Realizing This Is A Wuxia World After Cultivating For 300 Years

Chapter 294 - Myriad Techniques Return to One Pill Immediately Becoming a Sage

Chapter 293: This Trip Will Definitely Be Safe

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“Wei Chengs death this time is the most fragile moment of the Nine Deaths Heavenly Sect in the past thousands of years. We cant miss this opportunity!” One of the Limitless Golden Immortal Elders said clearly, “We should go over immediately to take revenge!”

“The Sun Family of the Qingyang Star also has a feud with the Nine Deaths Heavenly Sect. Should we go together with them?” Another Limitless Golden Immortal Elder asked. “With another helper, our chances will be greater.”

“Why should we call the Sun Family along?” The Limitless Golden Immortal who was the first to speak frowned and said, “With Wei Chengs death, the Nine Deaths Heavenly Sect will no longer have a Sage. Why should we be afraid? We dont need any help at all. We can just go over and snatch everything.”

“Dont be so straightforward. What snatching? It sounds so barbaric.” Another Limitless Golden Immortal smiled and said, “Were going to help the people of the Nine Deaths Heavenly Sect protect the treasures that they cant take care of.”

“Hahaha, thats right, thats right.” The Limitless Golden Immortal at the beginning nodded and said with a smile, “If the heavens bestows blessings upon us and we dont take it, well suffer the consequences. Now that Wei Cheng has died, the Nine Deaths Heavenly Sect is a compensation from the heavens. We have to go.”

“Everyone, dont be anxious. Have you never thought about why Wei Cheng died?” An older-looking Limitless Golden Immortal said in a low voice, “Wei Cheng is a Sage. May I ask who killed Wei Cheng?”

“Ive already confirmed this matter.” Xie Tianxing nodded and smiled. “It was an outsider, a Limitless Golden Immortal, who had become a Sage on Chongyang Star. Wei Cheng overestimated himself and wanted to stop others from attaining the Dao, so he was killed. He was courting death.

That outsider Sages martial technique was very special. When he used it, there was a Heavenly Dragon soaring in the sky. His power was extremely great, and he directly shattered Wei Chengs Immortal True Essence and killed him on the spot.”

As soon as these words were spoken, the entire meeting hall fell silent. Only the sound of each others breathing could be heard.

Xie Tianxings words made everyone present feel fear.

True fear.


To a Limitless Golden Immortal, their core was the Immortal True Essence. In their understanding, this was an indestructible thing. Even a Sage could only strip it away.

Now, there was actually a Sage who could shatter the Immortal True Essence.

It was too terrifying!

Wei Cheng was actually killed by such a powerful Sage. Was there a need for them to attack?

It was too dangerous!

However, someone noticed Xie Tianxings expression and asked curiously, “Sect Master, you dont seem to care much about this powerful Sage?”

Xie Tianxings expression was relatively relaxed. He even had a smile on his face, as if he was confident.

“No matter how strong he is, hes still a Sage,” Xie Tianxing emphasized. Then, he said, “However, this persons strength is really powerful. We really cant let our guard down, so we definitely cant monopolize the benefits.”

“Thats right, thats right. We cant eat alone. We have to pull a few more people over.” The Limitless Golden Immortal who suggested eating alone at the beginning hurriedly nodded and said, “We still have to ask Sect Master to bring a few more Sages along. Only then will the plan be foolproof.”

“Indeed. Lets participate together with the others to protect the assets of the Nine Deaths Heavenly Sect.” The others nodded and said, “With more people, well be stronger and can fight for more and better things.”

These Limitless Golden Immortals also knew how to judge the situation.

Since the Nine Deaths Heavenly Sect was now controlled by such a powerful Sage, it meant that it was impossible for them to obtain all the treasures. They had to save a portion for that Sage first.

If they wanted to take more, they had to increase the strength of their side and make that Saint be more apprehensive of their side.

“Yes, thats what I intend to do.” Xie Tianxing nodded and smiled. “So this time, we dont just have to call the Sun Family, who also have a grudge against the Nine Deaths Heavenly Sect, but also the Myriad Saint Pavilion, which is on good terms with us.

In that case, there will be a total of three Sages and each faction will bring two Limitless Golden Immortals each. With such a lineup, as long as that person is still a Sage, its impossible for him not to be cautious.”

Everyone nodded and said in unison,

“Sect Master is wise!”

“Sect Master is wise!”

… .

The Myriad Saint Pavilion was one of the two Immortal sects of Bai Jingxing, and it was as famous as the Ten Thousand Sword Sect.

However, it was said that a long time ago, Bai Jingxing only had one sect, the Myriad Saint Pavilion. Moreover, they had many Sages, which was how they became famous.

Later on, an expert known as the Sword Saint left the Myriad Saint Pavilion and established his own sect. This was the Ten Thousand Sword Sect.

Therefore, the Ten Thousand Sword Sect and the Myriad Saint Pavilion had always been on the same side, and their relationship was very harmonious.

However, the former Myriad Saint Pavilion was stronger than the Ten Thousand Sword Sect. Its just that in the past tens of thousands of years, the development of the Myriad Saint Pavilion was not satisfactory and had already fallen behind the Ten Thousand Sword Sect.

Under such a comparison of strength, even though the Ten Thousand Sword Sect had never suppressed anyone, the Myriad Saint Pavilion still had to care about their attitude.

Xie Tianxing suddenly arrived with two Limitless Golden Immortals. The current Pavilion Master of the Myriad Saint Pavilion, Shi Yao, immediately brought three Limitless Golden Immortals out to welcome them, indicating the esteemed status of the guests.

