.

“In the myriad worlds, the Heavenly Dao rules over a myriad of worlds.” Cui Heng looked at Mingzhen and smiled. “I wonder what kind of powerful force can make such a detailed division of the vast sea of stars.”

“Faction? Divide?” Mingzhen was confused and asked curiously, “Exalted Immortal, do you mean that the myriad worlds and endless starry skies are artificially divided?”

“Perhaps?” Cui Heng smiled and did not explain further.

Actually, he had a similar guess when he first learned about the division method of “the myriad worlds and endless starry skies”.

He believed that there might be a super organization that spanned across the river system and ruled this incomparably huge river system.

However, at that time, Cui Heng only treated a single realm and starry sky as the main administrative body and thought that this was a huge organization that directly governed these realms and starry skies.

It was similar to the concept of a central county.

Now, there was another level of “Heaven”.

Perhaps that super organization ruled the starry sky through the “Heavens”.

It was similar to the states used to govern counties.

This obviously saved more time and effort.

Mingzhen did not agree with Cui Hengs guess at all. He thought to himself, “The starry skies of the myriad worlds were indeed divided by the predecessors when they were exploring the universe.

However, how can a higher existence like the Heavens be artificially divided? The Heavens is the source of the Great Dao of the myriad worlds and starry skies. It contains the ultimate mysteries of the Immortal World and is even the core of the cultivation of the Creators.

What kind of existence can divide such a place? Its impossible for such an organization to exist. Exalted Immortal is really thinking too much.”

Of course, he did not dare to show it on the surface. He still looked obsequious, afraid that he would anger Cui Heng and die on the spot.

Cui Heng saw through Mingzhens true thoughts, but he did not expose him.

From Mingzhens description, it could be seen that in his understanding, the concept of the Heavens was high and mighty. It was incomparable and was even treated as the ultimate goal of cultivation.

Based on such knowledge, it was naturally impossible to believe that the Heavens were artificially divided.

“However, unlike the starry skies of the myriad worlds, the Heavens are a real world.”

Cui Heng couldnt help but feel worried in his heart. He thought to himself, “Man-made eHavens that can affect the laws of the myriad worlds and starry skies. What kind of power is this? Its too strong!

If theres really such a super organization, its really too terrifying. The Late-stage Nascent Soul realm is still too weak. I have to advance to the Peak of the Nascent Soul realm as soon as possible.

At that time, I can begin to prepare to explore the path to the Soul Formation realm. If I can step into the Soul Formation realm, I can upgrade the System package and increase my ability to protect myself.”

Now, his Late-stage Nascent Soul cultivation was close to 60% completed.

Next, there were still the books of the Nine Deaths Heavenly Sect and the Netherworld Sacred Sect that he had yet to read. In addition, he had Zhu Changsheng obtain the inheritance of the Plague Imperial Palace. If he finished reading all of them, he should be able to let his Nascent Soul have a feast.

Moreover, this was only the inheritance of the Chongyang Star. There were still four other stars in the Five Views World, and they all had considerable foundations.

They could also provide a large number of books for him to explore the unknown.

In short, it should not be a problem to complete his Late-stage Nascent Soul cultivation in the Five Views Realm.

… .

After Hui Shi and Pei Qingshu left the remote courtyard, they flew into the sky.

They came to the place where the explosion sounded.

This was a height of 100,000 feet. Originally, there should have been nothing but clouds, but now, three large flying shuttles were facing each other.

Moreover, from the traces left on the flying shuttles, it was most likely that there had just been a firefight.

The huge explosion earlier should have erupted when the large flying shuttles attacked each other.

At this moment, the battle between the two sides was clearly not over yet.

However, due to Hui Shi and Pei Qingshus sudden arrival, both sides stopped attacking each other and focused their attention on the two of them.

Among them, the two of them were also observing the three large flying shuttles.

“Theyre all flying shuttles from the Nine Deaths Heavenly Sect.”

Pei Qingshu frowned and sized up the situation. He immediately understood what was going on. “This should be the disciples of the Nine Deaths Heavenly Sect chasing after the thief.”

In the past half a month, he had been sorting out various matters at the Nine Deaths Heavenly Sect, preparing to hand over the entire Immortal Sect to Cui Heng.

During that process, he naturally knew what had happened to the Nine Deaths Heavenly Sect recently. A Limitless Golden Immortal had stolen a Sage Armament and a large flying shuttle and escaped.

From the looks of it, the large flying shuttle that was besieged by the other two was probably driven by the defectors.

“Brother Chen, these are all Masters things.” Pei Qingshu whispered to Hui Shi, “If we allow them to be broken, this will be Masters loss.”

“No, Ill go capture them. You take the flying shuttle and the treasures,” Hui Shi said very simply. Then, his figure swayed and he disappeared from the spot.

“Is this a Sage?” Pei Qingshu smacked his lips and muttered, “Im so envious…”

… .

In the large flying shuttle that was besieged.

Bai Chengye stared fixedly at the two large flying shuttles that were confronting him. At the same time, he pressed the clothes on his abdomen. Inside was the Sage Armament of the Nine Deaths Heavenly Sect—Nine Deaths Resurrection Flower.

At this moment, he was extremely anxious. A Limitless Golden Immortal was actually covered in cold sweat as he muttered, “Sage King Mingzhen, why arent you attacking yet? If you still dont make a move, Ill be finished!”

At this moment, Hui Shi appeared in the cabin of the flying shuttle without warning. He happened to hear Bai Chengyes words and immediately laughed.

“How about I take you to see your Sage King Mingzhen?”

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