“Thank you, Sect Master, for coming from afar. Please forgive me for not coming out to welcome you.” Shi Yao bowed leisurely, her voice pleasant and moving.

She was a beautiful woman who looked to be in her thirties. Her facial features were defined and her features were picturesque.

Especially her eyes. They were as bright as gems. Her eyelashes were long like fans. Even if she usually blinked, she gave off the feeling that she was pouting coquettishly. She was extremely charming.

“Hahaha, Pavilion Master Shi, why did you come to personally to welcome us? Youre too polite.” Xie Tianxing laughed loudly. After some pleasantries, he followed Shi Yao in.

Along the way, when Xie Tianxing walked beside her, he looked straight ahead and did not even dare to look at her.

Shi Yao was beautiful, but the connections behind her were too complicated.

He did not want to provoke her.

In the starry skies of the myriad worlds, there was a saying about the current Myriad Saint Pavilion.

Although it was a little exaggerated, it was enough to show how terrifying it was.

But although Xie Tianxing thought this in his heart, he still involuntarily followed Shi Yao to a courtyard filled with the fragrance of flowers.

The few Limitless Golden Immortals who followed had already retreated at some point, leaving only the two of them here.

“Sect Master Xie, what do you want to drink?” Shi Yao took out a few jars of wine and smiled sweetly.

“I wont drink first.” Xie Tianxing shook his head and said seriously, “Pavilion Master Shi, I came to look for you this time for something very important.”

“Ah?” Shi Yao seemed to be shocked when she heard this. She patted her tall and soft chest and actually put on a shy expression. “Were already thousands of years old. Dont tell me you want to…”

“Wei Cheng of the Nine Deaths Heavenly Sect is already dead. Pavilion Master Shi, do you want to go to Chongyang Star with me and divide the Nine Deaths Heavenly Sect?” Xie Tianxing knew Shi Yaos personality very well and went straight to the point.

“This…” Shi Yao was stunned when she heard this. Then, she licked her red lips with her lilac tongue and said with a smile, “Alright, this is a big deal.

Sect Master Wei, please wait for a few more days. I still have to invite a few more people.” Xie Tianxing was overjoyed when he heard this. He nodded and said, “Lets set off together in a few days.”

With that, he cupped his hands and bade farewell without any reluctance.

Shi Yao looked at Xie Tianxing who was departing in a hurry. The charm on her face immediately faded, and then it became a little plaintive.

She muttered, “This unorthodox path is not easy to take. Its been thousands of years, and I still lack over 300 more. When will I reach that number? Hmm… I wonder what the one on the Chongyang Star is like.”

… .

Xie Tianxing did not dare to stay in the Myriad Saint Pavilion for long. He piloted the flying ship to Qingyang Star.

This place was different from the other four stars of the Five Views World. The main forces were not Immortal sects, but family clans. The two Sages of Qingyang Star were both from family clans.

The sects had become places similar to academies here. They were just used by the large family clans to nurture their side branches bloodlines. The strength of the sects were only limited to the levels below the Deva Realm.

Xie Tianxing and the Sun Family originally did not have much interaction, but because both sides had hatred for the Nine Deaths Heavenly Sect, they quickly became familiar with each other in the past year or two.

However, the head of the Sun Family, Sun Luping, had always been cautious. After hearing Xie Tianxings intentions, he did not agree immediately and fell into deep thought.

After a while, he asked again, “Brother Xie, is Wei Cheng really dead? That old fox is the best at deceit. Dont be deceived by fake news.”

“Wei Chengs Immortal True Essence has been shattered by that outsider Sage. How can he not die?” Xie Tianxing smiled and said, “Dont worry, the news is definitely reliable. Well just go over and split the assets.”

“But that outsider Sage can shatter Immortal True Essence. He might not be afraid of the three of us.” Sun Luping was still a little worried and felt that it was not safe.

“Aiya, Brother Sun.” Xie Tianxing was a little helpless. “Its just a Sage. No matter how strong that person is, hes still a Sage. As long as hes not a Sage King, what is there to fear? We also have three Sages joining forces. Are we still afraid of him?”

“Three Sages will be joining forces? Pavilion Master Shi will also go, right?” Sun Luping thought for a moment and nodded. “Alright, with the three of us joining forces, it should be foolproof!”

“Hahaha, good, its foolproof!” Xie Tianxing immediately laughed and said, “Lets split the Nine Deaths Heavenly Sect among us and let that old thing Wei Cheng die with remaining grievances!”

… .

Pei Qingshu went to the Nine Deaths Heavenly Sect to be the Sect Master, while Hui Shi went out to investigate the situation on Qingyang Star and Baijing Star.

As for Mingzhen, he was directly suppressed to prevent him from causing trouble outside.

Only Li Cheng was left to serve him.

Hence, Cui Hengs side became much quieter.

However, this was also a situation that he was more satisfied with. He could study the books of the Nine Deaths Heavenly Sect, the Plague Imperial Palace, and the Netherworld Sacred Sect in peace to increase his Nascent Soul cultivation.

In less than three years, his Nascent Soul cultivation had increased from close to 60% to a full 60%.

At this rate, he would be able to complete the Late-stage Nascent Soul cultivation in at most 200 years and try to break through to the Peak of the Nascent Soul realm.

One afternoon, Cui Heng was bathing in the sunlight and flipping through books. Li Cheng was brewing tea at the side when he suddenly saw Cui Heng close the books and look up at the sky.

“Immortal Venerable, whats wrong?” Li Cheng asked curiously.

“We have guests.” Cui Heng chuckled. At the same time, he stood up and shook his arm to stretch his muscles.

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